Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask Review | For those who love that deep-down clean feeling

Amie spring clean deep cleansing mask

There's something so psychologically satisfying about really deep cleaning your face. When I'm scrubbing away at my skin with a good, grainy exfoliant my imagination envisions those cheesy cartoons in acne-fighting commercials where the product swooshes through an imaginary pore, scooping all the gunk away. And that tightening feeling that deep cleansing masks give? Love it. It makes me feel as if I'm sucking out all the dirt and that tight feeling is just my pores shrinking!

If you're one of those weirdos like me then you will be interested to read on about my experiences with the Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask. Containing organic peppermint, white clay and lime butter, the Spring Clean mask will purify pores for a clear, radiant complexion. Like all Amie products, this mask is pH balanced for sensitive skin and contains no parabens or mineral oils. You can use this mask whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up or generally 1-2 times a week.

The Guts
The Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask contains primarily:
  • water
  • kaolin clay - a natural clay that helps detoxify and clarify 
  • zinc oxide - may be used here to help give this mask it's light color and thick texture
  • glycerin - a humectant
  • magnesium aluminum silicate - another thickener
This mask also contains cyclopentasiloxane (a silicone that helps give a spreadable texture), PEG-100 stearate (surfactant, cleanser), lime leaf essential oil (antibacterial), and peppermint extract (antibacterial, can cause irritation). 

Price & Packaging
A 100 ml tube costs around $12 and is available at Walmart. I've always found Amie products to be very affordable and I love their youthful, cute packaging. Also fun fact - Amie packaging colors usually match the color of the product within!

Amie Spring Clean clay mask

The first thing I noticed about the Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask is its refreshing, zesty scent that is full of lime and peppermint. I'm a sucker for anything fresh smelling, so I could smell this mask all day. 

The texture of the Spring Clean mask is like most clay masks and is delightfully thick and cooling. I found this mask to spread easily and within 10 minutes it dries down to a thin, crackly layer. Although Amie claims that this mask can be used by sensitive skin peeps, I would not recommend it if your skin is easily irritated. The peppermint comes through very strongly in this mask, even though it's halfway down the ingredients list. Clay masks can feel a little intense normally, but I think the peppermint just takes this to a whole other level. The Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask made my skin tingle like crazy, to the point where it almost wasn't pleasurable at all and just felt like burning. Even after rinsing the mask off, my skin felt tingly still and this sensation lasted for awhile until my moisturizer had time to absorb and counteract it. 

Despite this, I persevered with this mask and now I don't notice the stinging as much. Also, I found applying a thinner layer and using it in the shower seemed to help, as opposed to letting it air dry. If you can handle all this though, you'll find that the results are great. After using this mask, my skin feels tighter, brighter and super refreshed. I also like to use the Spring Clean as a spot treatment on blemishes and it zaps those away much faster than if I'd just left them on their own.

Final Verdict
Buy - an intense clay mask that smells amazing and leaves skin feeling tingly and clean in a good (and kinda bad) way.

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