Aloha and see you soon!

Well after a year and a few months, the big day is finally here! Today Mr. Artist and I fly off to my spirit home, Hawaii, to get married. I can hardly believe it, even as I wake up to finish packing our bags and begin heading off to the next phase of my life.

Even after just shy of 7 years of dating, it's hard to imagine that Mr. Artist and I have been together that long. Being with Mr. Artist is unlike any relationship I've had. He makes me feel safe, happy and for the first time in my life, as if I belong somewhere. And to think that we almost never were.

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

Mr. Artist and I met under kinda embarrassing circumstances. No, we didn't meet online. We met in "da club". I was actually there to meet up with another guy who I thought was cute at the time, but that was all a bust as that guy actually brought a girl with him! Wump wump. So I was a little bummed, but still determined to have a fun night. That's when I ran into a friend of mine and he introduced me to all of his friends, one of which of course was Mr. Artist. I can't actually remember what his opening line was, but I do remember we hit it off right away and spent the rest of the night dancing and laughing together. At the time, I didn't really think anything of giving him my number, but soon after he texted me to hang out and then we went on our first dates, one of which included Christmas shopping where I made him hold my packages (*foreshadowing of the future!*). So far, this story seems pretty boring, but it never went any further than that as I ended up moving out of town at the end of that month, possibly forever, to go back to school. Oh and I also forgot to mention that I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and was NOWHERE near ready for another!

Long story short, I blew him off.

Poor Mr. Artist. He persisted and tried to keep in touch with me, but I pretty persistently ignored him, to the point where after a couple months, he gave up. A part of me was sad, but I figured he just wanted to move on and so we both did for the following few months, until the next summer. I was visiting friends and out clubbing again (this was when I was in my party phase) and there across the club from me, who do I see? Mr. Artist!

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

I don't know what came over me, but seeing him there, I felt compelled to reach out to him. Now, this is something I normally would never ever do. Yet this time I did and the next day I emailed him: "Hey. I saw you last night at ___. How are you???" I felt bad for blowing him off before and didn't think he would ever reply, but a few days later - I got mail! From there, we started emailing back and forth, sending long letters about our days, our annoyances and anything in-between until I finally moved back to the same city as him and then as they say, the rest is history.

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

Although it's not super epic or anything, I like to think that there was definitely something fated for me to have seen him that night. I am grateful that there is such a thing as second chances as I cannot now imagine my life without this silly man, who makes me laugh everyday, who makes me open up to him when I'm sad, and who just accepts me for all the good and bad (especially the bad!) that I am. Plus, he has a really cute dog, so that's a pretty good package deal.

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

Since I'll be pretty busy soaking up the Hawaiian sun and doing wedding related activities there and then back at home, I'll be going on a short blog hiatus for the next few weeks. Don't worry though, there will still be fresh content to read thanks to the help of my fellow CBB members! Super excited for you guys to read their posts as they're all amazing girls with totally inspirational blogs!

Mahalo for following me and this blog this far, and I'll see you all soon!


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Guest Post | A Makeup Geek FOTD Featuring Chelle of Makeup Your Mind

Hi everyone, I'll be jetting on a plane to Hawaii to get married soon! While I'm away, I've got some lovely guest posters here to keep you entertained and inspired. First up is Chelle, of Makeup Your Mind. Chelle is one of my fave Canadian bloggers as she always inspires me with her out of this world makeup looks, so I'm super excited that she's guesting here today with this stunning, glamourous look!

As I’m sure you’re aware, the lovely Jo is off getting hitched and I’m here today to help fill in a gap during her posting schedule! My name is Chelle and I blog about makeup with a side of fitness over on Makeup Your Mind.

I have a rather rabid love for Makeup Geek and wanted to show you how I do one of my absolute favourite looks using their shadows. To round out the look, I used a bunch of products from other brands I love as well. I hope you enjoy. :)

This is a look I opt for often when going to a special event – it has the right amount of pizzazz with that shimmery burnt gold pigment on the lid, and the false lashes definitely elevate the look. Plus, with autumn hitting us cooler temperatures, it’s hard not to opt for a berry lip!

Here’s how you can replicate the look:

  1. Makeup Geek Frappe through the top of the crease.
  2. Makeup Geek Burlesque through the crease.
  3. Makeup Geek Bitten on the outer half of the lid and a bit through the crease. I also used this shade to line the lower lash line.
  4. Makeup Geek Corrupt in the outer corner to deepen up the look.
  5. Makeup Geek pigment in Utopia all over the lid. I used Too Faced’s Glitter Glue to make sure it stayed on my lid!
  6. Makeup Geek Bleached Blonde on the inner tearduct.
  7. Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean on the brow bone.
I created the winged liner with essence‘s easy 2 use jumbo eyeliner pen and tightlined both of my water lines with Maybelline‘s Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Eye Pencil in Sleek Onyx. I applied a few coats of Urban Decay‘s Perversion mascara to my lashes and popped on some Ardell false lashes in the style 102 Black. I filled in my brows with Anastasia‘s Dipbrow in Taupe.

Rest of the Face
  • Foundation: IT cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ in Fair and Light mixed together
  • Bronzer: Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion in 30M
  • Blush: Clinique Cheek Pop in Cola Pop
  • Highlighter: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
  • Lips: Too Faced Melted Berry
I hope you enjoyed the look! If you like what you saw, come take a poke at me over on Makeup Your Mind. Make sure you wish Jo and her new husband a happy marriage in the comments and let us know if you’ve tried Makeup Geek products before!

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Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque Reviews

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Grow Gorgeous Back into the roots hair mask

You've heard me rave about Canadian super-brand, Deciem before - well, I'm here again to tell you about another of their beauty brands, Grow Gorgeous!

Based out of Montreal, Deciem is like a beauty think tank and are the parents of a whole family of different beauty brands, each with their own focus and philosophy. You may have heard the near unanimous rave reviews of their Hylamide products from various bloggers (including this one!) and now the buzz is growing for the hair care branch of the Deciem family.

Grow Gorgeous' focus is on providing affordable, effective hair products that help restore hair to its natural balance and radiance. Grow Gorgeous goes beyond just your basic shampoo and conditioner and instead focuses on restorative products, such as their serums for encouraging hair growth and eliminating split ends, as well as a scalp masque for healthy strands.

