Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick Review | A new summer fave!

estee lauder lipstick in empowered

A flattering red lipstick is one of those things that every woman (or at least every makeup loving woman) strives to have. That perfect red lipstick is the one thing in your makeup kit that can truly finish, elevate and literally make a look. Within the red spectrum itself, there's a variety of shades to suit every skin tone and occasion. For myself, I love a bold, full-on red lipstick, but it can be tricky to find one that isn't super high-maintenance to wear, or which stays put, but leaves my lips parched, so I was excited to try recently the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick to see if this was finally the red I'd been looking for.

Designed to provide full, luscious color with a creamy finish, the Pure Color Envy lipsticks contain multi-faceted pigments to give your lips full dimension color, while a time-release moisture complex ensures they stay moist and full looking for full 6 hour wear. The Pure Color Envy line contains 20 shades, ranging from pink rose nudes to bright orange-reds and shimmery plums. The shade I received to try was Empowered, a rich, scarlet red.

estee lauder lipstick in empowered

Price & Packaging
One tube contains 0.12 oz or 3.5 ml of product and retails for $34 from Sephora. One thing that Estee Lauder always gets right is their packaging, which is spot-on luxuriousness. The lipstick comes in a glossy black tube with a gold interior and is slightly slimmer than normal lipstick tubes. The most satisfying thing about this tube though is its magnetic closure lid, which slides elegantly shut with a most gratifying click. The only other lipsticks I own that feel so good to open and close are my Burberrys and possibly the Clinique Pop lips! While the Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer lipsticks slide closed in an almost sensual way, the Pure Color Envy lipstick closes with a very business-like click that makes me feel very sophisticated and worldly. At $34, this lipstick is definitely a splurge item, but as a gift for someone, or to yourself, it's a reasonable price for a taste of luxury.

estee lauder pure color envy lipstick in empowered

Pigmentation & Wear
In terms of pigmentation, the Pure Color Envy lipsticks are truly one-swipe color. When swatching, I couldn't see much difference between one vs. two swipes of color. With its creamy texture, I found this lipstick a joy to apply. Empowered is a beautiful, full red that smooths on easily, although if you haven't exfoliated your lips in a while, you may want to before applying as the bright color will definitely catch on flakes and rough patches.

estee lauder pure color envy lipstick in empowered swatches
Swatches: one stroke and two strokes

Once on, it has a glossy finish, which I find very pretty and natural, but it does shorten the lifespan of your color. As opposed to getting 6 hours of wear, I usually achieved around 3-4 hours and after a meal, this lipstick definitely wears away.

estee lauder pure color envy lipstick in empowered

The other disadvantage of the Pure Color Envy lipsticks is that it tends to wander outside of your lip line very easily. Even when I used a clear lip liner, I still wasn't able to keep this lipstick in check. I also tried to apply with a brush, but I found that method to apply the color kinda streaky. My recommended method to apply then is straight-up from the tube - just be careful to keep within your lip lines!

These downsides though are a small price to pay though for such a beautiful color. On my NC 20/25 skin tone, this color is just perfection. Not too orange and not too blue-toned, Empowered is the perfect wearable red and the color that has finally gotten me out of my nude pink rut!

Final Verdict
Buy - gorgeous luscious color + beautiful packaging = must-have!

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