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l'oreal paris fibralogy thickening hair care line

A few weeks ago I got the chance to try out the new L'Oreal Paris HairExpertise Fibralogy line thanks to Influenster Canada. Consisting of a shampoo, conditioner and thickening treatment, the Fibralogy line is designed to give limp hair body and thickness in just 5 shampoos! To create this effect, L'Oreal developed Filloxane, a special molecule that penetrates the hair strand and then expands when dry to simulate thicker hair for up to 10 shampoos! Whether you have fine, limp hair like myself, or you just need a temporary boost, this line can work for everyone.

Now onto the individual products!

L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy Shampoo

l'oreal paris fibralogy shampoo

The Product: The L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy Shampoo is the workhorse of this line, promising to gently clean while depositing Filloxane evenly across hair for maximum volume.

The Guts:
  • Aqua (water)
  • Sodium laureth sulfate - a common cleansing agent in shampoos and other beauty products. It's commonly confused with sodium lauryl sulfate, but this is said to be a milder version of that chemical, although they have basically the same purpose.
  • Coco-betaine - a gentle cleansing agent derived from coconut oil and which also provides smoothing effects on hair
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate - as mentioned, this is a common cleansing agent found in shampoos; however it's known to be highly irritating to those with sensitive skin. 
  • Sodium chloride - aka salt! Usually used as a thickener.
Price & Packaging: A 385 ml bottle retails for $5.99 from drugstores ($3.99 from London Drugs right now!). You can't beat this kind of pricing. All L'Oreal hair products I've tried seem to come in huge bottles for low prices, making this super difficult to beat in value. As well, you hardly need to use any at all per use; typically I use a nickel-sized amount to shampoo my just above shoulder-length hair.

Effectiveness: The downside to all this value is unfortunately that I do not like this shampoo at all. Just looking at the ingredients list, it's easy to understand why. The shampoo suds up great, which is to be expected with all the SLS' in this product, but it also leaves my scalp feeling parched. After just a couple of uses, my scalp felt super itchy and irritated. After a few more tries, my scalp settled down, but still felt moderately irritated. As well, I also found that this shampoo is too harsh for color-treated hair as it's so stripping that it noticeably lightened my hair color.

Final Verdict: Ditch

L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy Conditioner 

l'oreal paris fibralogy conditioner

The Product: The L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy Conditioner is a lightweight, creamy conditioner that douses your hair with moisture, while also amplifying its volume.

The Guts:
  • Aqua
  • Cetearyl alcohol - an emulsifier and cleanser
  • Behentrimonium chloride - prevents static in hair, but can be an irritant to eyes
  • Aminopropyl triethoxysilane - this appears to be the "money maker" ingredient that does the actual thickening of your hair. The Beauty Brains have a good analysis on this ingredient as information is scarce elsewhere online.
  • Starch acetate - a conditioning and smoothing ingredient
Price & Packaging: The Fibralogy Conditioner is the same size as the shampoo, clocking in a 385 ml for $5.99 at local drugstores. The only difference between the two containers is that the conditioner has the lid at the bottom, whereas the shampoo has it at the top. To be honest, I hate this style of packaging for L'Oreal conditioners. As with the straightening conditioner that they sent me, this one also has the same issue where water leaks into this weird space between the interior and exterior. It's fine if you just keep this bottle in the shower, but if you take it anywhere, it will leak everywhere.

Effectiveness: As a conditioner, this one worked fairly well, but was nothing to write home about. My hair felt soft, if a teeny bit drier than normal. What this conditioner lacks in well, conditioning power though, it makes up for in voluminizing. After just a couple of weeks, I did notice a difference in my hair in that it was significantly bouncier and fuller! Usually when I first wash and blowdry my hair, it looks bouncy, but when using the Fibralogy line, this effect lasted for over a day, which for me, is amazing results!

Final Verdict: Buy

L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy Thickening Booster

l'oreal paris fibralogy thickening booster

The Product: The Fibralogy Thickening Booster is a voluminizing treatment that you apply between your shampoo and your conditioner. With the highest concentration of Filloxane of any of the Fibralogy products, this product is meant to be used 1-2 times a week for an extra power boost of volume.  

The Guts
  • Aqua
  • Aminopropyl triethoxysilane
  • PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil - an emollient
  • Lactic acid - various purposes but likely used here as a humectant
  • Parfum/fragrance
Price & Packaging: A 30 ml tube costs $5.99 at local drugstores. This sleek tube has a thin, pin-point dispenser for precise application, although it seems overkill to me as the instructions state to apply this to palms and then spread evenly through hair. Because of the pointed tip, you have to lay this flat on your shower counter, which takes up more space. I would have preferred it to have a flat top so you can stand it vertically.

Effectiveness: With Filloxane as its second ingredient, this treatment booster definitely infuses your hair with volume. It comes out as a clear, watery liquid that you apply to damp hair and it has no discernible scent, although that could just be because the shampoo and conditioner are so heavily scented that it drowns this one out. Since I'm always using this one with the Fibralogy conditioner, it's hard to separate out the benefits of this one product, but I think it's safe to say that more is more with this special L'Oreal ingredient so I'm sure it's been playing apart in my new-found volume. 

Final Verdict: Buy 

Overall, the L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy line is an affordable, easy to incorporate set of products that provides amplified volume to hair. I'll for sure keep the conditioner and the booster in my shower routine, but I will no longer be using the shampoo as it irritated my scalp a lot and was too stripping.  


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