Deciem was kind enough recently to send me over two products to try from Grow Gorgeous: the Cleansing Conditioner and the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque. I've been testing these out for the past few weeks and am excited to finally share my impressions of these neat products!

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner
Price: $23 for 190 ml

The Cleansing Conditioner comes in a variety of formulas designed for different hair colors and color treated hair; I've been trying to find a good shampoo that won't strip out my color, so I opted to try the latter. The Cleansing Conditioner contains no SLS and instead has a mix of nourishing plant oils to gently cleanse and condition. This all-in-one product is designed to be used in the shower as you apply it like a hair masque.

If you've never tried natural or SLS-free shampoos, the Cleansing Conditioner might take a little getting used to. It's kinda like washing your hair with conditioner! I usually take 2-3 quarter sized dollops to cover my head and shoulder-length strands. This is probably too much to use (especially as it only comes in a 190 ml tube), but I'm slowly weaning myself to use less as it really is quite hard to get over the lack of suds!

The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Water
  • Palmitamidopropyltrimonium chloride - a conditioner
  • Propylene glycol - used commonly as a foaming agent in shampoos and also acts as a solvent and for texture
  • Crambe abyssinica seed oil - a natural oil from a Mediterranean plant that nourishes hair
  • Lactobacillus/wasabia Japonica root ferment extract (wasabit extract) - an antioxidant
Other ingredients of note are jojoba oil (conditioning), macadamia seed oil (conditioning), olive oil (conditioning), tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract (a type of fungus high in antioxidants), lactobacillus/phoenix dactylifera fruit ferment extract (date palm, an emollient) and leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate (anti-dandruff fighter). 

Deciem LOVES to stuff their products with unique, strange-sounding ingredients. Unlike their Hylamide products, the Grow Gorgeous products seem to rely more on the power of nature and this shampoo/conditioner contains a surprising variety of flower, seed, fungus and root extracts for conditioning hair and for a healthy scalp.

The Cleansing Conditioner has a rich, creamy texture and a light floral scent. After 3 minutes, you can rinse this off and the result is super soft and shiny hair! I loved the ease of use of this product and it definitely kept my hair as clean and silky as with my regular shampoos. The only thing I didn't like about this product was that it did seem to irritate my scalp a tad. As well, I didn't really notice whether it kept my hair color lasting longer or not.

Final Verdict: Buy

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque

Grow Gorgeous Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque
Price: $28 for 240 ml

The second product I got to try was the Grow Gorgeous Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque. I've never tried any type of hair mask before, so I was pretty excited to try this one, especially as it's formulated to soothe itchy, inflamed scalps and nourish roots for bouncier, shinier locks. To use, you simply massage this mask into your roots and leave it on for 10 minutes. I'm not sure how often you can use this, but I've been using it a couple times a week before I shower.

The Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque has a similar, but slightly more watery texture than the Cleansing Conditioner and also smells a bit more chemical. I was a total dweeb when I first tried this mask as I didn't realize it was a twist-up pointed nozzle, similar to a tube of glue that you'd use in elementary school. Instead I twisted off the entire cap and then, puzzled, complained to myself how strange and un-intuitive Deciem had designed this mask's packaging. Total user failure!

Once I did figure out my epic fail, the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque was pretty easy to use with the pointed tip allowing you to strategically apply this mask directly to your roots. Immediately upon application I felt instant relief - like, my scalp sang Hallelulah! and the clouds parted to shine down on my relieved head. I suspected that this mask must have a ton of menthol in it (which it does) because it feels just like every other minty-finish product I've tried in the past. 

After 10 minutes is up, simply rinse out the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque and continue with your usual shampoo+conditioner routine. 

The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Water
  • Ethoxydiglycol - a solvent
  • PEG-8 - a solvent and cleanser
  • PEG-4 - a humectant and solvent
  • Polyacrylate crosspolymer-6 - a film former
Other ingredients of note are biotin (vitamin H, helps to boost shine, detangle and strengthen hair, although research is inconclusive on this), ahnfeltia concinna extract (an algae that is an antioxidant and emollient), rosemary leaf oil (conditioning), menthol (astringent), and urea (anti-inflammatory).

After trying this mask out for a few weeks, I have to say I'm pleased, but not blown away. The pros with this mask is that it did seem to make my hair bouncier and it actually felt thicker after just a few weeks!! For someone with lifelong fine, limp hair, this is really really exciting.

Sadly though, it didn't eliminate my itchy scalp. Although I looove the feeling of relief while I'm wearing the mask, I didn't notice any long term effect after. This could be due to the menthol; although menthol does an amazing job at soothing inflamed skin, the effect is temporary and can actually irritate skin further! I'm not sure if Deciem included other ingredients that counteract this, but I have a feeling that could be why this mask didn't result in any lasting relief for me.

Final Verdict: Ditch

Grow Gorgeous products can be found across North America and Europe both in store and online. In Canada, you can purchase Grow Gorgeous at The Bay and Urban Outfitters.

Have you ever tried Grow Gorgeous before? Tell me your thoughts!

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Almay Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadow Review | Easy-peasy smoky eyes

almay intense i-color evening smokey eye shadow for brown eyes

Smoky eye palettes have been huge lately ever since Urban Decay released their Naked Smokey palette earlier this year and drugstore brands have been jumping onto the bandwagon by releasing their own versions of how to achieve the perfect smoky eye - some with better results than others.

Almay recently released a their own branch of smoky eye-inspired palettes with the Almay Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadows. This series of smoky shadow trios are designed to highlight the brightness of your eye by optimizing your unique eye color. There are four options available for blue, brown, green and hazel eyes:
  • the blue palette features a white, gunmetal grey and aquamarine shade
  • the hazel palette features a soft lavender, soft lilac and dark grey shade
  • the green palette features a warm cream, warm brown and olive green shade
  • the brown palette features a coppery gold, a warm brown and a black shade
The shade I received to try of course, was for brown eyes. First, I'd like to say how thrilled I am that the brown eyes trio does not contain any purples! I cannot say how bored to death I am of people telling me that brown eyes look great with purples. Yeah I get it and yeah, I'm not so much a fan. Purples are amaze-balls, but right now I'd rather wear a purple lip over a purple shadow any day.

almay intense i-color evening smokey eye shadow for brown eyes

Anyhoo, onto my palette! All the shadows in the Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadow have a strong shimmer to them, even the black, although in the pan this is not immediately apparent. Almay shadows tend to be very hit-or-miss for me, but thankfully this one was all hit and no miss for me.

