The Face Shop Brow Master Eyebrow Kit Review | Upping my brow game

the face shop eyebrow shadow kit

Did you know that The Face Shop is only 12 years old? I didn't and it's so impressive how expansive they've become in such a quick time. I've mainly known this Korean brand for their affordable, gentle and nature-based skincare products, but recently I've been venturing into trying out their makeup lines too, starting with this mini eyebrow kit that I was sent awhile ago to try.

The Face Shop Brow Master Eyebrow Kit is an eyebrow shadow duo that contains all you need for that perfectly lush Korean brow look. Ideally sized for travel, this kit contains 2 complimenting colors that can be mixed together to create a natural look as well as a shadow brush for applying color and a spoolie to brush out and blend.

I got to try out the shade 02 gray brown, which contains a cool toned ash-brown and a medium brown. When it comes to brows, I would decidedly rate my brow game as amateur. I didn't start plucking or grooming my brows until university and I only started using a brow pencil a couple years ago, so it's safe to say I was a little intimidated by this kit! Nevertheless, I've been wanting to progress into brow shadows and gels as they seem to give a much more polished and controlled look than what one can achieve with a pencil. Plus, I just seem to love complicating my makeup unnecessarily. Why use just 1 tool or product when one can use 5? @__@

the face shop eyebrow shadow kit in gray brown

To apply this shadow, I run the end of the slanted brow brush in the shadow pan and then brush it gently through my brows, running it in the direction of my hair growth. I like to point the longer end of the brush downwards; no particular reason why except that it feels right to do it that way and I imagine it lets you draw a longer line. My main brow issues are that my total brow length is very short and while my hairs aren't sparse, they definitely need more definition. I prefer to use the darker tone in this kit first to fill in the bigger gaps of my brows, as well as to extend the outer line of my brows to frame my eye. Then, I'll go over my brows again with the lighter shade to tone it down a bit and to fill in any remaining gaps. Lastly, the spoolie works really well at blending it all out and to brush my brow hairs upwards for even more volume. The end result is nicely defined, but not scary, brows. Although I'm still nowhere near Cara Delevigne/Grumpy Cat amazebrows, for me, this still looks pretty good!

The only things I don't like about this kit is its teeny size and the hardness of the shadows. I would love this kit a lot more if the shadows were a tad softer and more pigmented, but maybe that is a good thing, since that would make it much easier to go overboard.

the face shop eyebrow shadow kit in gray brown
Left to right: cool ash brown, cool medium brown

If you're curious about trying out The Face Shop Brow Master Eyebrow Kit, you're kinda in luck. You see, this kit only comes in 2 shades - gray brown and beige brown, which is a warmer version of gray brown. In most cases, unless you have really blond hairs, then you *should* be good to go. For us Asians, I would recommend going with gray brown in most cases as beige brown looks too warm and light.

Final Verdict: Buy

What's your preferred method for doing your brows: pencil, shadow or gel?

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