Lise Watier Rivage Eyeshadow Palette Review | A must-have for soft, muted shadow lovers

Lise Watier Rivage limited edition eye shadow palette

As soon as I saw the swatches and reviews coming out for the limited edition Lise Watier Palette Rivages eyeshadows, I knew I had to get my grabby hands on it. Luckily, Lise Watier obliged, for which I am SO grateful as this palette is just such a beauty.

The Rivage palette is the centerpiece of the summer 2015 Lise Watier collection, but for me personally, it could easily stand as a knockout on its own without the other supporting products. Let's just say that this palette is like the Justin Timberlake of this group! Who even cares about anything else when you're looking at something this beautiful?

Lise Watier Rivage eye shadow

As always, Lise Watier impresses right off the bat by housing their products in carefully thought out packaging. Each season's collection is cohesively designed around a theme and this season's theme, judging by the Rivage packaging, is inspired by timeless elegance. The Rivage palette is housed in a brass edged and mother-of-pearl compact with a rose-mauve interior.

Lise Watier limited edition Rivages eyeshadow palette

There are ten shades in this palette:

Top row:
  • a soft corn yellow 
  • a muted moss green
  • a peach pink
  • a plum
  • a deep wine red, kinda like a cool marsala
Bottom row:
  • a soft blush pink
  • a light mauve purple
  • an icy blue pink
  • a deep red bronze
  • a deep purple black
Each shade has a satin finish with the lighter highlight shades being a true satin, while the darkest shades could almost be called mattes. All the shades also have that characteristic hard texture typical of Lise Watier eyeshadows; however these ones at least felt a bit more buttery than previous palettes due to its powder-cream formula.

Lise Watier Rivage eye shadow swatches
Top row shades

Lise Watier Rivage shadow swatch
Bottom row shades

That being said, I still found these shadows to require a bit of work to build-up, especially with the peach pink highlight, the muted moss green and the mauve purple. It seems you either have to bet on having a fabulous buttery texture and rich color payoff, but deal with creasing, or go for harder, slightly powdery formulas that aren't as pigmented, but last forever. The Rivage palette falls in the latter category. You don't need a primer at all for these shadows and they last all day with only moderate fading. I do wish that the color payoff was richer, but I think that's a personal preference as I'm sure for most people, it's just fine and even preferable to build up color instead of trying to blend out.

One thing I love about this palette, is how easy it is to mix and match colors unlike some palettes where you can easily fall into using the same two or three shades together all the time. I could probably blindly choose three shades from this palette and they would always work together.

The peach pink, blush pink and corn yellow are great all over base colors and highlighters. The corn yellow is my favourite highlighter of the three as you can dot it in the center of your eye and you get instant impact that brightens and lifts the eyes. 

The darker shades in this palette are also excellent, with rich, deep colors, that are easily blended out to be wearable for day. 

If you're stuck on inspiration, Lise Watier also included a handy booklet detailing a bunch of different ways to wear this palette, which is a great touch that I wish more companies did.

Eye shadow and Lise Watier Rivages shadow palette
The "nude" look. Also wearing, the Make Up Forever Graphic Liner

Eyeshadow look with Lise Watier Rivages palette

Lise Watier eye shadow look with Rivage eyeshadow
The "beachy" look. Also wearing Lise Watier Feline HD liquid eyeliner

Lise Watier Rivage FOTD

For $54 for 10 shades the Rivage palette is very pricey, but if you don't have an extensive eyeshadow collection and you don't mind the somewhat muted pigmentation, then by all means get this immediately. The Rivage palette is an excellent choice for the adult makeup beginner as it is very well conceived with a good variety of neutral shades that work well together and will cover you for any situation.

Lise Watier Rivages eye shadow swatch
All ten shades swatched

Final Verdict

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