Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balms | Lip Smackers for the 21st century?

Growing up, my HG lip balms were the classic Lip Smackers. These delectable balms came in a variety of tasty flavours (my go-to were the tropical packs) and tints and I loved them as they were convenient, cheap and effective. You could always purchase them in huge multi-packs and they were the gateway drug that first got me addicted to that soft, moist feeling that only lip products can provide. Alas, the years pass by and Lip Smackers and I have drifted apart. Sure, I still own a 10 pack somewhere deep in my stash, but it feels a little childish to shop for your lip balms in Toys R' Us?

The Product
In comes Annabelle then with their homage to the Smackers, the Lipsies. The Lipsies lip balms are bigger, come in a variety of flavours and are cutesy in the kind of way that is adult acceptable - kinda like a, hey, I'm cool, you're cool, and it's okay for me to play with kiddie items because I'm doing it ironically! sort of way.

Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balms

The Lipsies come in several flavours that are sure to please any palate. For the fruit lovers, there is lime, strawberry, watermelon, fruit punch, cherry, raspberry, and grapefruit. For those with more of a sweet tooth, there's cotton candy, coco-vanilla, and cupcake. There's even a lychee flavour, which is pretty awesome as I've never seen any lychee flavoured lip balms before!

Price & Packaging
The Lipsies come packaged in a fun, chubby stick format with a retractable dispenser that keeps application easy and cost $4.95 each. The formula is designed to be subtly glossy, non-sticky and sheer. Each stick comes with a clear packaged lid so you can see the color easily and the stick size is large and comparable to the Clinique chubby sticks.

I received two flavours to try out: Fruit Punch and Coco-vanilla. The first thing I noticed was these lip balms are quite fragranced, but also tasteless. I kinda wish it was more the other way around as scents are a tricky thing for me. I loved the scent of Fruit Punch, which is reminiscent of tropical Kool-Aid. The scent brings back memories for me of sticky hands and raspberry popsicles; it's the smell of childhood summers where the sun is hot on your back and you spend all afternoon jumping through the sprinklers.

Coco-vanilla on the other hand, did not evoke such good feels from me. I found the scent way too strong and kinda artificial. The smell is like a very saccharine version of vanilla. If you're a fan of candy scented perfumes, then maybe you'd like this, but to my nose, it smelled very immature and obvious. Thankfully, the smell fades quickly once applied.

Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balms swatches
Left to right: Fruit Punch, Coco-vanilla

Color & Wear
Although advertised as sheer tints, I found Fruit Punch to be surprisingly pigmented. You could actually use Fruit Punch as a moisturizing lipstick rather than a balm and this makes it great as a no-brainer option for work or play. Coco-vanilla on the hand is super sheer. If you're wanting a non-tinted option, then this is your pick. It also works great as a glossy topper over lipstick.

Wear time for both flavours is minimal, about 2-3 hours. They left my lips feeling moist, soft and slippery. I couldn't find any ingredients listed anywhere so I'm not sure what moisturizing properties these have, but they certainly didn't dry out my lips.

Final Verdict
Buy - At a very affordable price and a generous size, these lip balms are a solid option to keep lips moist all day.

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