Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash Review | A gentle way to refresh your skin

Amie morning clear facial cleanser

I've tried a lot of Amie skincare products (see all my past reviews here) and while their moisturizers are so-so, I have no complaints when it comes to the cleansers. My latest item to try from the British brand is Amie's Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash. Composed of 96.8% natural ingredients, Morning Clear contains extracts of elder flower and may blossom to unclog pores and remove dirt, while sugar, cocoa seed butter and sweet almond oil replenish your moisture. The Morning Clear cleanser can be used both morning and night, contains 15% moisturizers and is also pH balanced to ensure your skin remains smooth and even-toned.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this cleanser are:
  • Water
  • Caprylic/Capric triglyceride - thickens and acts as an emollient
  • Theobroma cacao seed butter - a rich, natural emollient that also helps relieve skin irritation
  • Cetearyl alcohol - can be derived from coconut oils and acts as an emollient, thickener and foaming agent
  • Glycerin - a humectant that helps your skin draw in moisture
Other ingredients of note are sweet almond oil (moisturizing), panthenol (skin conditioning), bitter orange flower extract (fragrance, can be irritating), raspberry extract (antioxidant), hawthorn extract (antioxidant), limonene aka lemon oil (fragrance, can be irritating).

Overall, this product seems to contain lots of emollients, which match its moisturizing claims and a few natural antioxidants. There are however some natural extracts in here that are more for fragrance and which could irritate sensitive skin.

Price & Packaging
A generously sized 150 ml tube costs just under $5 off the Amie website, so I imagine it is a similar price at Shoppers Drug Mart

Amie morning clear facial cleanser

Since this cleanser can be used both morning and night, I tried the Morning Clear out both ways. As a nightly cleanser, I found it surprisingly effective at removing makeup and dirt as it passed my toner test with flying colors, leaving little to no residue behind. 

The cleanser itself comes out of the tube with a mousse-like texture that emulsifies once it comes into contact with water on my skin. You just need to dampen your face slightly to get this cleanser going. If your face is too drenched with water, then the Morning Clear tends to just dissolve away. As it is, if you're used to a ton of foaming action, then you likely won't like the this cleanser. 

I loved the milky creaminess of the Morning Clear and how it just glides over my skin. My skin feels coated in a silky layer that rinses away cleanly, yet leaves it feeling soft and velvety. The Morning Clear does have a slight floral scent, but it's not over-powering and fades away once you've rinsed off. 

With its gentle texture and moisturizing effect, I've primarily been using the Morning Clear as my morning cleanser and it's been a great way to gently cleanse my skin and refresh it for my daytime products.

Final Verdict
Buy - a lovely moisturizing cleanser that's effective day and night.

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