Lusting for: Ted Baker Spring 2015

I haven't done a fashion post in AGES, but after receiving an email alert to the new Ted Baker collection, I knew I just had to share.

Although unbelievably out of my price point, I still lust for one day owning a Ted Baker item. To me, this brand epitomizes a unique mix of preppy chic and futuristic graphic prints that result in clothes that are fun, stylish and elegant all at once. The Spring 2015 collection is a prime example of what I mean with its playful use of bold tropical prints paired with classic lines straight out of a Stepford wife catalog.

This adventurous green and pink pattern would be perfect for my next Hawaii trip! I love that Ted Baker does beautiful bikini and one-piece swim styles; too often the one-pieces get left with mom-like cuts and patterns. And for those occasions when you do want to show some skin, this maxi with its daring frontal cut-out will fit the bill. Not only does this maxi look comfortable, it is also very on trend with the whole "criss-cross front and non-existent back" styling that all the bloggers are wearing.

If green isn't your thing, you can also play the ingenue with this delicate rose on white pattern. The swimsuit would work well playing double-duty as a playsuit and that purse is just to die for!

Of course one cannot forget accessories. Each of these purses scream urban fashion-lover to me and would immediately fierce-up any outfit, even if it's just a casual tee and jeans. Actually, I can only imagine how killer it would look this way, paired with some super skinny strappy sandals, or bright white Adidas' for a weekend look. Lest you think the vintage-inspired middle purse is more drab than fab, think again as this purse looks just like one made popular by Taylor Swift, my not-so-secret fashion crush (god-damn her for looking so good all the time!)

Finally, I have to gush about these skirts. I don't have any product descriptions for these, but they do appear similar to tulle, which of course is every fashion girl's fantasy to wear. Unlike the familiar tutu style we're all used to seeing tulle in, these skirts look much more subdued and ready to jump from dream to reality with ease and a flick of some eyeliner.

For us Canadians, you can purchase Ted Baker sadly only in Toronto at the Yorkdale Shopping Center and Toronto Eaton Centre.

Would you purchase this collection if you had the money?

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