Lush Shampoo Bars Review | A travel-friendly alternative to your usual bottle

Today's review is a little different as it will be done in part by a new guest blogger! Since I have recently dyed my hair and had heard that these shampoo bars were a bit too cleansing for dyed hair, I thought I'd play it safe and get someone else to review these for me. Thankfully, one of my coworkers, Daimian, stepped up to the plate. Not only is Daimian new to this blog, but he's also a guy! I hope you enjoy his fresh perspective!

Just J: Lush Shampoo Bars Review

The Product
Lush Cosmetics is known for creating unique takes on everyone's bath time favourites. Their iconic face masks, soaps and bath bombs are super popular and with every fresh new product they put out, that popularity has only grown. Although on my radar for a long time, I've only tried a few Lush products and none of the hair care line, even though Mr. Artist is a big fan of the Big Shampoo sea salt shampoo. The Lush Shampoo Bars are a travel-ready, super-concentrated version of their regular shampoos that can be used for up to 80 washes per bar.There are a ton of options available, with each tailored for a specific hair care need:
  • Lullaby - lavender, tonka absolute, ground almonds and soothing oat milk soften hair and exudes a soothing scent before bedtime
  • Honey I Washed My Hair - inspired by the popular soap, this toffee scented shampoo provides shine and life and is made with 5% fair trade honey
  • Jason and the Argan Oil - rose jam and argan oil gives strength and shine to lighter hair tones
  • Braziliant - andiroba and orange oil cleanse and condition
  • Montalbano - a heady mix of Sicilian lemons, olives, and rosemary provide optimal shine and a squeaky clean feel
  • Copperhead - a mild shampoo designed for colored locks that contains coffee and henna to enrich color
Since I typically wash my hair at night, I requested Lullaby for its calming scent and Copperhead as I've always been curious about henna's powers to tint hair auburn.

The Guts
Lullaby primarily contains:
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate - a common cleansing agent found in shampoos. It has been known to cause some people irritation
  • Sodium bicarbonate - a.k.a baking soda, helps to clarify and basically deep-cleanse hair
  • Oak milk - a softening ingredient that also eliminates grease 
  • Ground almonds - a gentle exfoliant
Other ingredients of note (mainly for fragrance) are lavender, neroli, and chamomile.

Copperhead primarily contains:
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Agar - a thickening agent derived from seaweed
  • Red henna - imparts shine and volume while also gradually tinting hair
  • Cocoa butter - an emollient, gives hair moisture
Other ingredients of note are ground coffee (fragrance), coriander seed oil (moisture), rosemary (antimicrobial, can be irritating) and organic lemon juice (astringent).

Price & Packaging
Most of the Lush Shampoo Bars cost $9.95 for a 55 g bar, but the Copperhead is a little bit more at $11.95 per 55 g. I'm not sure why Copperhead is more, but either way both prices are pretty reasonable considering the number of washes per bar. Each bar comes packaged in a circular shape, which isn't the most convenient if you wanted to pack these away in a regular travel soap container. Lush does sell metal tins that fit these perfectly and are perfect for storing little baubles.

To use these bars, simply glide a wet bar down your strands about 3-4 times. Then work your hair into a lather before rinsing as per normal.

Daimian's thoughts on Lullaby: 
"I've never used a shampoo bar before and my first experience with the Lullaby Shampoo Bar was very positive. I was most impressed how fast a lather worked up in my hair. From a guys' perspective, it provided a quick and through cleanse. My hair felt streaky clean and soft after. No need for conditioner. The lavender and chamomile oils gave my scalp a very refreshing and soothing feeling. The scent [it] left post wash was very herbal."
Just J: Lush Shampoo Bars Review
Lullaby shampoo bar

Daimian's thoughts on Copperhead: 
"The Copperhead shampoo bar surprisingly left a very smooth and silky finish after the wash. The scent rubs off as very manly, musky and [has a] strong coffee post-wash scent. As with the Lullaby shampoo bar, it lathers up quick and upon rinse provides a moisturized finish. After wash and blow dry the hair feels it has more volume and bounce to it."

Just J: Lush Shampoo Bars Review
Copperhead shampoo bar

Final Verdict

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