Lise Watier Baiser Velours Liquid Lipstick Review | A true matte finish in just one swipe

Just J: Lise Watier Baiser Velours Liquid Lipstick Review

Launched just this past Valentine's Day, Lise Watier has jumped onto the liquid lipstick trend with their new Baiser Velours velvet liquid lipsticks. If you're unfamiliar with the liquid lipstick format, they're fairly self-explanatory: liquid lipsticks offer the rich pigment of a lipstick with the creamy formula and easy wand application of a gloss. Unlike glosses however, they're not always glossy; in fact some are downright matte, and the Lise Watier Baiser Velours are among those.

The Product
Formulated for intense color and a velvet finish, the Baiser Velour lipsticks come in nine super bright shades. They also have a unique doe foot applicator that is slightly tapered for more precise application. Out of the nine shades, I received three to try:
  • Love Kiss - a bright fire-engine red with tinges of orange
  • Passion Kiss - a deep true red
  • Party Kiss - a pink-red that veers almost magenta

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - a silicone that provides a smooth, slippery finish
  • Trimethylsiloxyphenyl dimethicone - a silicone that provides similar effects
  • Neopentyl glycol - an emollient that creates a film over skin
  • Isododecane - makes the product spreadable

Just J: Lise Watier Baiser Velours Liquid Lipstick Review

Price & Packaging
A 6 mL tube retails off the Lise Watier site for $27 each and is also available at drugstores wherever Lise Watier is sold, such as London Drugs. Packaging-wise, these are pretty straightforward, but also luxurious. The bullet gray coloring and satin finish of these tubes feels classy and has a nice weight in the palm. Unfortunately, the packaging also prevents you from really getting a good look at the actual color of the lipstick and the first thing I noticed about these is that the tube and the swatch don't quite match. Two out of three of the shades I received were slightly off: Love Kiss was more orange toned, while Passion Kiss, which I was expecting to be a deep plum, turned out to be the truest red of the bunch for me. Only Party Kiss was the closest in real life to its sticker.

Pigmentation & Texture
Perhaps its the formula with all liquid lipsticks, but I found these to be incredibly thick and pigmented. Now, I love pigmented anything, so I wasn't too put off, but it was definitely a surprise when one is more accustomed to sheer glosses! Trust me when I say not to use your usual slather-it-on motion as you would with normal lip glosses! Instead, dab and brush very carefully on the center of your bottom lip only and then smoosh your lips together to spread the color. This method should be sufficient for most people unless you really love a precise line, in which case I would recommend applying this to your hand and then use a lip brush to apply.

When first applied, these lipsticks feel very creamy on the lips and were seriously awe-inspiring with its color payoff. Just take look a at these swatches - they were done with barely one swipe!

Just J: Lise Watier Baiser Velours Liquid Lipstick swatches
Left to right: Love Kiss, Passion Kiss, Party Kiss

Each of the shades in the Baiser Velour line leans towards seductive femme fatale, so if you're looking for drama, then these lipsticks will leave you quivering. As well, because these shades are so bright, they have the additional effect of also brightening your skin tone. I wore Love Kiss all day at work last week and multiple coworkers commented on my lipstick, with a couple people commenting on how luminous my skin looked! Well, actually one coworker said I looked "pale", but when it's an Asian saying that to an Asian, it actually means "luminous."

Longevity & Wear
These lipsticks take seconds to set so you have to work quickly. Once you do, they dry down to this beautiful velvet finish that lasts all day. This may not be the lipstick you asked for, but it is the lipstick you need for those times when you want to put your lipstick on and just forget about it. The only downside to this matte staying power - dry lips. If you have dry lips, you may want to apply lip balm first, as these lipsticks do emphasize lines and flakes, similar to most matte lip colors.

Just J: Lise Watier Baiser Velours Liquid Lipstick Review
Wearing Passion Kiss

When photographing this post, I was a bad blogger and didn't bother to do a lip swatch of all three shades just because I knew I'd never get the true color on my lips after the first swatch, as these lipsticks leave behind a very persistent stain. Even to wash the swatches off my arm, I had to wash my arm three times and then scratch off the color residue with my nails! Don't worry though; these will come off easier from the lips, so long as you have a good makeup remover. 

Final Verdict
Buy - if you're looking for gorgeous, stay-all-day color, then this is it. These lipsticks give you that beautiful modern bright lip look. Simply apply mascara and some blush and you're set for the day!

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