Each shade in this trio applies easily with a brush (I didn't bother trying out the included sponge applicator) with rich pigmentation and no fallout. The shade are so blendable that even if you really dig into the pan with your brush, you can still blend these out pretty easily. 

almay intense i-color evening smokey eye shadow swatches

Like all Almay shadows, this one is designed for an easy 3 step application process. I just love to take a big fluffy brush to my favourite shade of this trio, that warm golden brown, and just fan it all over my lid. Like alllll over. Then I take that beautiful gold (which is way prettier on than it looks in the pan) and just dab that generously all over the middle of my lid to sparkle it up. You cannot overdo on the sparkles here. 90's matte look begone - this palette has gotten me into shimmers again. Finally, finish things off with a little blackness in the outer corners and BAM! Insta-smoky eye.

Without primer, I found these shadows to have pretty decent wear time, but my oily lids are no match for it and this does crease by nightfall. With primer, I had no troubles with creasing.

To show you just how quickly and easy these shadows are to use, here is a look I wore on the weekend while out running errands. Whenever I wear glasses, I like to wear heavier eye makeup as my uber-reflective glasses make it difficult otherwise to see my eyes, so this was the perfect chance to smoke things up with the i-Color Evening Smoky trio!

smokey eye makeup look with almay intense i-color eye shadow

makeup look with almay intense i-color evening smoky eyeshadow

makeup look with almay intense i-color smoky eyeshadow
Also wearing Guerlain Baby Glow Meteorites foundation and L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Fiery Veil

You can purchase the Almay Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadow at most drugstores, like London Drugs or Walmart for less than $10. I'm tempted to try out the other eye color trios, particularly the green eyes one just to get my hands on that intriguing olive!

Final Verdict
Buy - get smoky eyes in a flash with this lovely eye shadow trio. Rich pigmentation and an affordable price make this one a no-brainer.

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Odylique Ultra Rich Balm Review | A luxurious salve for all your dryness needs

Odylique organic ultra rich balm

I'm back today with another Odylique review! In case you didn't read my last Odylique review, Odylique is a an all-natural skincare and beauty brand based out of the UK. Founded by mother-daughter team, Margaret and Abi Weeds, Odylique specializes in natural remedies for all your skin, body and hair needs. Margaret has been making natural products for over 30 years, but it wasn't until 2003 that the two decided to take things to the next level and create Odylique.

Every product in Odylique's catalog is derived from natural, and often organic sources, and is free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and common allergens such as nuts, soy, wheat and dairy. Since its formation, Odylique has piled up a ton of accolades for their eco-friendly approach to beauty and even though they've become a celeb favourite in the UK, they still operate out of the same little factory in Suffolk that they began in.

One of the products that Odylique is most famous for is their Ultra Rich Balm. Designed for eczema sufferers, the Ultra Rich Balm is a super-hydration treatment that can be applied to face, hands, body and hair. It is made up of 100% naturally sourced and organic ingredients and is rich in omega 7 and vitamins from all its organic coconut, olive, and shea butter oils.

The Guts
On that note, let's dive right into the Ultra Rich Balm's main ingredients:
  • Olive fruit oil - an emollient that is rich in essential fatty acids that provide anti-aging benefits to skin
  • Shea butter - one of my favourite moisturizers! Helps to prevent moisture loss, eliminates flakiness, inflammation and even acts as a UV ray absorbent. It also contains antioxidants.
  • Coconut oil - similar to olive oil, this natural emollient contains beneficial fatty acids to help regenerate skin
  • Beeswax - gives this balm its thickness and texture
  • Sea buckthorn fruit extract - source of omega 7 and acts as an antioxidant
And that's it, just 5 ingredients!

Price & Packaging
The Odylique Ultra Rich Balm comes in 2 sizes: a 52 ml jar for $19 or a huge 182 ml jar for $37. Of course the bigger you go, the better the deal, but keep in mind that the Ultra Rich Balm is an organic product and has an expiry of 6 months, so buying that humungo jar may not be the better option unless you plan to slather yourself all over with this stuff everyday!

Keeping in line with Odylique's simple, homespun aesthtic, the Ultra Rich Balm comes in a simple white, screw-top jar. One thing I've heard against jars is it overly exposes products to the air and allows antioxidants to evaporate away. I'm not sure if that's the case here, but I also can't imagine a balm being dispensed any other way.

I was really excited to use this balm on my trouble spots, namely my feet and also on my dry scalp. My feet especially get dry and callused in the summer as I love to walk around the house barefoot and I basically don't wear socks for 4 months. 

After I get out of the shower, I apply a small dollop of balm to each foot, concentrating on the balls and heels of my feet. Although this balm at first looks like a solid ball of wax, it immediately warms up and melts beneath my fingers to spread easily onto skin. I love the luxurious feeling of massaging this oily balm into my skin. My feet immediately feel softer and hydrated. And even more amazing, I do think that this balm has had a lasting effect. My feet feel softer, with no dry patches and my calluses are noticeably thinner. While my feet aren't baby soft yet, I'm confident that by the time I finish this jar they could be!

Odylique ultra rich balm

As well, I've been using the Ultra Rich Balm as a salve for my dry scalp. As I mentioned before, the Odylique Gentle Herb shampoo left my scalp super-dry and itchy, so I've been using this balm as a way to restore moisture back to my roots. Taking a teeny amount of balm and warming it between my fingers, I then carefully apply it to my scalp where I feel itchy the most. I like to do this while my hair's still damp from the shower, since if I apply it to dry hair, my hair tends to get greasy. Immediately, my scalp seems to give a big sigh of relief, crying "hallelujah!" to the return of moisture. My scalp hasn't quite recovered just yet, but with the help of the Ultra Rich Balm, it's feeling much better.

Final Verdict
Buy - if you suffer from dry patches, itchy or irritated skin then you need to get this spot treatment! It is worth every penny.

