Review Re-do: Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, Lise Watier Luminous Correcting Primer and Make Up Forever Graphic Liner

review redo with kiehl's creamy eye cream, lise watier primer and make up forever graphic ink liner

Every once in awhile you get it wrong. Or maybe you didn't give something enough of a chance. Like that nerdy guy that you just knew would be a hottie later even though nobody else agreed that he had amazing cheekbones (true story!). Sometimes you have to wait a little longer to truly see how something evolves.

As a beauty blogger, I review a lot of items and I try to give everything a fair shot. My general policy is to test everything for at least a 2-4 weeks (at least 4 if it's skincare) to ensure I test it out in various conditions and over time to see results. Even still, sometimes I don't always get it right.

That's why I decided to try something new and to a review re-do of a couple of items that I've switched sides on. For various reasons, I gave these products a buy or ditch verdict, but now I am changing my official verdict, for reasons I'll outline below.

Redo #1: The Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
What it is: A deeply hydrating eye cream containing avocado oil, shea butter and salicylic acid. This cream is designed to hydrate and reduce fine lines and increase suppleness.

My original thoughts:While I found this cream to be hydrating, it didn't do anything for my fine lines and I couldn't stand the texture, which was very odd. If my eye area or fingers were damp at all, this cream would slide around and refuse to adhere to skin, making it difficult to apply.

Original verdict: Ditch

Why I'm changing my mind: Since first reviewing this cream back in June, I've become used to the odd texture. It very rarely slips around anymore because now I just make sure my fingers are dry when using it. I like how this cream applies richly, but absorbs readily, with judicious patting of my fingers. While my fine lines still appear (nothing seems to work on those damn things!), my eye area appears more even and softer, now that I'm using this cream both morning and night. My dark circles also seem slightly reduced and are easier to cover up. Although this cream may seem pricey at first, you really only need a small dab per eye. I've been using mine now for about 3 months and I've only used up  about half of the jar!

New Verdict: Buy

Redo #2: Lise Watier Luminous Correcting Primer
What it is: An illuminating primer and color corrector. Available in various shades to address different concerns, the shade Banane is designed to eliminate redness, smooth over pores and provide a dose of moisture. Plus, this primer even contains real diamond powder to give you that inner glow!

My original thoughts: I was blown away by this primer's ability to eliminate redness on my skin; so much so that I even wore this primer on its own. While I didn't notice any significant effect from this primer on extending my foundation's longevity, I did enjoy its smoothing and slightly mattifying properties, while giving my skin a healthy glow.

Original verdict: Buy

Why I'm changing my mind: Maybe it's the changing of the seasons or of my skin, but I no longer enjoy wearing this primer at all. I reviewed the Luminous Correcting Primer back in November 2014, just before my skin decided to rebel on me over the holidays and while winter was in full swing. Nowadays, my skin seems to hate anything that feels slightly heavy or stifling and this primer just feels way too mask-like for the summer weather. Even back in spring, I found this primer to feel much thicker than before and even though my skin doesn't generally hate silicones, I feel that the heaviness from the silicones used in this product are to blame. As well, I think my skin is slightly lighter  than before, and I found the golden shimmer that this primer imparts a bit too fake and metallic looking for my current tastes. I was all ready to throw this one out right after writing this post, but now I'm wavering whether to hold onto it until the winter to give it a third, last try.

New verdict: Ditch

Redo #3: Make Up Forever Graphic Liner
What it is: A glossy finish liquid liner that promises to give you all the control and versatility you ever dreamed for with a blacker-than-black finish.

My original thoughts: I loved the control and ease that this liner gave me. This liquid pen liner applied like a dream, with super dark color in just one easy swipe. The only things I didn't like? The price! Paying $29 for an eyeliner just seemed way too ridiculous, even for a liquid liner lover like me.

Original verdict: Ditch

Why I changed my mind: Call me hypocritical, but I LOVE THIS LINER SO MUCH I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT MONEY. I hate to admit it, but this liner is so good that I will willingly shell out $30 to get this one again and again. And what made me change my mind about the price? Because it's been 7 months since I started using this liner and it is STILL super black and the felt tip hasn't worn out at all! It's still just as freaking amazing as when I first opened it and that has literally never happened before with any pen tip liquid liner I've used. Ever. In my life. This is a game changer people in case you still don't get my point.

New verdict: Buy

What do you think of these review redo's: should I do more? 

PS. Happy BC Day!

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