Happenings Lately: Wedding updates and photowalks

It's been a minute since I last did a life update post. January has been pretty quiet as January's usually are. The weeks slip by quickly as work has been crazy and wedding planning is starting to wind up again for me.

I can hardly believe it, but it's 8 months until Mr. Artist and I get married! I should probably start that wedding diet, but first things first, there is a tub of ice cream I should really eat up in my fridge...

Our Save the Dates have been sent and our venue set, so I suppose it's safe now to reveal where we'll be having our big day! I felt shy about saying anything before in case it didn't happen, but we are getting married in my favourite place on Earth - HAWAII!!

Yes, we're a little crazy to do a big destination wedding, but somehow we are... and we have almost 60 people joining us for it! Although it will be a humongous expense for us for sure, we both feel that it will truly be an experience of a lifetime. To be married somewhere that I have always felt such a deep connection to means a lot to me. I actually feel anxious to have so many friends and family coming to Hawaii for the first time as I feel that I hype it up a lot and if it's not as perfect for them as I feel it is, I'll be really crushed! Hawaii isn't everyone's idea of perfect, but for whatever reason, it has really captured a part of my heart.

While most people would choose a beach wedding for Hawaii, I opted to go for a garden theme instead. I've always dreamed of getting married surrounded by flowers and trees and the thought of getting married out in the hot sun, with sand blowing into my face and my eyes squinting in the light, just wasn't appealing. Plus, direct sunlight is awful for photos!

Our venue is in a spot of Hawaii I have never actually been to, but it totally epitomizes the feeling of the islands: the towering, green mountains eroded by waterfalls; the lush garden greens; the gentle lapping of water and that overall feeling of the aloha spirit. I can't wait to be there with all of my ohana.

Where our ceremony will be

Love these mountains!

Besides wedding planning activities, I also had the chance to catch up with old friends, including doing a photo walk recently with Sheila and Angela. We all happened to have new camera lenses to try out, so one very gray day we headed out to Steveston to take photos.

If you've never been, Steveston is a small town adjacent to Richmond, BC. It's roots are in fishing so there's a very quaint, fishing village feel to its streets and shops. Fun fact: they apparently film Once Upon a Time here!

We had a great time strolling the streets, taking photos of boats and passersby. Steveston also has some fantastic boutiques, including one shop that I think we spent literally an hour in poring over all the exotic teas, hand lotions and stationery! I definitely am planning on returning back to Steveston in the summer and to explore more neighborhoods this year.

Fishing boats at Steveston, BC

Fishing dock at Steveston, BC

Fishing boat at Steveston BC

Fishing docks at Steveston

A seagull

seagulls on a roof at Steveston

Photos: me

That's all I've been up to lately! What is new and happening with you?

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