Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion Review | Erase away those pesky scars

avene triacneal emulsion lotion

As someone with pesky hyper-pigmentation and who also scars easily from any sort of pimple, I am always on the hunt for products that brighten and eliminate scars. As with eye creams, inevitably most of these products fail. Whenever I find a new one, my heart swells with its promises of clear, luminous skin unmarred by discoloration, yet after trying and patiently waiting months for results, I am usually left discouraged, heartbroken, and in some instances worse off than before.

You can imagine then my skepticism when I first opened the Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion. According to online reviews, this is a revamp of a product of the same name, but this revamp was deemed weaker and more fragranced than the original.

The Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion is designed for oily, blemish-prone skin and is meant to be used during and after breakouts. The Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion helps during breakouts to ease redness and inflammation, while afterwards it helps to eliminate scarring. This innovative lotion contains ample amounts of Avene's thermal spring water, which is said to have healing properties, as well as glycolic acid for skin renewal and retinaldehyde for anti-aging benefits.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this lotion are:
  • Avene thermal spring water
  • Caprylic/capric triglyceride - a thickener that also acts as an emollient (seals moisture into skin)
  • Isododecane - gives products a slippery, spreadable texture and which also acts as an emollient
  • Isodecyl neopentanoate - an alternative to cyclomethicone, this ingredient softens skin and helps make this lotion spreadable
  • Pentylene glycol - a humectant (helps draw moisture to skin). Some may experience irritation.

Price & Packaging
As part of the reformulation, the Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion now comes in a slim tube with a pump dispenser. I love how Avene packaging is always designed to minimize air exposure, which helps to ensure maximum longevity and efficacy of its products. I suppose I can live with pumps if they're meant for this purpose! 

A 30 ml bottle retails for around $30 at drugstores wherever Avene is sold, such as at London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart.

While past reviews stated that the Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion would help with breakouts, based on the descriptions I'd read of the new formulation, it seemed this one was designed more for its skin tone improving function. For about a month, I applied this cream nightly anywhere I wanted to eliminate discoloration, which is basically on my cheeks and around my mouth area. After a bout of breakouts and over-exfoliation, my skin had a lot more scarring than I'd ever experienced before. Thankfully, a couple months had passed so some of those scars had faded away, but there were still some hardcore ones lingering around.

I figured I might as well be generous, so I applied a ladybug sized dab to each cheek and another to cover my upper lip and chin area. The Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion is a creamy yellow color with orange undertones, but it applies transparently and absorbs readily into skin. I usually applied this lotion in between my serum and moisturizer as I figured doing so after my night cream would render this lotion incapable of properly penetrating my skin.

aAvene triacneal emulsion

For those with sensitive skins, the glycolic acid and retinaldehyde may cause some tingling, but I think both ingredients are in such a low percentage that it shouldn't be a huge concern for most. Without looking up each ingredient, I'm unsure how much of either active ingredient is contained in the Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion as there were no obvious markers on the ingredient list - not a good sign usually, but surprisingly I actually quite like this product.

Avene triacneal emulsion - results after
Wearing concealer on my under-eye and to cover a blemish on the chin. Wearing No. 7 pressed powder on top

Although its hard to tell whether it's a placebo effect or not, I do believe that my scars are lighter after having used this product, which is amazing considering it's also summer! I haven't experienced any irritation or adverse effects from this lotion and while its effects are subtle, I feel encouraged that things will only improve the longer I continue to use it. 

Final Verdict
Buy - Perhaps too soon to truly tell, but so far so good with this scar-eliminating lotion!

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