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Years ago, the FACE SHOP had a couple of stores open in Vancouver and as my first foray into Korean beauty products, I was immediately drawn in by their exotic ingredients and clean, bright store decor. Sadly, only a year or two after opening in Vancouver, the FACE SHOP closed its doors. Now within the last year, they've returned with stores in Metropolis at Metrotown and Richmond Centre! I couldn't be happier to see them return.

the face shop herb day aloe cleansing foam

The FACE SHOP is known for their naturally focused skincare and makeup products. I loved their rice cleansers back in the day, so I was excited to try out one of their newer lines, the Herb Day cleansers. There are six different "flavours" of the Herb Day cleansers with six different focuses:
  • Peach - moisturizes and softens dry, flaky skin
  • Mung bean - contains proteins and minerals to help troubled skin
  • Lemon - helps oily skin eliminates dead skin cells 
  • Spearmint - designed for men
  • Acerola - helps brighten dull skin tone
  • Aloe - moisturizes for dry skin
Each flavour also contains the FACE SHOP's herb clean complex, which is a mixture of nine different herbs to address all of your skin's concerns: marronnier (tightens pores), soapwort (cleansing), lady's mantle (anti-aging and astringent), sage (anti-aging and helps clarify skin), rooibos (antioxidants), camomile (reduces redness), borage (moisturizing) and centaurea cyanus (astringent and antioxidant).

The Guts
The primary ingredients in the Aloe cleanser are:
  • Water
  • Myristic acid - a surfactant and cleanser. Can be drying.
  • Stearic acid - a cleanser that also acts as an emulsifier
  • Glycerin - a moisturizer
  • Potassium hydroxide - used to balance the pH of products and as a cleanser. Can be irritating to sensitive skin.
Other ingredients of note are aloe vera juice (moisturizing), juniper fruit extract (moisturizing), lemon balm leaf extract (moisturizing), horse chestnut leaf extract (anti-inflammatory), grapefruit oil (irritant), and papaya fruit water (exfoliant). This product does contain parabens.

Price & Packaging
A 170 ml tube retails for $6 at FACE SHOP stores. This cleanser is super cheap as you get enormous value for your money. I only use a dime sized amount each time I wash, so this cleanser will certainly last forever. I also love how it's a tube dispenser as that's my favourite type of packaging. 

the face shop herb day 365 cleansing foam aloe

Since it's a foaming cleanser, I like to use this one solely at night to wash off my makeup and give my face a deeper cleanse, as opposed to using it in the mornings when my face is already pretty clean and needs something gentler. The first thing I noticed about this cleanser is its fresh, light smell due to the aloe vera juice. I don't really like fragranced products, but if they do have fragrance, I prefer it to be something fresh and fruity like this. 

Applied to damp skin, this cleanser foams up like crazy. I only use a tiny dime-sized amount and it's enough to cover my face in a silky foam. The texture of this cleanser is slightly creamy and has a silky appearance out of the tube. That silkiness makes this cleanser a little hard to rinse off, so be sure to use a damp face cloth afterwards to remove all residue. A benefit of that silky texture though is that this cleanser thoroughly cleans, but does not leave my face feeling tight or dry. The Aloe Cleansing Foam does an excellent job at washing off all dirt and makeup and my skin looks and feels even and refreshed. 

The only thing I don't like about this cleanser is when I get it in my eyes, it stings like a bitch! It's not like I am touching this cleanser to my eyes at all, but if it even comes close to my eyes, there must be some vapors or drops of water mixed with cleanser that gets into them and makes them immediately sting and tear up. Usually now I try to give my eye area a wide berth when using this cleanser, or I will use it with my eyes closed. It's an annoying side effect, but tolerable as I love how clean this product makes me feel.

Final Verdict
Buy - this cleanser is chock full of natural extracts and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean and soft.

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