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A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend my first Saje event at their downtown Robson location, alongside a ton of media and blogger guests. It was the proverbial dark and stormy night when I arrived and immediately upon entering, I was hit with a welcoming wave of scented oils, which blasted away the chilliness of outside. Hosted by NKPR, the event was to celebrate and to promote all of Saje's new releases and fan favourites. Guests mingled and noshed on delicate appies and wines while staff circulated the room answering questions and providing recommendations. Usually I would be all up in the food and drink with everyone else, but for that night, I was on a mission to shop as Saje was offering a 30% discount to all guests!

Saje Arrive Revived aromatherapy spray
So curious about this jet lag spray! It can be used anytime you need a quick recharge of moisture on tired or stressed out skin

Saje, is a Vancouver based company specializing in aromatherapy and natural beauty products. They're probably most famous for their nebulizers, which are small devices that act like a humidifier, but which also clear the air of dust and allergens. The best part is, that each nebulizer can be used with any of Saje's diffuser blends and essential oils, which means an infinite number of combinations to scent your room and house! Saje also sells a variety of other bath and beauty products, perfumes and energizing teas, but #sorrynotsorry it was all about the oils for me, as I figured that was really their star product and also because Saje was gifting each guest with a nebulizer of their choice!

Saje aromaom deluxe nebulizer
The AromaOm Deluxe nebulizer

Saje sells a variety of nebulizers in various shapes and sizes, but they all generally operate the same. I think most people, like myself, opted to be greedy and went for the top of the line model, which is the AromaOm Deluxe. This nebulizer comes in black and white and features a ceramic outer casing, which can be removed. The AromaOm Deluxe contains controls for low/high output, run time (up to 3 hours or continuous) and to toggle through various light displays. I've been using mine every night since I received it and absolutely love it. My room smells fresher than ever and the scents are subtle yet noticeable!

Saje tea tumbler

Saje pocket pharmacy
The Pocket Pharmacy - review coming soon!

Once I had selected the nebulizer of my choice, it was time to choose oils to fill it with. I believe I literally stood in front of the diffuser and essential oil wall for an hour just sniffing each bottle and then sniffing them again as I kept forgetting what I had smelled before. Each of the diffuser blends and essential oils can be used for various purposes, with some being energizing, or soothing, or even... seductive. After much deliberation I settled on Liquid Sunshine, a strong citrusy blend, pure lemon oil (I'm obsessed with lemon scented things), and bergamot oil. As well, I also received in my swag bag, a set of the Pocket Pharmacy rollerballs, which is a set of therapeutic oils and the Happiness mini diffuser blend collection.

Diffuser blend wall at Saje
So many blends! A Libra's nightmare

Each the oils I received at the event are formulated for specific purposes:
  • Liquid sunshine - a mix of bergamot, grapefruit, orange, lime and mandarin for optimism and cheer
  • Lemon essential oil - for uplifting moods, and its antibacterial properties help combat colds, acne and insect bites
  • Bergamot essential oil - soothes and calms the mind and can also ease respiratory ailments
  • Refresh - uplift spirits with the refreshing smell of peppermint
  • Citrus dreams - orange, grapefruit and neroli to energize
  • Cloud nine - star anise, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sandalwood to soothe and elevate
Saje Happiness diffuser blend collection

Saje Happiness diffuser blend collection

While I'm quite skeptical of the topical benefits of essential oils, I do believe a little in the powers of aromatherapy. It just makes sense that good smells elevate your mood and each of these certainly do. At first I was a bit worried that the scents I chose would work too well and leave me unable to sleep at night, but the fragrance is subtle enough that it just relaxes me and doesn't keep me awake. I usually turn on my nebulizer for 2 hours on high and it's enough to gently scent my bedroom and eliminate the dog odor that comes from Ecko's bed. 

Saje diffuser blends and essential oils

I think it's safe to say that Saje has made me addicted to essential oils! They're much easier to clean up than candles and with the nebulizer, they have the added benefit of providing clean air for your home. 

For Canadians, Saje has stores across Canada, but you can also purchase their products online.

If you've tried Saje before, let me know your recommendations! I'm eager to try more!

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