Exploring Style In My 30s: Springtime Outfit Inspirations

Now that I've just bumped over the edge into my 30's, I've been pondering lately how to change up my style. It's very easy and common for women to stick to the same clothing routines of their 20's and particularly of what they wore in university years. If you're forced to change your wardrobe to office appropriate basics early, then you may avoid this style rut better, but if you work in a casual work environment like me, there's really no impetus to never not wear hoodies and sneakers to the office, so the onus is on me to think about how to keep my wardrobe current and age-appropriate.

Luckily, being in your 30's doesn't equate to wearing grandmother clothes (unless you want to!). In fact, your 30s seem like an awesome time style-wise as you get to come into your own by incorporating both younger and more sophisticated elements and giving a big F off to being a trend slave. In your 30s, you're no longer the naive ingenue skittering around on tipsy heels trying to look sexy; now instead you're the sexually confident woman standing by the bar, wearing boots, jeans and a tee.

The key to nailing style in your 30s is to know your body and to know what makes you feel good. It's all about fit, color and working the hell out of those basic wardrobe foundation pieces.

Here are a few inspirations and tips that I'm hoping to incorporate myself over the next year:

Inspiration #1: A bold blazer
While a black blazer is a must-have, I would also argue that having a colored or printed blazer is almost as essential too. Blazers are the workhorse of a grown woman's closet and I woefully under-utilize mine. Blazers are great transition season staples and go so well with everything!

The peaked stripes of this inspiration photo from Lauren Conrad's blog is a great example of how to refresh a basic. Black and white stripes go with everything and the vertical lines elongate the torso. I found a matching option from Vero Moda, but if you're worried that stripes is a little too out there, then why not try some color or a bright floral pattern? I'm absolutely in love with this Stylestalker floral blazer; it reminds me of the recent Spring Ted Baker collection and would look awesome with a silky cami or a plain ol' tee.

Exploring Style In My 30s: Springtime Outfit Inspirations from Forever 21 and ASOS
Blazer options: Forever 21 Tuxedo inspired blazer, $35.80 | Vero Moda stripe pointe blazer, $80.40 | Stylestalker Forever Floral blazer, $243.31

Inspiration #2: Chambray + leather
Both chambray and leather are essential items for me and incidentally they look kick-ass together. A leather pencil skirt in an office-appropriate length can work for both work and play, while a chambray shirt is a sexy, yet casual counterpart. Simply throw a light sweater on top for day, then toss off the sweater and undo a couple of shirt buttons for a super sexy, powerful, night-out look.

Exploring Style In My 30s: Springtime Outfit Inspirations from American Eagle and Topshop
Inspiration via The Style Spy
American Eagle Outfitters Half-sleeve button down shirt, $36.54 | Topshop leather pencil skirt, $240 | Topshop MIAMI elastic cut-out boots, $74

Inspiration #3: Color and pattern
Rich jewel tones and balanced proportions make this type of outfit comfortable and poised. The relaxed fit of these pants are definitely something you wouldn't wear as a kid and going tone-on-tone with a matching top is a sure-fire way to stand out in a crowd.

Exploring Style In My 30s: Springtime Outfit Inspirations from Aritzia and Zara
Inspiration photo via The Blonde Locks
Aritzia Wilfred Cauchy pant, $145 | Zara printed crop top, $45.90 | Zara mid-heel strappy shoes, $79.90

What are your best fashion tips for "grown-up" style?

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