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My Burberry Eau de Toilette Review | Smelling like an English beauty?

my burberry eau de toilette perfume

The new Burberry fragrance, My Burberry Eau de Toilette, is a reinvention of the original eau de parfum. Just launched this summer, the My Burberry EDT is supposed to be a lighter, more youthful version of the EDP which came out in 2014.

Similar to the original, My Burberry was designed by Christopher Bailey and perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to capture the lush freshness of a garden after a rain shower. Like the iconic Burberry trench, the designers' muse was the classic English beauty; a woman who is both sophisticated yet down-to-earth and as comfortable in both the rustic countryside as she is in the swankiest of hotels. To accomplish this, My Burberry contains a complex mix of earthy, fruity and floral notes:

Top notes:
  • Sweet pea
  • Lemon flower
Middle notes:
  • Peony
  • Peach flower
  • Freesia
Base notes:
  • Rose
  • White notes
  • Musk

The My Burberry's bottle design further emphasizes its connections to the roots of the fashion house with its tortoise-shell print topper and ribbon, which is made from the same cloth as the Burberry trench. 

The My Burberry EDT is available in two sizes, 50 ml for $80 and 90 ml for $105, which is actually a pretty good deal as the 90 ml is HUGE. Like literally, it's so big you would never need another perfume in your life. You can purchase My Burberry at The Bay, Sephora and Burberry counters.

With its fresh, light floral notes and description as trying to evoke rain-soaked roses, I was thinking that I'd love this fragrance for sure. I'm totally a fruity-floral perfume lover and My Burberry seemed like just that, but somehow, someway, this perfume really fell flat for me.

For one thing, the bottle is so huge it's hard for me to pick up and use. This is totally a small person's problem, but I actually have to rest it on a counter then angle my wrist in the path of the spray. Not a big deal, but it's kind of annoying. Secondly, although EDTs are supposed to be lighter, I actually found this fragrance really overpowering. I had tried a sample of the original eau de parfum and had similar results, so I don't see any difference in this regard between the two formats. One spray is enough for me and 2 sprays had Mr. Artist complaining. I also didn't pick up any freshness, or fruitiness at all. The My Burberry smells like a very strong, run-of-the-mill floral, at least on me, and isn't the type of fragrance I'd wear on a normal day. This fragrance wears very mature and womanly and is something I'd reserve for special occasions. If you're a lover of straight-up florals and enjoy strong, bold scents, this perfume will feel just right for you, but for me, it will have to be a pass.

In other news, I got legally married on the weekend!! It was a very small backyard ceremony consisting of just our parents and my sister, nieces and nephew. We decided to get our Canadian marriage license early, before we head over to Hawaii next month for our official wedding with all our family and friends, which is less than a month away!!!

* Please note that unlike my other reviews, I will not put a Final Verdict on this product. Fragrances are highly personal, more so than other beauty products, and therefore definitely take these thoughts as reflecting my own experience only. Always try out samples of perfumes before purchasing as different scents will wear differently on each person.

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Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer | Review + swatches

cargo hd picture perfect concealer pen

Although I like to think of myself as a makeup enthusiast, truth be told there are just some products that I've never really gotten into. As I've mentioned before, concealers are one of those things I've had trouble getting into. I never understood the use for a concealer. Why have a separate product to cover up blemishes and dark circles when you could just use some foundation? For the most part, that's still what I do even today, but thanks to all those strobing and contouring videos out there, I've now realized that yes, there are some scenarios where foundation alone just won't do.

A good concealer can give you that light and that flawlessness that a foundation cannot. Think of it this way: a foundation is like your shotgun approach while a concealer is your sniper. It's all about precision with a concealer, which is why pen and wand formats are so popular. Now, I also hate click pen applicators, which is another reason why I usually shun concealers, but when I received the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer and saw that it was a pen, without a click dispenser, I got all excited. Finally a precision product that I could use!

The Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer is specially formulated for HD camera shots. What makes this unique from any other HD concealer is that this one also acts as a wrinkle filler with Cargo's special secret ingredient, Visilox. This liposomal complex of carnosene, silymarin, and vitamin E acts similarly to Botox by helping to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Skin looks instantly smoother, more refined and even.

The Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer comes in 5 different shades:
  • 1C fair for those with cool undertones
  • 2N medium for those with neutral undertones
  • 3W medium for those with warm undertones
  • 4W dark for those with warm undertones
  • 5W deep for those with warm undertones
As you can see, this concealer definitely leans more towards warmer skintones, which is fine for me as I'm pretty neutral-warm myself. The shade I received was 3W, which looks fairly dark on the product's swatch guide, but in reality is a light to medium beige with just a hint of an orange undertone.

To dispense the product, you simply rotate the bottom of the pen (yes, just like a click-pen, but NOT) and concealer comes out in tiny beads on the sponge applicator. For me, this sponge tip makes all the difference. I hate brush tip pens as usually they dispense product in huge, goopy clumps and are more meant for covering a wide area of skin. You should use these types of concealers for highlighting the face, or if you have large dark patches that you want to cover up. In contrast, the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer has a slanted sponge tip applicator that allows for soft, precise application. 

cargo picture perfect concealer pen

This photo of what that tip looks like always gives me major heebie-jeebies! I know there's a name for when you look at honeycomb shapes or a landscape pocked with holes and get creeped out, but I can't recall what it is. Either way, this photo horrifies me! Doesn't it just look like a spider's eyes??

Anyways, what I really mean to say is that I like how this sponge tip allows me to precisely blend and apply this concealer just to where I want it. Although the shade 3W looks quite dark on my hand, on my face it matches quite well. The formula is thick enough to cover up scars and blemishes perfectly and it lasts all day. Because this shade is a bit darker and slightly orange, it doesn't work for me as an under-eye concealer, but I think it could work quite well there too. I didn't notice this concealer to oxidize, fade or crease throughout the day whatsoever, making it my new go-to for blemish cover-ups.

cargo hd picture perfect concealer swatches in 3w

Sadly, my only complaint is that this concealer is pretty pricey. One 2.5 ml tube will cost you around $28! In my opinion that's way too much for something I only use occasionally. 

