Aerin Lauder Fragrance Set | A floral orgasm for the senses

Aerin Lauder fragrance set

The title of this post may sound hyperbolic, but it's really the truth. Ever since I first smelled the Aerin Lauder fragrance collection last year while on a girl's trip to Seattle, I have been head over heels in love with it! I think it's safe to say that if I wasn't a perfume person before, I definitely am now.

Each of the fragrances in the collection are unique, but all renditions of popular floral scents. What makes the Aerin Lauder fragrances unique (and very expensive) though is how rich and nuanced they are. I usually prefer to wear more straightforward fragrances, such as ones from my L'Occitane and CLEAN collections, but there's something about the Aerin Lauder ones that have opened my eyes to more complex smells. Each ones feels layered and seductively teasing as the scents change as you wear them. They can also be mixed and matched together to create even more intricate mixes.

During the holidays, I snagged this sample set of all the Aerin perfumes at Sephora. Normally, a regular sized bottle is around $125 each, but these 2 ml bottles are good enough for me as I haven't even used up the original sample vials I got last year!

Aerin lauder perfumes

Now here is a lowdown on each of the fragrances in this set:

Gardenia Rattan
By far my favourite of the set, Gardenia Rattan smells like a fresh garden. It has a very heavy, lush floral scent that is mixed with fresh marine notes. I could wear this one everyday!

  • Top notes: sea water
  • Middle notes: gardenia, tuberose, tahitian tiare
  • Base notes: amber

Amber Musk
Amber Musk is surprisingly my second favourite of the set! Normally, I prefer lighter, fresher scents, but Amber Musk has been my gateway to sexier, deeper notes. I originally got a sample of this as it's a great fragrance to layer with all the others, but I grew to love wearing it on its own too. Amber Musk has a very vanilla scent to it, but there's also a touch of sweetness that keeps it from feeling too heavy. It's a scent that feels womanly, but not overly so.
  • Top notes: amber
  • Middle notes: coconut, rose, benzoin
  • Base notes: musk

Lilac Path
This one is probably my least favourite of the set if I had to choose. Lilac Path smells pretty and feels very appropriate for spring or for someone who is into very ethereal scents, but for me, it all feels too delicate. It's really funny how your mind processes scents, but when I smell a fragrance, it conjures up images and colors to me and this one makes me think of a very pale, blond waif walking through tall fields of lavender - everything that is opposite of me, as I'm short, dark and very allergic to fields.
  • Top notes: galbanum
  • Middle notes: angelica, jasmine
  • Base notes: orange blossom

Ikat Jasmine
Ikat Jasmine and Gardenia Rattan are the most similar to me and I love them both, with Gardenia Rattan edging out ahead a teeny bit more. Ikat Jasmine smells lush and appropriately jasminey. It reminds me of being in a tropical paradise full of colors and moist, inviting air.
  • Top notes: jasmine, egyptian jasmine
  • Middle notes: tuberose, honeysuckle
  • Base notes: sandalwood

Evening Rose
Finally, there is Evening Rose. I feel very ambivalent towards anything rose. Yes, it smells lovely and they look lovely too. Yes, roses are timeless and anyone of any age can wear rose perfumes, but doesn't make rose that much more... generic? To me, this fragrance is nice, but bland. I still like it more than other rose fragrances and if you like rose, you'll probably love this, but I would likely use this more as a layering fragrance than something I'd wear on its own unless I want to feel particularly elegant and lady-like.
  • Top notes: cognac, blackberry
  • Middle notes: rose, bulgarian rose
  • Base notes: incense

Interested in trying Aerin Lauder perfumes yourself? Find them at Sephora, and Nordstrom!

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