Lately I've been craving more and more unplugged time. I'm talking about time away from my computer and ignoring notifications. Does anyone else get really stressed out by the incessant beeping of their phone? Between my various messaging apps, email, work email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth, it all gets a little overwhelming sometimes.

So, I've started to take back a little me time. It doesn't take a lot, but it does take a mindset and a determination to feel that it's "okay" to let go for a bit and just practice mindfulness. I guess that meditation book I kinda/sorta read a couple months ago really did have an effect on me!

To unplug, it can be all about taking small steps. Here are some of the things I've been doing:

  • putting my phone on silent for a couple hours and out of sight
  • forgoing reading blogs in bed right before I sleep and instead keeping a daily one-page journal to document my thoughts, daily to-dos, and musings
  • surrounding myself in comfortable sights, sounds and textures. When I'm comfortable, then I feel more peaceful. This includes wearing fuzzy socks to bed, saving images like the above, and listening to ambient music like this playlist
  • purposely taking the long route and trying to concentrate as hard as I can on my surroundings 

It's amazing, but even these little things make me feel more centered, calmer and refreshed after a long day.

Now I want to hear, what are your thoughts? Do you feel "on" too much? What are your strategies for disconnecting?

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