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guerlain meteorites baby glow foundation

Want to look eternally youthful, well-rested and healthy? Well, you could eat properly, sleep lots and just not be old, but come on, sometimes we all need a little extra help. That's where base products come in and lately the trend in foundations seems to be all about illuminating and enhancing one's natural glow. It's out with cakey, thick, matte foundations and in with light, luminous, and sheer finishes! Perhaps this is again a result of the popularity of K-beauty? Either way, I'm on board.

Lately, I've been wearing out the Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow foundation, which I received earlier this year. The Baby Glow foundation claims to lift fatigue, smooth away lines and leave skin looking fresher and more youthful, while having that "second skin" weightless feel. Available in three shades, the Baby Glow foundation is also infused with pigments of Guerlain's famous rainbow pearls, with ribbons of red, blue, green and gold throughout to color correct and illuminate. Oh and this foundation also provides sun protection with SPF 25! Yes, it pretty much sounds like the holy grail of foundation formulas.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this foundation are:
  • Water
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - a silicone that gives this foundation its slippery texture and helps plump up lines to give skin a smoother surface
  • Glycerin - a moisturizer
  • Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate - aka octinoxate, a common chemical sunscreen
  • Isododecane - provides a slippery texture and gives this foundation its light feel
Other ingredients of note are other silicones (dimethicone, silica), vitamin E (anti-aging) and even diamond powder! 

Price & Packaging
A 1 oz tube retails for $54 wherever Guerlain is sold. The Baby Glow's packaging is very sleek and elegant, which aligns well with Guerlain's reputation for stellar packaging. I love the feminine blush pink of the tube. It fits well in the hand and the pump dispenser combined with a squeeze tube format is clever and easy to stow away for travel. In terms of size, 1 oz is equal to approximately 30 ml, which seems to be standard for foundations of its price range.

My only quibble with the packaging is that the pump tends to have a little leftover bead whenever I use it, which gets smeared all over when I put on the lid.

Swatches: Medium, Light

To apply, I use 1-2 pumps to cover my face, starting with the center and then moving outwards. The texture of this foundation is similar to that of a thinner BB cream; it's definitely not watery, but not super thick either. Thanks to the silicones, I found the Baby Glow to be easily spreadable. You could apply the Baby Glow with your fingers, a sponge or a brush, but my preferred method is with a fluffy buffing brush as this allowed me to really buff the foundation into my skin and spread it over a wider area. When applied with fingers, I found that I used more product, resulting in a thicker finish and when I used a flat foundation brush, my application was slightly streaky.

Once applied, my face would feel slightly tacky as if I'd just applied moisturizer, so you should be careful not to touch your face with too heavy a hand for a minute or so. There's also a slight floral scent to the Baby Glow, but surprisingly, it's quite subtle so I don't even notice it unless I try to actually sniff the bottle.

In terms of coverage and wear, the Baby Glow gives me just the amount of coverage I need to last me all day long. Coverage is definitely light, but it does an amazing job of evening out my skin tone and eliminates any and all redness. It also does a pretty decent job of covering up minor acne scars and dark circles, but couldn't defeat the generous hyper-pigmentation sprinkled across my cheeks. This foundation can be built up a little bit, but it tends to also look slightly cakey if you try to do so.


wearing guerlain baby glow foundation

The shade I'm wearing, Light, seems to match perfectly with my NC 20/25 skin, although it does have a very very slight pink undertone. I've been getting a bit of sun lately with all the hot weather in Vancouver, so the Baby Glow gives me a bit of a brightening effect as well as a soft, luminous finish. Sadly, and this has got to be the hugest minus against the Baby Glow, it only comes in 3 shades: Light, Medium and Golden. Medium is also a very close match to my skin, so for pretty much most of the population, you're SOL for finding a match!

Compared to my other go-to foundation lately, the Burberry Fresh Glow, the Baby Glow doesn't provide as obvious a glowing effect, but does excel at providing greater coverage, which is why I've been picking this one up more often. My skin definitely needs some evening out and I have a lot of minor spots I like to cover, so I love how the Baby Glow provides that without feeling heavy or fading throughout the day. On those days where I do want a dewier finish, I will reach for the Burberry Fresh Glow, but otherwise, it's Baby Glow all the way, baby!

wearing guerlain meteorites baby glow foundation
Closeup: a silky super subtle glow. Not dewy at all, but rather just luminous

Final Verdict
Buy - beautiful all day wear packaged in a slim, elegant package. If you can find your shade match, then you have try this one out for sure!

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