FOTD: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not exactly a morning person. I HATE waking up early, so when I had to pull myself out of bed at 6 am everyday last week for work, I was not a happy camper. As a result, my morning makeup routine quickly simplified into this look that I wore everyday. It's simple, quick, fool-proof and manages to make me look more alert than I actually feel. It's also Mr. Artist approved as it falls into that ridiculous range that men deem acceptable levels of "natural" makeup.

Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look

To create this look, I used:


Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look
FACE: Lancome, Revlon, Hourglass and Cargo

1. Apply foundation and concealer. Opt for a dewy finish one, such as this Lancome one. I love this foundation and although it's quite pricey, it lasts for ages and has a beautiful, natural finish. A definite repurchase!

2. Set your face with a finishing powder that also illuminates. Dim is a beautiful shade for my skin tone that imparts a healthy glow.

3. Apply a pinky blush to apples of your cheeks using a fluffy brush.


Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look
EYES: Urban Decay, Lise Watier, Chella, Makeup Forever, The Body Shop, Stila

4. Prime your lids with an eye primer to help your color last all day - for long days like I had, this is key!

5. Take an ivory or cream colored highlighter and apply generously to the inner corners of eyes, brow bone and along the bottom rim of your eyes; doing this brightens and widens your eyes to give you a refreshed look. I prefer a matte highlight for this step as we'll be applying shimmer later.

6. Apply a pink-mauve eyeshadow to lids, blending up the lid to meet with your highlighter. Keep the color darker below the crease so that you get a gradient effect on your lid. Here I am using Innocent from the Stila The Natural palette.

Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look
Stila The Natural: Innocent

7. Then take a shimmery pink-gold shade, such as YDK from the Naked 2 palette, and using the tip of a stiffer eyeshadow brush, dot shadow along your upper and lower lash line where you applied the highlighter. The point here is to create a luminous outline on your eyes. The more light and shimmer you can create around your eye area, the more awake you'll appear. If you want something more dramatic, then you could opt for a glitter shade instead of a shimmery one. I'd also recommend not using a very stiff brush, such as an eyeliner brush in this step as you want the line to be soft and smudgy, as opposed to stiff.

Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look
Urban Decay Naked 2: YDK

8. You could stop here for a softer look, but for just a hint more definition, I like to line my eyes with a subtle light brown eyeliner. This Lise Watier liner is perfect for creating a slightly defined eye. Although I was disappointed with the lack of pigmentation when I first got this eyeliner, I've grown to find it very useful for purposes such as these.

9. Curl and apply two coats of mascara to the top eyelashes only. I rarely apply mascara to my bottom lashes as I tend to get raccoon eyes, but applying mascara just to the top rim also helps open up eyes.

Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look

Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look

  • Annabelle Stay Sharp lipliner in Java
Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look
Annabelle Stay Sharp lip liner - love this!

10. Lastly, line and fill in your lips with a pink-brown or other MLBB (my lips, but better) shade, such as this one from Annabelle. I highly recommend picking this lip-liner up as it is self-sharpening, waterproof and stays put all day - it also helped me to finally play around with a Kylie Jenner lip!!

Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look
*swoon* over this lip color

I hope you enjoyed this look! Pinks, rather than browns are my go-to neutral and as you can see here, it only takes 10 steps to achieve a flawless face that works for any situation. If I can apply this while half-asleep in the dark, then so can you!

Just J: Bright-eyed and Bushy Tailed Makeup Look

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