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NYX concealer palette

Concealers is one of those areas that I've always had trouble with. Thankfully, my skin has settled down a lot since I was a teenager thanks to the pill, so I don't even normally need much concealer, but unbeknownst to me, concealers can be used for so much more than for just hiding pimples!

For instance, concealers can be used to highlight, lowlight/contour and generally alleviate all kinds of skin issues. You can use concealer to brighten sallow skin, give warmth to cool tones, or to minimize inflammation. Sure, foundation also does these things, but the beauty of concealers is that they are like your targeted sniper hits, whereas foundation is more of a blanket shotgun for skin correction.

I've always been intimidated by those crazy concealer palettes that seem to incorporate entire color wheels of options, but recently I finally learned to overcome that fear when I received the NYX Color Correcting concealer palette at the #LDBeauty event a couple months ago. Thank you once again free blog items for pushing me out of my comfort zone!

The NYX Color Correcting concealer palette is a 6 shade palette designed to tackle the most common skin issues:
  • Yellow, for concealing and brightening dark under eye circles
  • Green, for counteracting redness on the cheeks and nose area
  • Purple, for balancing out overly yellow or sallow tones
  • Peach, for adding warmth and brightness under eyes and anywhere on skin
  • Warm beige, for concealing on light-medium skin tones
  • Dark tan, for contouring on light skin tones and concealing on darker skin tones

Each color in this palette is cream based and can be mixed and matched together to achieve that final flawless look.

Peeking at the ingredients list for the NYX Color Correcting palette, it looks like this concealer is basically one giant pool of silicones. The silicones here help to smooth skin, provide a light texture and make this concealer silky smooth and thus, easier to apply.

Each pan in this concealer palette are just big enough so that if you have a small concealer or cream shadow brush, you could use those to apply, but I find my fingers work just as well.

NYX color correcting concealer palette

Previous to this, I'd never used a cream based concealer before and I much prefer it to the usual liquid concealer pens I've had in the past. Although liquid foundation is amazing, liquid concealers often are tricky to apply. Am I the only one to find that they just make a big goopy mess on the face as it's so easy to over-apply?

With the NYX Color Correcting concealer, I can easily swipe up a bit of product on my fingers and gently pat it wherever I need it. Lately, I've been using this palette everyday to cover up under-eye circles, reduce redness around my nose and chin, to cover up blemishes and to conceal my dark spots.

The peach shade is my favourite pan as the color is so lovely and warm to alleviate my dark circles, although if I want to really amp up the brightness, I'll use the yellow. The beige shade perfectly matches my NC25 skin and I use that one mainly to conceal. While generally you should apply concealer after foundation and before powder, if you're using the green and purple shades, I'd apply those first. It does take a bit to get used to applying green to one's face, but once blended in, it worked wonders to even out my redness. Lastly, I tried using the dark tan shade as a contour and it worked really well to provide a very subtle contour and sticky base for my bronzer.

Overall, I can't rave enough about this palette. At $12, it's super affordable and you don't need much as it's very pigmented as well. I would repurchase this palette in a heartbeat and it's definitely turned me on to the wonders of concealer.

Final Verdict

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