Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer Review | Second time's the charm

A couple weeks ago I posted a preview of the new Revlon collections, including a less than stellar review of the Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer. In that review, my take on the shade Rose Quartz was that it was a frosty, dated shade that was a huge pass for me. Well, here I am back again trying another shade! You see, Revlon employs some awesome PR people and they actually read my review AND they acted upon it! I've had a couple instances like this with Revlon and it has really impressed on me how classy their people are. Unlike a lot of other brands, they don't react negatively or defensively to poor reviews; they just up their game more. This in turns makes me LOVE them all the more and sing their praises as I'm doing now!

So what happened was that Revlon wanted me to give the Ultra HD Lip Lacquers another chance and this time I got to choose the shade I would try. Let me tell you, it was a difficult choice as there are just so many gorgeous shades to choose from: 15 in fact! What is helpful is that their website features a gallery of images for each shade, with models of different skin tones so you can "preview" what that shade may look like. Unfortunately, I don't think it's entirely accurate as Rose Quartz looked okay on the models and definitely wasn't on me!

After much deliberation, I finally settled on the gorgeously vampy, blood red Carnelian. I can never pass up a dramatic red and I didn't have one quite this shade in my collection. The closest shade I probably own is Cherry by Annabelle is close, but that one is a bit more purple.

Just J: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer Review

All of the Ultra HD Lip Lacquers come in a tube format with a brush applicator. The tube is also topped with a jeweled crown, which is a cute touch.

I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of formulation with this line as it's a "lip lacquer" as opposed to a gloss or a lipstick or a stain. What is up with all these new terms for lip products? As far as I can tell, it's just a liquid lipstick, which means it's very very pigmented lip gloss.

As in my previous experience with Rose Quartz, I found the formula for the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer to be super duper thick and extremely rich. If you think to apply this like a lip gloss, you will end up with 1000 times more product than you need. I'd recommend dabbing the color judiciously onto the center of lips instead and then rubbing your lips together to spread out the color; or, if you're more fancy, you could dab this onto your hand and then apply using a separate lip brush. Because Carnelian is such a rich color, I recommend the latter method, but it works just as well either way.

The end result is amazing. Carnelian is a beautiful, vampy, sexy, ruby red and it has me swooning all over it. I love everything about this shade: the wet, glossy finish, the slick, but not sticky texture, and that wonderful, gorgeous blood red. Ugh, have you ever loved something so much it hurts?

Just J: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer Review

In terms of wear, the Ultra HD Lip Lacquers are a bit high maintenance. They transfer pretty easily while wet so you had better not touch your lips to anything, like cups, fingers, your teeth, nothing, until it sets. If you do this though, you'll have color that lasts all day. I applied this at 8 am last week and at 6:30 pm when I met up with Mr. Artist after work, my lips were still red with zero touch-ups! The color won't remain as vibrant and glossy as when first applied of course, but it will give your lips a nice stain.

Just J: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer Review

If you're interested in purchasing this shade, which I think you should, then you can purchase it at most drugstores, like London Drugs, Target, and beauty stores like Ulta.

Final Verdict: Buy - this line has vindicated itself to me. Just be cautious which shade you get and always swatch in store first.

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