Rimmel Provocalips 16 hr Kissproof Lip Colour Review | Colour that can withstand anything... except fried chicken

rimmel provocalips in I'll call you and kiss fatal

I am so happy to be talking today about one of my favourite recent drugstore finds: the Rimmel Provocalips 16 hr Kissproof Lip Colour! That's quite the mouthful of a name, but it also describes these liquid lipsticks perfectly.

The Rimmel Provocalips are a long-wearing, super pigmented liquid lipstick that offers guaranteed transfer-proof color in 10 wearable shades. One end of these lipsticks holds the colour, while the other end houses a clear, moisturizing topcoat. My Provocalips collection consists of I'll Call You, a medium-bright rosy pink and Kiss Fatal, a deep brown plum.

When you first purchase the Provocalips, it can take a little getting used to as the application process requires a bit of patience. The first time I applied these I thought I could slick on the topcoat right away, but to do so will result in disaster! You absolutely have to let the lip color rest for at least a minute or two. If you don't, the color will turn streaky and slide right off with the topcoat. There are no instructions either on the tube telling you to wait, which is a shame. I almost threw mine right out thinking they were a dud until luckily, I checked out reviews online. If you do wait the allotted waiting period, then the color will dry down matte and the topcoat can then be applied to add moisture and a velvety sheen back to your lips.

rimmel provocalips swatches in I'll call you and kiss fatal
Left to right: I'll Call You and Kiss Fatal

Straight out of the tube, the color payoff of the Provocalips can't be beat. We're talking literally one-swipe color! The doe foot applicator is just the right size for my lips and allows me to get a really nice sharp lip line. As the color settles down, you can feel a very slight tightening of the lips. If you have dry or flaky lips, definitely exfoliate beforehand, but be sure to always apply the Provocalips to dry, bare lips, for reasons I'll explain in a bit.

Once set, the color of the Provocalips lasts all day through meals, drinks and whatever else you do during the day. The color doesn't fade, transfer or otherwise degrade whatsoever. By the end of the day, my lips still look just applied, although a tad dry. The Provocalips make the perfect lipstick to wear to events or for busy days when you just want to apply and go, but they're a bit too drying to make them doable for wearing everyday.

rimmel provocalips in I'll call you
Wearing I'll Call You

The only kryptonite for these lipsticks is oil. Whether it's lip balm, cleansing oil, or even just greasy foods, the Provocalips will melt and dissolve away as soon as it touches anything oily. This makes it easy to remove later, but also kinda annoying when wearing this out as you have to avoid foods like salad dressings or anything fried and greasy. It's a small sacrifice though for truly long-lasting color. This is the first liquid lipstick that has worked superbly for me without any issues of streaky application, excessive transferring, or fading and so I now want them all, especially Dare To Pink, a baby pink and Kiss Me You Fool, a bright red!

rimmel provocalips in kiss fatal
Wearing Kiss Fatal

Interested in trying these out? You can purchase the Rimmel Provocalips for around $9 from any drugstore, such as London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.

Final Verdict: Buy

What are your favourite long wear lipsticks?

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