Pinspirations: Ready for Spring

Just J: Inspirations that get me ready for spring

After the ranty post earlier this week, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit with a long overdue inspirations post. There's something so soothing about putting together collages. I used to love cuttings shapes out magazines and pinning them together into a mood board. Creating digital versions is nowhere near as fun, but it does result in less sticky fingers.

This board is all about images that make me eager for spring. With the sunny and relatively warm (sorry everyone else on the continent!) weather we've been having here in Vancouver, I think our entire city is itching to ditch the socks and sweaters and longing for some good old fashioned hot weather sweat. Although I find spring chilly as I'm a summer gal, I do appreciate the season for its gorgeous color palette and how it enables me to go max cardigan lady all day, err'day.

1. Anna Sheffield Black Diamond ring - at an "affordable" $4900, this black diamond ring is as unique as it is gorgeous. I'd never really pondered black diamonds before, but this would be such an edgy and elegant contrast to all the pretty pastels you usually see in Spring.

2. Parsonii watch - this simple black and gold watch, just like the black diamond ring, are all I can ever hope for in Spring accessories. My love for thick, chunky men's watches remains, but this season I feel drawn towards anything minimalist, which means this watch that doesn't even mess with usable time numbers, is absolute perfection.

3. Givenchy nail polish in Seafoam Green - does this really require an explanation? Young green shoots, young love, and a plethora of colors that evoke this youthful promise abound. As opposed to something more like a celery green, I prefer the ocean tones of seafoam, which have a grayer tone that suits me just fine. Available at Sephora this spring.

4. Dress via Lovely Melody Clothing - one of my lone concessions to pastels is blush. I am crushing hard for everything blush lately. It's even one of my wedding colors! My bridesmaids are wearing blush, which I'm quite envious of. Is it safe to say blush is my color of 2015?

5. Outfit via ThirstyThought - I wouldn't consider this really a spring outfit for Vancouver, as like I said our spring weather doesn't get close enough to get this bare, but I am really feeling the laid-back, minimalist vibe of this outfit. This would be perfect for wearing in summer actually when it's hot enough to feel a good warmth on your arms!

6. Makeup Forever Artist Shadows in M-540 Matte Grey Beige, S-560 Satin Taupe and ME-302 Metallic Peacock (image via Office Chic) - LOVE this palette combo. The thing I'm finding daunting with the MUFE Artist Shadows is that it's way too many choices and finishes for me and I am paralyzed by my own indecision. I just want someone to create a fabulous palette for me and this fits the bill. The mix of neutral tones with that gorgeous peacock color is fabulous. You could smoke that out for evening, or just go for a sheer wash of color in the day. Amazing!

7. Minastone dress - another beautiful, floaty dress number. I'm a sucker for florals and can never have enough of them. Sometimes floral can veer into too darling of a look, so I like to keep it more on the laidback hipster side, as opposed to the ultra-feminine kawaii side. The loose top paired with that trim waistline is also very flattering if you're a bit boy shaped like me.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What's always fun to realize when you create mood boards is that you notice themes jumping out at you and this collection makes me realize that I need to invest in more green and blush!

What colors are you looking forward to wearing in spring?

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