March Beauty Favourites

Surprisingly I had a really hard time picking my favourites this month. I don't know if it's from a lack of inspiration or from a lack of trying any really amazing new products lately. Hard to imagine considering how many reviews I post here! However I should have more to post about in terms of favourite new things next month as I've been going to a few different beauty events lately!

March seems to have flown by as quickly as February. I'm finally starting to get my ass in gear when it comes to wedding fitness as the weather is getting nicer and I can go running after work. Running outside is a good fit  for me as I've realized that I need a lot of stimulus to exercise. Either I need a workout partner, or I need some sort of class environment, or I need to be outside to find exercise interesting. I used to hate running as a kid, but as an adult I love to just get outside and lace up. The fresh air, the changing scenery, and that time to just zone out and breathe is a great way to get a little "me" time. What things are you looking forward to doing now that spring has arrived?

1. Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant - as you know, I love my Dermalogica! This mix of a chemical and physical exfoliator is the perfect combination to get a deep down clean and to resurface skin. This scrub never leaves my skin feeling tight and the granules are concentrated enough that you never lack for scrubbing power.

2. Youngblood Purely the Basics mineral makeup kit - I've recently fallen in love with loose powders thanks to this mineral makeup starter kit. This foundation in this kit leaves my skin feeling silky soft, fair and utterly flawless. View full review.

3. L'Occitane Ultra Soft Balm - I received this as part of L'Occitane's Women's Day promotion and I very much regret not purchasing another. This all-purpose balm can be used on your face, hands, body, lips, hair or wherever you need a dose of delicious shea butter. It's also scented with apricots so it smells fruity and divine.

4. Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask - lately I've also been in love with sleeping masks. Moisture Surge feels like liquid satin and I love to revel in the velvety feeling it gives my skin when I slather a nice layer all over. This mask encases your skin in a protective shell as it works its magic overnight, leaving you with deeply moisturized skin in the morning. I definitely need to write a full review on this one!

5. Joe Malone Blackberry & Bay perfume - okay so that is not my image here, but that's because I have only a sad little sample vial of this fragrance that is too pitiful to photograph. I seem to be obsessed with all things fruity lately and this scent is the perfect mix of fresh blackberries balanced with the earthiness of bay leaf and cedar. It's a combination that sounds kinda weird, but feels so right.

Hope everyone enjoys a good long Easter weekend!

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