Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Review | My favourite brown pencil eyeliner

Normally I don't review something as mundane as an eyeliner pencil, especially if I only have it in one color, but for the Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner I have to make an exception. I received this pencil last year when I attended an Estee Lauder event and at first I was like meh, an eyeliner can't be that different from any other, but this one has made me eat my words!

aerin lauder cool gel eyeliner

The Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner is, despite the name, a twist-up pencil eyeliner. Available in two shades, black and brown, this eyeliner doles up smoky, smudgy eyes in a flash. The shade I received is Essential Brown, a dark chocolate brown with subtle gold flecks.

Outside, this liner is slim and light with a matte, almost metallic exterior and a gold cap. Compared to many of my other eyeliners, this one feels downright luxurious and I like how the exterior matches the pencil color for easy selection. The pencil itself is soft and easy to work with. Color payoff is excellent, offering rich, opaque color in one swipe that can be easily smudged.

aerin lauder cool gel eyeliner
Swatches in indirect light

If however, you're looking for an eyeliner that gives you a super straight, thin line, then this pencil may not be for you because once the initial edge is worn down, you can't restore it to that initial sharpness, which is annoying. In fact, I didn't realize at first that this pencil was a twistup even and I tried to sharpen it with my pencil sharpener! Now the edges of my beautiful eyeliner are all jagged, but luckily the tip remained intact.

Unlike other eyeliners I've used, the color doesn't fade and the gold flecks actually bring light to your eyes, despite the dark color. I love to layer this liner along my top and bottom rims and then pile on the mascara for an easy glamourous look.

aerin lauder cool gel eyeliner
Look at that beautiful sparkle! Swatches done in direct sunlight

The only downside to the Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner? The fact that it costs $32! Yes, that's quite a bit for one slim pencil, but if a brown eyeliner is a staple for you, then it's definitely worth the splurge. I have yet to find another brown eyeliner that I love more and that offers a similar multi-dimensional color. Hopefully Aerin will release these in more colors one day so that I can collect them all!

Final Verdict
Buy - a luxury price for a luxury product. Get rich multi-faceted color in just one swipe.

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