Final Verdict
Buy - this concealer works masterfully at covering up blemishes and scars, but $28 for something that I wouldn't use everyday is just too rich for me and so, while I would recommend it if you're willing to pay for it, I personally would not repurchase this.

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Marcelle Cream Blush | Review + Swatches

marcelle cream blush in pink

When it comes to blushes, my formula of choice is definitely powder over cream. Although I've heard to supposedly use cream products in hotter weather for better longevity, I've actually found this to be the opposite for me and that as the temperature goes up, my cream blushes' wear time goes down. Also, cream products just seem harder to work with as they can disrupt makeup underneath it and be harder to blend out. This is why the majority of my makeup is all powders, with a few key exceptions, such as the Marcelle cream blushes.

First off, I love how Marcelle bucks the trend of giving their products ridiculously long and sexual names. A cream blush is a cream blush is a cream blush people! Just call it what it is! The Marcelle cream blushes are simply just what you think they are and nothing more - they're a straightforward compact with included sponge that gives you rich color and a creamy finish that is easy to blend.

The color offering of this line is pretty unambiguous as well: it's just all pinks, ranging from a purple-pink to a mauve-pink. The shade I received to try doesn't appear to be on the website, but is labelled as "Pink Mademoiselle" and is a rich true pink.

In terms of texture, this blush feels very soft. It contains a mix of waxes and castor oil so that it almost melts at the touch of a finger, but not so much that it becomes goopy or hard to work with. This blush easily gives way to a stiff brush, so beware of how much color you pick up! I've been using my Ecotools Skin Perfecting brush with this product and I love how easily it stipples color onto my cheeks. Although this brush was originally intended for blending liquid foundations, I actually prefer to use this for my cream blushes as its stiffer bristles pick up product really nicely, while still being soft enough to use for blending.

marcelle cream blush

Upon first touch, the Marcelle cream blush is extremely pigmented, but with cream products, that's to be expected as the color will fade away as you blend it out. The Marcelle cream blush is very easy to work with too; it spreads easily over my skin, without disrupting my foundation and blends out to a perfectly soft, pink flush that gives my skin a dewy glow.

Wear time is actually not too shabby either for a cream. I've used cream stick blushes in the past and they would just fade away within a few hours, but the Marcelle cream blush will actually last pretty well throughout my work day. Yes, it still fades away by night time, but if I pat some powder blush on top of it right after applying, then the longevity is a bit better.

marcelle cream blush in pink mademoiselle swatches
Swatches in direct sunlight. Left: unblended. Right: blended

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like this blush quite a bit. The color, Pink Mademoiselle, is right up my alley with its girly, pink tones that easily pair with my other blush colors. Besides not having a very long wear time, I think this blush actually checks off everything on my list - and it's only $15!

Final Verdict
Buy - this blush is a great drugstore find. It pairs rich color with a blendable texture to create a cream blush that anyone can use.

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Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil Review | Bringing hydration to the next level

Clinique turnaround revitalizing treatment oil

I'm a big fan of cleansing oils, but am not too experienced with using facial oils. After reading Angela's good results with the Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil, I was eager to try it out myself. The Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil is a dry moisturizing oil that can be used to provide an instant hydration boost to your skin and favourite moisturizers. Utilizing a combination of natural extracts and vitamins E and C, the Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil is ideal for giving skin a healthy, youthful glow. With prolonged use, Clinique claims that this oil will reveal softer, smoother skin that is brighter and more resilient to external stressors.

The Guts
The Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil contains primarily:
  • Caprylic/Capric triglyceride - a lightweight emollient derived from glyercin and coconut oil
  • Neopentyl glycol diheptanoate - another emollient that sometimes can be used as a silicone substitute
  • Octyldodecanol - an emollient that also acts as a thickener
  • Dimethicone - a silicone that gives this oil a slippery texture and which forms a protective barrier over skin
Other ingredients of note are olive oil (emollient), clary extract (encourages cell renewal to reveal brighter, youthful skin), rosemary leaf extract (antioxidant), mango seed oil (emollient), sunflower seed oil (emollient), salicylic acid (exfoliates to improve skin texture), cranberry seed oil (antioxidant), and lady thistle oil (antioxidant).

Clinique turnaround revitalizing face oil

Price & Packaging
The Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil comes in a clear blue plastic 30 ml bottle with a clear eye dropper dispenser. The lid of the bottle also incorporates a little button that you push to expel the oil from the dropper, or you can just let a few drops fall naturally into your palms. As always, Clinique's packaging is a good mix of straightforward function and form. While it would be nice to have a glass jar instead of plastic, it's definitely a nice to have for me and it also keeps this oil light for travel. If you purchase this oil form Clinique directly, then it's $41, but for some reason Sephora has this marked up to $51! Buyer beware!

Like most oils, I didn't find the Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil to have any heavy or unpleasant fragrance and it is a clear color with a silky texture. You could just add 1-2 drops to your regular moisturizer to give it a boost, but I prefer to work 4 drops of oil between my palms and then press my hands to my face to seal all my night treatments in. 

If you're not used to oils, you should probably ease your way into this as it does take a while to get used to the oiliness, especially if you're a very low-maintenance person who prefers quick-drying gels. If you are used to using rich moisturizing treatments like I am though, then you'll be used to the tackiness that this oil leaves behind. I actually found the Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil pretty lightweight and ideal for anyone with normal-dry skin. Since it's summer, I've been using this oil alongside my serum and just skipping night cream entirely, but in the winter I will probably add a night cream back in. 

Clinique says you could use this oil day or night, but since it does take a minute to absorb I wouldn't recommend using this during the day if you're in a rush. Also, if you plan to wear any makeup, I would worry that the oils would interfere with how your makeup adheres to your skin.

In the mornings after using this oil, my skin feels a bit plumper and soft, but other than that I haven't noticed any real change in the texture or look of my skin. Of course, my skin's in pretty good condition lately anyways, so that could be why too. 

In my opinion, the Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil is a unique alternative to regular face creams and would be great for people who live in dry climates. I didn't find this oil to clog my pores or irritate my skin in any way and in fact, I felt it to be a very soothing way to end my night-time routine as I like to give my face a mini-massage after pressing this oil onto my skin. It doesn't get much more DIY spa-like than that! 

