Sneak peek: Annabelle Smokey Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

annabelle smokey nudes eye shadow palette

Last month I attended my favourite event of the year, the London Drugs beauty preview. At this AMAZING event, attendees get sneak peeks at all the upcoming launches from the beauty brands at London Drugs. All the major brands come out to represent, including some of my Canadian favourites! One of those Canadian favourites is of course, Annabelle Cosmetics. You've probably seen Annabelle (and their sister brand, Marcelle) at your local drugstores, but if you've never tried them out before, then I highly recommend you do. My favourite products of theirs are their Stay Sharp eyeliners and lip pencils, but they also offer a full range of other makeup products, which were on full display at the event.

For me, the highlight of the Annabelle display this year was not their Stay Sharp products, but their new release of yes, a nude smokey eye palette. Contouring, eyebrows and eyeshadow palettes were everywhere at this fall beauty preview and this palette from Annabelle is especially topical as it debuts right on the heels of the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. Both palettes do contain a similar range of colors, however, unlike Urban Decay, Annabelle's version will cost you a fraction of the price!

Color Comparison
Based off what I can see online, the Urban Decay Smokey Nude palette has 12 shades ranging from:
  • High, a shimmery taupe
  • Dirtysweet, a shimmery gold
  • Radar, a warm shimmery brown with gold flecks
  • Armor, a medium tone grey
  • Slanted, a medium tone grey with blue undertones
  • Dagger, a matte dark grey
  • Black Market, a matte black
  • Smolder, a deep shimmery purple
  • Password, a soft brown grey
  • Whiskey, a dark warm brown
  • Combust, a matte light pink
  • Thirteen, a matte creamy white
While the Annabelle Smokey Nudes palette has 8 shades ranging from:
  • a pale pink
  • a slightly darker pink
  • a light grey
  • a light grey-blue
  • a matte navy
  • a white
  • a gold
  • a rose gold
  • a deep plum
  • a matte dark grey
smokey eyeshadow palette annabelle makeup

Most of the shades in the Smokey Nudes have various levels of shimmer, except for the noted matte shades. The UD palette does have more brown options, but other than that, the Smokey Nudes covers the same basic tones and offers a gorgeous navy to boot.

Pigmentation & Wear
Unfortunately, the shades on the top row of the Smokey Nudes palette were nowhere near as fun to swatch as the bottom one. Most of the top row shades apply very sheer and the highlights are pretty subtle. Since subtlety may not be what you're going for with a smokey eye palette, this is a bit disappointing. Although the navy shade swatches kinda patchy, I didn't find it too hard to work with on my lids and it made for a nice outer corner and liner shade.

annabelle smokey nude eyeshadow swatches
Annabelle Smokey Nudes top row shades

I had far greater success with the bottom row of colors. Each of these applies much more easily, with richer color payoff in just a few swipes. The shades of plum, golds and white suit my normal makeup tendencies just fine as well. After all, I could never tire of a beautiful gradation of these colors paired with a peachy nude lip!

annabelle smokey nude eyeshadow swatches
Annabelle Smokey Nudes bottom row shades

Wear time on these shadows without primer is pretty standard for me, which means good for a few hours, but creasing like hell after and fading away to nothing by the end of the day. Even in the look photos here, you can see the navy shadow wandering up from my lashline to my crease, and this was taken just after I applied it.

annabelle smokey nudes eye makeup look

makeup look with annabelle smokey nudes

Overall Thoughts
Back in the day when I would go clubbing a lot, I would probably have found this palette to be really useful as it has a nice mix of warm and cool toned colors, but now that I rarely party, I find it more difficult to fit into my life. 

As well, the packaging of this palette really threw me off as it's very cheap feeling plastic that feels like it could break each time I open it. I really wish Annabelle could have invested in something slightly better as the packaging is just flimsy and makes it feel like a very discount product.

annabelle smokey nudes eye palette
Handy tutorials on the back of the palette

That being said, I still think the Smokey Nudes palette is a great alternative if you are looking for something you want to use for those girls' night out and you don't want to splurge on a more expensive option. The color range of Smokey Nudes will cover you for a variety of looks and if you use a primer, then they should last longer than you will in heels!

Final Verdict
Buy - a cheap drugstore option to create club-ready, smoldering looks

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