Fall Beauty & Makeup Previews: Stila, Paul & Joe, Bliss, CLEAN and Anna Sui

It's that time of year again! Beauty and makeup collection preview time! I love getting a sneak peek at upcoming beauty and makeup collections and the ones hosted by ACI Beauty are one of the funnest. Imagine being let loose in a room filled to the brim with beautiful makeup and luxurious skincare and then being told it's okay to try out everything. Plus, there's free pastries, tea and good photo lighting!! *swoon* It's hard to imagine a better way to spend a morning for a beauty blogger.

Recently I attended the ACI Beauty Fall 2015 preview showcasing the latest releases (and re-releases) from Stila, Anna Sui, CLEAN and Paul & Joe. There's so much to talk about with each of these brands, but here are some quick highlights from the day:


Stila fall 2015 makeup collection

Stila for sure won it for me in the makeup department with a strong showing of new innovative products. Standouts were for sure their cushion gel eyeliners - instead of a pot filled with creamy pigment, the Stila cushion gel liners instead house their pigments in a squishy sponge. Simply press down with your liner brush to get instant color without worrying about it drying out. The shades of these were so beautiful, especially a gorgeous aubergine, which feels to me will be the color of the season.

Besides that, Stila also introduced a new "putty" correcting powder that truly feels like silk and conceals like a dream - I'll be reviewing that later - as well as a gorgeous set of bronzers. I love the packaging of these bronzers. The bronzer itself has an elegant sunbeam inlay and the compact is sleek and contains a handy large mirror; it's the perfect thing to carry in one's purse at all times.

Another huge win for Stila is their amazing new line of liquid lipsticks. These liquid lipsticks apply like a cream and dry down matte and O M G the colors are gorgeous - just check out these swatches!

Lastly, in time for the holidays, Stila is releasing a set of shadow, gloss and blush collections, all housed in their characteristically pretty packaging. I love Stila eyeshadows so I highly recommend checking those out in stores!

Paul & Joe

Paul and Joe fall 2015 makeup

Continuing with the makeup theme, is the clear packaging design winner, Paul & Joe. What makes P&J so unique is that they really emphasize the experience of their packaging. Each makeup item is meant to be swapped out and placed into a custom case. For Fall 2015, the packaging collection features a nature theme focusing on birds and cats. There are cats everywhere on Paul & Joe products normally, but this season they're playing even bigger roles. The fall lipsticks even feature a LE line of colors that feature a central contrasting color in the shape of a cat's face, and what's even more amazing is that this color carries throughout the tube so you never have to feel sad about wearing the cat face away!

Besides eyeshadows and lipsticks, Paul & Joe is also revamping and re-releasing their popular Moisturizing Primer Foundation line with 3 new shades. Like the original formula, the new shades focus on smoothing, hydrating and illuminating skin and are the perfect way to prime your face for foundation. As you know, I love this set of primers, so I'll definitely be picking up one of these eventually. Besides primers, Paul & Joe is also releasing a line of BB creams and pressed powders, which of course come in a cute metallic compact complete with pouf.

Finally, did you also know that Paul & Joe offers bath and beauty products? I certainly didn't, so I was pleased to discover their fall collection of bath products, including some very feminine smelling bath salts. Paul & Joe definitely has that girly, Parisian aesthetic down pat, so I think you can easily guess the type of fragrances they use in these.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui Fall 2015 collection

Probably the second most exciting brand packaging-wise out there is Anna Sui. There weren't a ton of new innovations from Anna Sui this season, but everything was impeccably packaged in her characteristic embellished style. Her nail polishes now come in a new bottle design and she also released some very pretty and bold shades of her lipsticks.

In terms of the fragrance department, things got more exciting. Anna Sui has a new fragrance called Romantica, which is a heady floral containing notes of mandarin, pomegranate, bergamot, rose de mai, jasmine, peony and Indonesian sandalwood, among others. I would describe Romantica as being perfect if you want to feel womanly, sensual and like a slightly dangerous ingenue. This is not the type of perfume you should wear to work!

If you do need something a little less sexy, then for holidays, Anna Sui also has a super cute collector's box of LE mini perfumes, which I am immediately lusting for due to the adorableness of the bottles. Each mini bottle contains 4 ml and contains the fragrances Secret Wish, Flight of Fancy, La Vie de Boheme, La Nuit de Boheme and Romantica.

The star of the show for Anna Sui for me were the new Nail Art Foils, a set of gold and silver flakes that can be applied to nails to create fantastically cool abstract looks. The girls at the event wore them on their nails and it was so unique and eye-catching. A must for any nail art aficionado!


Clean perfume fall 2015

Continuing on into fragrances was the CLEAN collection. There was only one new release for CLEAN: the new CLEAN Cashmere perfume. Inspired by the comforting and elegant embrace of cashmere, this new fragrance contains notes of cedar leaf, bergamot, lime, mimosa, jasmine, tonka bean and musk to create a light floral that feels both sophisticated and uplifting. I could not stop sniffing the swatch stick and going "mmmm!" Amazingly, all attendees got a full sized bottle of this, which is fantastic as I've been dousing myself in this daily!


Bliss beauty fall 2015 collection

Last, but not least, was the fall collection from Bliss. I am totally new to Bliss, but apparently it's quite well known for their gentle skincare that's most often found from people stealing the amenities at the W hotels! There was an impressive array of products coming out from Bliss, ranging from luxurious body butters, to fat-trimming creams (going to be testing this for the wedding!), cleansers, masques and creams. Highlights for me was their amazing foaming and fizzing oxygen mask, and the glycolic cotton pads designed to target hyper-pigmentation.

With so many amazing products coming out, you'll be hard pressed to save your money this year! I can't wait to try out some the products shown above for future reviews which can either help you avoid the duds, but more likely probably enable you to fill that shopping cart ;)

Which of these releases are you most excited about for fall?

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