Final Verdict
Buy - if you're tired of trying the same old face creams, or you're needing an extra bit of hydration oomph, then definitely try out this unique plant-based oil for instantly softer, calmer skin.

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Review Redo: Hylamide Subq Eye Serum

Hylamide Subq eye serum by Deciem

This post is a redo of sorts as I had posted about Deciem's Hylamide Subq Eye Serum previously. However after posting that review, Deciem contacted me to inform me that I may have received a faulty product and immediately sent me over a replacement. After receiving the new sample and verifying that I had indeed received a bad one before, I took my original post down. Now, after retesting this product for a month, I'm ready to share my thoughts again on this interesting serum.

For those unfamiliar with Deciem,  they are the parent company of a multitude of skincare lines, such as Inhibitif, Niod, Hif and more. Rather than concentrating their efforts by branding under a single umbrella, Deciem has taken the approach of more is more and has branched out into specialized lines that each have their own look and vision.

One of those lines, Hylamide, is focused on innovative skincare and is very popular already in the UK. The Hylamide line contains a range of serums and "booster" products designed to amp up the effectiveness of your other anti-aging products. Whereas other anti-aging brands focus on just the surface, Hylamide's products have a unique formulation designed to penetrate deeply into skin in order to get to the source of aging issues.

For the past month, I've been trying out the Subq Eye Serum. This daily eye serum contains a particularly interesting mix of chemical complexes designed to target multiple facets of aging in the eye area:
  • Flavanoid glucoside bio-actives fight dark circles
  • Darutoside complex to lift eyes and reduce sagginess
  • Waglerin-1 peptide complex to reduce fine lines
  • Nonapeptide-3 retino complex for general anti-aging but with less irritation compared to conventional retinol
  • Fluorinated perfluorocarbon complex to generally tighten the eye area
All of the above is just science-y gobbley-gook to me, but it sure sounds promising! So does the Hylamide Subq Eye Serum live up to all those claims?

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this wizard potion are:
  • Water
  • Propanediol - a solvent that helps increase the absorption of other ingredients into skin
  • Perfluorodecalin - dissolves and delivers oxygen to skin, which can help moisturize skin and therefore help repair skin damage; however these claims are still up for debate
  • Glycerin - a humectant (helps skin capture moisture)
  • Perfluorohexane - a solvent, likely similar in function as propanediol
Other ingredients of note are Albiziajulibrissin bark extract (moisturizer) and Fucusvesiculosus extract (a type of seasweed that acts as an emollient). The star chemical complexes touted above seem to all fall in the latter half of the ingredients list, with the exception of the perfluoro-type ingredients, which fall near the top and mainly act as solvents with skin conditioning properties.

Price & Packaging
I like how the packaging looks very clinical and scientific, which aligns with Hylamide's branding as a skincare science innovator. The bottle itself is quite small, but packed full of product and features a small eye-dropper dispenser, which is ideal for the Subq's watery texture. Unfortunately, even though you can get very fine control with the eye dropper, I found that I still used up about 2/3 of this bottle within 6 weeks of use. At $35 for just 15 ml, that's quite a steep price for something you use everyday and actually adds up to $210 a year if you replaced this every couple of months! At that price, you could buy some fancy Guerlain instead!

Hylamide Subq eye serum

To use the Subq serum, you simply apply a small drop or two to the under-eye area morning and night, letting it absorb a bit before applying your regular eye cream on top. Side note: I'm appalled at how few women actually use eye cream on a daily basis! How can you not take care of this major wrinkle area?!

The Subq eye serum is scentless and is a light ivory color. The texture of the serum is super light and watery. It has a silky texture that makes it easy to spread around and pat into skin. My eye area immediately feels moisturized and plumper, but sensitive skins beware - I do feel a slight, acidic tingling feeling the first couple minutes after applying. I'm guessing this is due to the Nonapeptide-3 retino complex.

Now let's back to all those big claims that Hylamide made about this eye serum. Here's the rundown:
  • provides surface hydration? Definite yes
  • targets dynamic lines? Yes - I have noticed a decrease in my fine under-eye lines
  • provides below surface hydration? Maybe - how would I even tell?
  • decreases puffiness? Maybe - I don't have puffy eyes, so that's hard to evaluate
  • eliminates dark circles? No - I still have to wear concealer to hide my dark circles. 
  • smooths away textural irregularities - Yes - my eye area feels generally smoother and softer
So overall, if you count the "maybes" as a half point each, that's 4/6 claims proven! Not too shabby at all considering most eye products I've tried are straight-up duds.


  • SubQ Eye Serum is a multi-tasking, lightweight eye serum that targets dark circles, fine lines, dehydration, and puffiness
  • has a super watery, light and silky texture that provides immediate hydration
  • tiny 15 ml bottle paired with a high price tag of $35 means that this serum isn't cheap, even if it's a drugstore product
  • results speak for themselves though as this eye serum has made my eye area feel smoother and softer

Final Verdict
Buy - although pricey, I can't complain too much as it's so hard to find eye products that actually work! I will for sure be repurchasing.

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Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo Review | My first foray into natural shampoos

Do people click on blog posts that discuss niche brands? I know I for one don't always look at posts in my feed if I don't recognize the brand, but then again, it's always fun to discover new, intriguing products!

Anyhoo, this post isn't meant for my random ramblings, but to introduce you all today to Odylique, an all-natural skincare and beauty brand based out of the UK. Founded by mother-daughter team, Margaret and Abi Weeds, Odylique specializes in natural remedies for all your skin, body and hair needs. Margaret has been making natural products for over 30 years, but it wasn't until 2003 that the two decided to take things to the next level and create Odylique.

Every product in Odylique's catalog is derived from natural, and often organic sources, and is free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and common allergens such as nuts, soy, wheat and dairy. Since its formation, Odylique has piled up a ton of accolades for their eco-friendly approach to beauty and even though they've become a celeb favourite in the UK, they still operate out of the same little factory in Suffolk that they began in.

Once only available in the UK, Odylique is now available to us North Americans, which I can't be more thrilled about. I was sent a few different Odylique products to try, but the first I'll be chatting about is their popular Gentle Herb Shampoo.

