Annabelle Blushon Blush Review | A possible cheap dupe for Exposed?

While I don't think my blush collection is anywhere close to resembling massive, or even that comprehensive, I think it's still safe to say that I've accumulated 200% more blushes than I had last year. Somehow I keep finding hidden niches in my blush collection that "must" be filled - such is the joy and sickness of being a makeup lover!

One such niche that was aching to be filled was to have a rosy, kinda pink-brown-ish, kinda contour, kinda blush type of tone. You know - one of those blushes you can slap on eyes closed and wear with anything because it literally is like your skin, but better. You know, like an Exposed.

Anyone who is a fan of makeup or a reader of blogs know what I am referring to. Tarte's Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed is one of the most popular blush shades on the market right now. It's renowned for being wearable by just about anyone and literally fool-proof to apply. This is the type of color that is impossible to over-apply, yet is pigmented enough to give your face color and life when all you're feeling is like death.

I wanted it bad people; however, I didn't want to buy it. Call me stupid, but for some reason I didn't want to shell out money to purchase the real deal at Sephora, so I set about finding myself a cheap dupe and after much google searching and agonizing, I think I may have found it.

annabelle blush rose fawn

The Annabelle Blushon blush in Rose Fawn is a dusky rose-pink and offers easy, blendable wear for under $10. Available in drugstores across the country, Rose Fawn was the cheapest Exposed dupe I could find and I love how it's from a Canadian brand too!

The Blushon blushes come in 10 shades, with Rose Fawn falling somewhere in the middle of the color range.

In terms of packaging, the Blushon blush is encased in your standard flip-top and contains 3 g of product. Compared to most blushes though, the pan size is fairly small and not much bigger than a MAC single eyeshadow compact, so you'll have to use your smaller brushes to apply.

annabelle blush in rose fawn

As well, the other annoying bit about this blush, but which also makes it foolproof, is that the pan is very hard so it takes a long while to build up color on your face. You'll want to use your stiffest blush brush for this and then swirl it very generously all along your cheekbones. While with most of my blushes, I have to gingerly tap it, with the Blushon, I literally dig into it with my brush as much as I can. Even doing so, the end result is very sheer and subtle; in fact, the color payoff of this blush is so soft that I couldn't even swatch it for you! Trust me though, that it's there. Like an Hourglass Ambient powder, the finish of Rose Fawn is something that can only be detected in person - and isn't that just the type of natural effect that Exposed is supposed to give?

annabelle blushon blush in rose fawn

For $7.95, I'm glad I got this dupe and would recommend the Annabelle Blushon blushes to anyone. Unfortunately, getting this one only made me want to try the real deal more! Guess who's going to hit up Sephora next VIB sale?

Have you found any good Exposed dupes?

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