First Impressions: Almay Intense i-Color Party Brights Eye Shadow

Everyone who knows me, knows that I don't wear colorful eyeshadow. I am strictly a neutrals kind of girl, who occasionally ventures out into purples. It's not that I don't like bright eyeshadows, or that I don't find them fun to wear (check out my orange eyeshadow look for evidence!). It's just that I find bright eyeshadows tricky to wear - particularly blues and teals!

almay intense party brights eyeshadow

That is why I was so interested to try out the new Almay Intense i-Color Party Brights eyeshadows. This fun line of summery, bright shadow palettes is designed to illuminate your eyes and give you a fresh, fun look. Almay also takes it a step further by making this collection part of their i-Color series, which tailors each palette to a specific eye color. Generally, these kind of palettes focus on complementary colors to your eyes, so the brown eye palette focuses on purples tones, while the green has a gorgeous mix of warm coppers and purples. The blue palette though went the other direction with a mix of a blue colors, and the hazel eye palette features a tropical mix of teal and brown.

Each palette contains 3 different shades, and there are handy instructions on the back as well. I love how Almay seeks to make their products simple and easy for anyone to use, so I was eager to try out the palette I received, which was the one targeted for hazel eyes.

Almay Intense i-Color Party Brights Eye Shadow

The hazel eyes palette contains a highlight, lid and crease color. The highlight is a soft ivory tone, while the crease is a dark, chocolate. The star of this show obviously is the lid color, which is a gorgeous teal. I was immediately drawn to the shimmery teal and knew that was the one I had to try versus the usual boring purple palette assigned to us brown eyed girls.

To use, Almay states that you simply apply the teal to the lid, the ivory to your brow bone, and the brown to the crease, so that's just what I did.

almay party brights eyeshadow

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to apply teal shadows apparently and this is what I ended up with:

Not exactly what I had in mind. When swatched, these shadows had a lovely satin/matte finish and a fairly decent color payoff. When applied to the lids though, the harder texture made it difficult for my brushes to pick up anything, so the colors ended up being very sheer and more shimmery. I also think the instructions on the packaging are definitely more for western eyes, as it did nothing for my hooded Asian eyes. I also found these shadows to crease and fade a lot after a few hours, so I wouldn't wear them again without some sort of primer.

Almay Intense i-Color Party Brights Eye Shadow swatches

Despite these setbacks, I'm not about to give up on that teal! It's just too pretty not to figure out how to use somehow, so now it's off to Pinterest and the blogosphere for inspiration.

Anyone have any tips or tricks for me on how to wear teal eyeshadow?

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