This vegan-friendly and certified organic (70% of the ingredients are organic) shampoo is free of sulphates, preservatives, and is even made from recyclable packaging! The Gentle Herb Shampoo is an all-in-one solution that doubles as a shampoo and conditioner. With its base formula of coconut oils, horsetail, nettle and rosemary, this shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse and nourish your locks from root to tip, while promoting shine and softness. The Gentle Herb Shampoo is also suitable for all hair types, including dyed hair, and is recommended for those with psoriasis, excema, and dermatitis - this last info was especially exciting for me as I suffer from perpetually itchy, dry scalp and I also have dyed hair, so it's tricky to find a formula that works for both aspects.

With all this hype, I was very curious to see what was inside this wonder shampoo. The primary ingredients of the Gentle Herb Shampoo are:
  • Water
  • Coco glucoside - a super gentle surfactant (cleanser) derived from coconut oil and sugars
  • Coco nucifera oil - aka coconut oil, which is a natural conditioner
  • Sodium lauroyl lactylate - a cleanser derived from coconut oil
  • Aloe barbadenis leaf juice powder - aka aloe vera juice, a natural moisturizer and soothing ingredient
As you can see, the main cleansers in this shampoo are coconut oil based and the resulting texture of the Gentle Herb Shampoo is very creamy and almost liquidy. To use, simply dispense a few pumps over your hair and scalp and massage in, then leave on for a couple minutes before rinsing. If you're used to typical drugstore shampoos, then using the Gentle Herb Shampoo is quite a shock as it doesn't foam at all; in fact, it's kinda like washing your hair with conditioner. I have to admit that I tend to douse my head with product as I'm still not quite used to the non-foaminess of this shampoo. Typically, I'll use a pump for the front half of my hair, another 2 pumps for the rest and 1 more for just the strands. I'm not sure if that's a typical dosage, but it seems to work well for me. Although my bottle is only 200 ml for $20 (there's a larger, 500 ml size for $42 as well), the expiry date for this shampoo is within 3 months, so I don't feel too bad about using this up quickly. 

 I found the Gentle Herb Shampoo easy to spread along my strands and it has a light, slightly herbal scent that's kinda pleasant. Once it comes time to rinse, I do notice that this shampoo definitely gives your hair that "squeaky clean" feeling. Contrary to its ingredients, I actually found the Gentle Herb Shampoo to be kinda drying. Post-rinse, my strands feel a bit dry and rough. Despite the claims of this shampoo being moisturizing, I don't find it to be hydrating enough for my hair and I still need to mix in a bit of conditioner a couple times a week to keep my hair feeling as silky as I prefer. However, it does do a really good job at cleaning and I find I can even stretch out the days a bit between washes.

Sadly, despite its organic ingredients and its cleaning efficacy, I just cannot like this shampoo. Despite its claims of being soothing and ideal for itchy scalps, I found this shampoo to actually irritate my scalp even more, so that I flake like crazy! I'm really quite surprised and saddened as I chose it specifically because it was supposed to help my itchy scalp. I'm not sure if it's just something that I personally am reacting to as the other reviewers seem to all enjoy it, but I for one will not be continuing to use this shampoo. 

  • made of 70% organic ingredients and coconut based cleansers alongside rosemary and nettle to make hair stronger and shinier
  • can be used as a shampoo and conditioner in one
  • has a light, pleasant scent and comes in 2 sizes
  • left my hair feeling kinda dry and my scalp super irritated and flaky

Final Verdict
Ditch - although great in concept, this shampoo fell flat for me in practice leaving my scalp dry and parched of moisture.

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Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipsticks | A pick-me-up in a tube

marcelle rouge xpression lipsticks
Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipsticks in Pink Nude, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie

Happiness can be hard to come by. It's one of my life philosophies that this shouldn't be the case. Being happy shouldn't be excruciating or difficult to achieve; happiness should be simple and natural. To do that, I believe one should always try to take pleasure in the small things. It's those little moments that can get you through a tough day, or lift up a stormy mood.

One such small pleasure for me is to put on a pretty lipstick. More than most other makeup items, lipstick has the most transformative properties. It can change how you look instantly and therefore, how you feel. Red lipstick makes me feel rebellious, edgy, or classy. Pinks make me feel girlish and young. Orange lipsticks make me feel cheerful and spunky and so on and so forth.

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick swatches
Swatches in indoor light: Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipsticks in Pink Nude, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie

Marcelle understands this power of lipsticks and so they've created a new line of lip treats designed to allow you to just do you. Their new Rouge Xpression lipsticks offer creamy pigmented color with a splash of hydration thanks to its avocado and omega-6 oils. With 21 vibrant, non-stick shades, there's bound to be something to match your every mood.

Recently, Marcelle sent over 3 of the new Rouge Xpression lipsticks for me to try:
  • Nude Pink, a pale sakura pink
  • Vivid Coral, a vibrant fuschia pink
  • Rouge en Folie, a warm cherry red

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick swatches
Swatches in direct sunlight: Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipsticks in Pink Nude, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie

The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks was its sleek and sophisticated packaging. Although I normally associate Marcelle as being a "budget" brand, they did not skimp at all on the packaging for the Rouge Xpression line. Each tube in encased in a smooth matte rectangular tube that has a good weightiness to it and which has a subtle click closure. 

Each of the shades I received were marked as being either a cream (Nude Pink and Vivid Coral) or a pearl (Rouge en Folie) finish. I'm unsure if that means some of the shades are a true matte. I didn't notice any difference in texture or finish between the cream and pearl shades as both felt equally slick and shiny. Although all 3 shades looked creamy and matte on my initial swatch, when worn and when seen outdoors, you can see that they all have a very glossy finish. 

Looking at the tubes themselves, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie looked very similar, but when worn and swatched, the differences became quite clear. 

marcelle rouge expression lipstick in vivid coral
Wearing Vivid Coral

Vivid Coral is just that - a super bright, but still wearable fuschia shade. I wouldn't actually call this a coral at all, as the pink tones are dominant in this color whereas I tend to think of corals as more of an even mix between pink and orange. 

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick in rouge en folie
Wearing Rouge en Folie

Rouge en Folie is definitely my favourite of the 3 as it is a classic red lipstick. There's just a hint of pink in this color that stops it from being a true red and I could definitely see myself wearing this one regularly. Is it a totally unique shade in my red collection? Probably not, but that doesn't stop it from being a keeper!

