Azzaro Pour Elle Eau de Parfum Review | A feminine twist on a classic men's fragrance

Azzaro Pour Elle fragrance

Have you ever purchased a perfume based on the bottle alone? If I were ever to do that, I think the Azzaro Pour Elle would be the one to do it for. This beautifully packaged fragrance landed in my mailbox recently and I fell in love with its elegant beauty.

A feminine homage to the iconic Azzaro Pour Homme men's fragrance, Pour Elle is a heady mix of florals, spice and woods that conjures up a mood of powerful seduction. The Pour Elle woman knows what she wants and she's not afraid to get it, yet at the same time, she encapsulates a fragile, feminine grace. If you still don't get it, just watch the ad for this perfume featuring the smoldering Ian Somerhalder - damn can his eyes be any more piercing?!

When I first smelled this parfum, I didn't really catch on to the sexy vixen vibe, but after seeing the ad and reading the fragrance description, I get it now. I actually felt that the Pour Elle was kinda bridal, which makes me feel a bit sheepish now as I couldn't be more off. I think it was the combination of strong florals mixed with the spice that made me feel this was a maturer scent and very "womanly," coupled with the glamourous packaging that reminded me of a sparkly wedding dress! I guess you'll just have to smell it for yourself to see if you agree with me.

Azzaro Pour Elle perfume

Top notes:
  • Cardamom
  • Citrus
Middle notes:
  • Rose
  • Lily
Base notes:
  • Olibanum
  • Cashmere wood

Alas, Azzaro Pour Elle is one of those fragrances that are much better in the bottle than on me. It's really imperative that you try on a perfume before purchasing as each individual's skin chemistry will make a fragrance wear differently. While Pour Elle in the bottle smells very floral and feminine, on me the citrus notes die a fiery death and everything is overtaken by the spicier notes. Pour Elle feels downright heavy and almost matronly on me, which is a pity as it smells lovely on its own. Sadly, this fragrance and I will part ways after this review.

If you're interested in trying this one out on your own, check out Shoppers Drug Mart or The Bay, where it is retailing for $70 for 50 ml.

Have you tried Azzaro's Pour Elle? Let me know how it worked (or didn't) for you!

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