Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo Review | A contour or a bronzer?

Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in Pink Beige
Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo and 156 Artisan brush

Seems like I've been doing a lot of first's lately and here I am back with another one! Contouring has been all the rage for the last couple years thanks to the Kardashians, and it seems that 2015 is officially unofficially the Year of the Contour.

Up till now, I had never contoured in my life as it's scary and requires at least a Mastery level of Makeup Skillz, but when I heard that Make Up Forever had a palette coming out, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon. Make Up Forever has rarely failed me in the makeup department and with their reputation as a MUA friendly line, I figured I was in safe hands.

The Product
The Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo is a two-in-one highlighting and contouring palette that is sold exclusively to Sephora. It is available in two shades:
  • Pink Beige - for fair to medium skin tones
  • Golden - for medium to dark skin tones
The primary difference between the two shades is in the highlighters; Pink Beige has a cream highlighter with very slight pink undertones, whereas Golden has a more traditional gold highlight. As well, the contour shade in Golden is darker, but both contour shades lean toward the bronze side.

Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in Pink Beige

Alongside the palette, I also received the Make Up Forever 156 Large Flat brush from the Artisan brush line, which is designed for use with powder products and is another Sephora exclusive.

Price & Packaging
I really love the size and packaging of this palette. Everything from MUFE is housed in shiny black plastic, which gives all their products a very uniform look that I find appealing. Although the compact is plastic, it has a very sturdy, workhorse feel that I imagine would be totally at home in a MUA's kit and therefore it makes me feel a little like one using it!

The Pro Sculpting Duo is split in two between the two shades and comes with a large mirror, but sadly no brush, which would have been a nice inclusion for touch-ups.

Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in Pink Beige
Looove the texture! So quilty

In terms of price, the Pro Sculpting Duo sells for $45 and contains 0.28 oz of product, which is a hefty size for anyone except the most contour-obsessed.

I had heard from other bloggers that the Pro Sculpting Duo could be used as contour and also as an eyeshadow, so I'll be sharing my thoughts on both purposes.

As a contour, the Pro Sculpting Duo had me very confused. The contour shade is orange. Straight up, old-fashioned bronzer orange. There's also a slight shimmer to it, which makes it doubly confusing as a contour. From my understanding, contour shades should mimic shadows, so then you can literally carve out cheekbones and other areas of definition on your face; this would imply something that is at least matte and maybe... taupey and the Pro Sculpting Duo is not either. I don't want to place all the blame on MUFE for putting out a bronzey contour as it seems a lot of brands do the same thing, but I just expected something a bit more from them.

When used with the 156 brush, I was able to get a very subtle warm glow and chiseling of my cheeks, as can be seen in my recent "no makeup" makeup look. As I have no idea where to place contour vs. bronzer, I opted to be safe and used this as a bronzer. I applied it in a "3" motion along my face and concentrated the color a bit more on the hollows of my cheeks and the jawline. Since the 156 is SUPER DUPER soft, it hardly picked up any color at all and so I was in zero danger of over-applying. I would not use this palette so freely with a denser, stiffer brush as I feel it would be easy to go overboard.

Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in Pink Beige swatches
Swatches in natural light: contour, highlight and blended 

Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in Pink Beige swatches
Swatches in direct sunlight: contour, highlight and blended 

Finally, as an eyeshadow, the contour shade worked really well with my skin tone as a warm, golden base color. If you have warmer toned skin, then this color would look very natural, but if you have cooler toned skin, you may want to test-drive this a bit first as the orange tones in it may not be super flattering.

Make Up Forever 156 Artisan brush
156 Artisan brush

While the contour shade was not so contour-ish, I can safely and enthusiastically give a big thumbs-up to the highlight shade of this palette. It is amazing!! Again, when used with the 156 brush, this highlight gave me a luminescent glow that looked as if I'd been sprinkled with sparkles of light. I love how this highlighter isn't sparkly or glittery; it's just pearly and shiny. You can apply a little or a lot and change up the impact entirely. I would definitely buy this palette just for the highlight alone.

Final Verdict
Ditch - as a contour palette, I found the contour lacking, since it's more of a bronzer than a true contour. If you're in the market for a new highlighter though, run, don't walk to get this!

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