Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub and The Kiss Lip Gloss Review | Limited edition Valentine's Day goodies!

Just J: Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub and The Kiss Lip Gloss Review

There are few beauty brands out there that celebrate the season with as much fun and downright whimsy as Lush. Every season, whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day or just plain summer, Lush comes out with a fantastic new set of winners for your bath, body, hair, face and everything in-between.

By now I'm sure you've read a bunch of reviews gushing about the Lush Valentine's Day collection. Well, here's another one.

I recently received the new limited edition The Kiss lip gloss and scrub to try and yes, gosh darn it, I love them, even enough to venture into poetry.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lush gave me some lip stuff
That you should have too

(The above is why I'm engineer, not a poet.)

The Kiss Lip Gloss

Just J: Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub and The Kiss Lip Gloss Review

Price: $7.95 per 10 g tin
What it is: The Kiss Lip Gloss is a tinted glossy lip balm that delivers a hit of moisture and shine to your pucker. This lip balm is vegan and contains no synthetic preservatives, yet is also self-preserving somehow through the magic of Lush's factory wizards.
What's in it:
  • Shea butter - a natural ingredient that is deeply moisturizing, an emollient and acts as a natural UV barrier
  • Castor oil - an emollient 
  • Agave syrup - I couldn't find much info on the use of agave in skincare, but EWG classifies it as a skin conditioner
  • Cupuacu butter - an emollient with antioxidant properties
My take: I really wish this lip balm didn't come in a tin. Although the tin is very cute and slim, dipping my finger into a tub of balm isn't the most hygenic thing to do. I have no problems doing this with creams and such because my hands are usually clean when I apply these in the morning and at night, but applying lip balm throughout the day this way seems like a big no-no. Other than that, I quite like this lip balm. The texture is nice and soft due to the shea and cupuacu butters and it spreads easily my lips, giving them a healthy shine. Although you can't see it in my photo, it also colors my lips a flattering pink that is actually very pigmented for a lip balm. You could easily wear this as an everyday lip color if you're someone who isn't into wearing lipsticks, but still wants a bit of color. 
Final Verdict: Buy

Just J: Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub and The Kiss Lip Gloss Review
Wearing: The Kiss Lip Gloss

The Kiss Lip Scrub

Just J: Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub and The Kiss Lip Gloss Review

Price: $9.95 per 25 g jar
What it is: The Kiss Lip Scrub is a salt and sugar based scrub that exfoliates away all those ugly dry patches and flakes from your lips, leaving them smooth and ready for even the driest of lipsticks. As well, this scrub has the fun addition of edible heart shaped sprinkles and confetti - simply apply, rub away and then lick off!
What's in it:
  • Caster sugar - a natural exfoliant
  • Safflower oil - an emollient
  • Sea salt - a natural exfoliant
  • Cocoa butter - an emollient and antioxidant
My take: I've never actually used a lip scrub before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Actually, I wasn't expecting much as I was skeptical about purchasing lip scrubs in the first place. Normally, I just use a wet toothbrush to scrub my lips and that worked just fine. What extra benefit could a scrub provide? Well, I guess I was wrong. The experience is very different, although the end result is somewhat similar.

Just J: Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub and The Kiss Lip Gloss Review

The Kiss lip scrub comes in a cute little jar and is packed full of bright pink sugary goodness. With it being so packed in, the scrub actually feels kinda hard and grainy at first, so you have to either break it up with a toothpick, or just gently rub your finger into it for awhile to soften it up. You only need a little bit to cover your lips, but I like to really pack it on as I love a good grainy exfoliation. The feel of this scrub is oddly enough reminiscent of a micro-dermabrasion scrub and feels really pleasant on my lips. I can literally feel the roughness being wiped away and within seconds, my lips feel smoother and tingly.

Just J: Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub and The Kiss Lip Gloss Review

Although Lush says you can eat this scrub, I wouldn't recommend it. The sea salt flavour is really strong and tastes horrible! 

So will I ever go back to my toothbrush method? Probably not. Lush, you have won me over.
Final Verdict: Buy

Will you be rushing out to grab the Lush Valentine's Day collection?

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