Rocia Naturals Mineral Eye Shadow in Tyrian and Antique Rose | Review + FOTD

makeup look featuring rocia naturals makeup

Have you ever tried mineral makeup? I only started using mineral makeup this year and I'm so happy to share with you yet another great mineral makeup find. Rocia Naturals is a Canadian all natural skincare and makeup brand based out of Brighton, Ontario. They specialize in mineral makeup and skincare, with an emphasis on sustainable, local, and handmade production.

I've been trying to become more aware of the types of products I use and Rocia Naturals is one of those brands that you just feel at ease about buying. Their products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, synthetic-free and made from organic or biodegradable ingredients wherever possible. Everything at Rocia Naturals is handmade in small batches to ensure that the highest quality and care goes into every product.

rocia natural mineral eye shadow

Recently I was offered the chance to try out this brand and I was immediately drawn to their various lines of mineral eye shadows. Rocia Naturals offers over 26 different eye shadow shades, which come in 3 different finishes: matte, luminous and pearl. The luminous shades I would say offer the shimmery finish typical of more popular brands like Urban Decay, while the pearl gives off just a hint of fine shimmer. There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from: pearly whites, soft dove greys, rich browns and plums perfect for smokey eyes - I just wanted them all! I had to restrain myself though, so I only asked for 2 shades. I opted to try out Tyrian, a brown plum with a bronze shimmer finish, and Antique Rose, a soft rose.

rocia natural mineral makeup

Each shadow pot came in a small 1 g, screw-top jar with a built-in sifter. At first glances, the jars seem quite small, but as I found out, a little goes a long way!

Antique Rose (pearl)

rocia mineral eyeshadow in antique rose

Price: $12.50 for 1 g

  • Mica - for luminosity and slip
  • Calcium carbonate - an absorbent
  • Iron oxides - colouring
  • Ultramarines - colouring
  • Titanium dioxides - provides thickness and adhesion
And that's it! I love how Rocia Naturals explains the purpose of each ingredient on their website and the list of ingredients literally can be counted on one hand, which is always a good sign. Plus, you'll also notice that these shadows don't contain bismuth oxychloride, a somewhat controversial "natural" ingredient commonly found in mineral makeup.

My thoughts: Antique Rose is a beautiful rosy pink with neutral to slightly blue undertones. I loved using this shade for an all-over wash of color on my lids. It's pretty pigmented, so I like to use a fluffy brush to gently pick up just a bit of pigment at a time. With, or without primer the wear time of this shade is awesome. I didn't notice any creasing whatsoever at the end of the work day and after walking out in the sun. 

Antique Rose is great to wear with other eye shadows as a base color, but I actually love this shade even more as a blush! Antique Rose is the perfect subtle flush color on me. The pigment blends so beautifully on my skin and is barely detectable, but oh-so-pretty! I love to swirl it on the apples of my cheeks. It's the ideal fool-proof color if you have fairer skin, so I can only imagine that I'll be using this even more come wintertime!

Final Verdict: Buy

Tyrian (luminous)

rocia mineral eyeshadow in tyrian

Price: $12.50 for 1 g

Ingredients: see previous as they're exactly the same.

My thoughts: Tyrian is unique in my shadow collection, which is why I picked it. I've always been afraid of wearing such bold plums or pink tones on my eyes, but I find lately that I'm veering more towards these types of colors and away from the cooler purples I thought I favoured before. Tyrian is a gorgeous plum color with a shimmery finish that brings out its deep bronze undertones. To look at the pigment itself, you would think Tyrian is a matte maroon, but on the skin it transforms into this gorgeous, amazing splash of shimmery goodness. Can you tell I love this color?

For a day time look, take a small lid brush and gently, gently dip your brush into some color, then tap off the excess. There's a lot of fallout on this one, so tapping that off is essential and this way you can also slowly build up the color. Tyrian tends to be super pigmented and creamy on the lids, so you will definitely surprise yourself if aren't careful. 

As with Antique Rose, Tyrian's wear time is amazing. I can't rave enough about this color as it blends so easily, doesn't crease or fade at all, and is just so beautiful! If you have a deep eye crease, then Tyrian would be a gorgeous color for you. For us Asians and those with more hooded eyes, I like to apply Tyrian from the lash line to above my crease in a gradient for a sexy, smoky eye. There's even enough shimmer in Tyrian too that you may not even need any highlight on the center lid. 

Apparently you can also use Tyrian as a blush, but this color is way too dark for my skin to do that, but I could see it possibly working on darker tones that are say, NC35 and higher. 

Final Verdict: Buy

rocia tyrian eyeshadow and antique rose eyeshadow swatches
Swatches! Left to right: Tyrian, Antique Rose in outdoor ambient light

rocia mineral eye shadow swatches
Left to right: Tyrian, Antique Rose in direct sunlight

As you can see, I love my picks from Rocia Naturals. There's no bones to pick on the ingredients, the packaging is cute and travel-friendly and the product itself is superb. The price is a little steep considering you only get 1 g of product, but the quality is so good, I'm willing to pay for it (or wait for a sale!).

eye shadow look with rocia mineral makeup
Wearing Antique Rose all over lid and on cheeks, Tyrian up to crease

rocia naturals makeup blush
Wearing Antique Rose as a blush and NO highlight!

FOTD featuring Rocia natural makeup
Other products worn: Burberry Fresh Glow foundation, Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, Ladykin  One Touch Bling Glow lipstick, L'oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga mascara

Sadly, Rocia Naturals doesn't sell anywhere yet in BC except online, but you can find them in various shops in Alberta and across Ontario.

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