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick in nude pink
Wearing Pink Nude

Oddly enough, the shade I was most looking forward to trying is the one I like the least. Pink Nude was way too pale for my skin tone and while sometimes I'm okay with that, this one just wasn't flattering in any way. Like a lot of nudes, Pink Nude also settles into lip lines a ton. Sadly, this one is going into the giveaway pile.

In terms of pigmentation, each shade provided one-swipe color, which was quite impressive considering how creamy they are. Wear time though isn't fantastic and these ones definitely do not last through a meal or past the 3 hour mark. I found that these lipsticks tend to fade pretty quickly and leave that dreaded lip line after. If you're able to reapply semi-regularly, then you're all good, but don't expect any crazy longevity from these. 

At $11.95 each, the Rouge Xpression lipsticks are pricey for a drugstore, but very affordable in the general spectrum of lipsticks. None of the shades I tried were what I'd deem must-haves, but I'd still give these a solid thumbs-up as they are very pigmented, are packaged nicely and feel good on my lips.

Final Verdict
Buy - kinda expensive for drugstore makeup, but solid color payoff and a wide shade range makes these a solid purchase.

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Getting Glam with THEFACESHOP | Glam Wedding Guest MOTD

I love getting dressed up and dolled up so whenever there's an occasion to bring out my "fancy makeup" I will take it. A couple weeks ago, Mr. Artist and I attended one of his friend's wedding at the Four Season Hotel downtown. Figuring that it was a prime time to bring out my A game, I decided to bring out some new eye shadows I had received from THEFACESHOP as part of their "Glamour" makeup set.

This cute set consisting of 2 eye shadows, a lip gloss, an eye pencil and nail polish are part of THEFACESHOP's new series of "Get the Look" sets containing a range of makeup items designed to help you achieve a certain "look." There are 3 different sets in this series, inspired by the fresh faced natural beauty of Gigi Hadid ("Pure"), the sexy poutiness of Kylie Jenner ("Feline") and the high-style glamour of Fan Bing Bing ("Glamour"). Of course you know which of the 3 I had to go with!

In more detail, "Glamour" kit ($31) contains:
  • a shimmery bronze-gold shadow with orange undertones
  • a shimmery dark plum shadow with brown undertones
  • a merlot colored liquid lipstick
  • a smoky eye pencil
  • a merlot colored nail polish
Since this wedding was more formal, I wanted to look sophisticated, a bit flirtatious, but not too over the top. The color of the lipstick was so intense and beautiful, but I think it would have been a bit high maintenance for a wedding banquet and I also knew I wanted to go really strong with the eyes and skin, so I opted to only use the eye shadows this time around. 

thefaceshop glamour eye shadows

Both of the shadows are quite beautiful, but I definitely prefer the orange-bronze shade more for its gorgeous shimmer and medium pigmentation. Orange is a shade I'm really loving lately and I always relish a chance to wear it as it's not the most everyday color. The plum-brown is also pretty, but felt a lot harder and thus was more difficult to build up. I ended up pulling in my Rocia Naturals eye shadow in Tyrian to amplify the plum tones, which ended up working excellently against the bronze warmness of THEFACESHOP shadow. 

Unfortunately, I took so long to get ready that we ended up running late and I couldn't get proper photos of this look, so all I have now are car selfies:

smokey eye with the face shop eyeshadow

smokey eye with the face shop eyeshadow

Now, here's the details on how to create this look yourself!

  • Start with a clean base and apply your favourite long-wearing foundation. I'm using Clinique's Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in Creamwhip
  • Cover blemishes with concealer. I'm using the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer
  • Create light under the eyes by dabbing on a creamy yellow concealer in a triangle shape under the eyes. I'm using the yellow shade from the NYX Color Correcting palette
  • Finally, dust everything off by using a finishing powder. For extra luminosity, I'm using my favourite finishing powder, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. This powder gives a silky finish to my skin and imparts a super subtle glow.
  • Prime the eyes with a long-lasting primer, such as my go-to, the Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • With your fluffiest blending brush, lightly blend a shimmery gold shadow all over the lid, up to the brow bone and covering the inner corners. I'm using the highlight shade from my Charlotte Tillbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow as it's a gorgeous subtle gold. I often find that bronzers and highlights make excellent shadows, so feel free to mix it up with yours!
  • Next, take a bronze shadow (such as THEFACESHOP shadow in shimmer BR01) and pat all over eyelid with a wide shadow brush
  • With a medium width shadow brush, apply a plum shadow (such as Rocia Natural's Tyrian) on the outer half of the eyelid, blending it up and above the crease line. Don't be afraid to go dramatic! You want a smoky look.
  • Then take the other THEFACESHOP shadow from the Glamour set in BR02 and using a crease brush, apply to the outer corner to darken it and give your eye depth. If you have a heavier crease, feel free to take this color up into the crease line. Since I don't though, I kept it just to the other edge
  • Take the bronze shade again and pat with a fluffy dense brush onto center of lid, tapping and then sweeping it back and forth to softly blend out the edges of your color
  • For under the eyes, take BR01 and Tyrian and sweep both under the eyes, concentrating on the outer half. Blend out so it's kinda smudgy
  • Line the eyes with an elongated cat-eye with a black liquid eyeliner. Here, I'm using Make Up Forever's Graphic Liner.
  • Curl and apply lots of mascara!
copper smokey eye makeup look

copper smokey eye makeup look

  • Since it's summer, a glowing, chiseled face is the way to go! Contour your cheeks with the Charlotte Tillbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Don't forget to apply some bronzer as well along jawline and hairline for an even glow
  • Apply a pinky-nude blush to bring more color to your face and to soften the contour. Here I'm using my new fave blush, the Too Face Love Flush blush in Baby Love
  • Finally highlight the tops of cheekbones, the cupid's bow of your mouth, the brow bone and down the tip of your nose. I actually find the highlight of my Bronze & Glow a bit too strong for what I wanted in this look, so I opted for the finer shimmer of my Lise Watier Jardin de Givre Illuminating Powder and applied it to all the aforementioned areas with a fan brush. 
  • To give the lips a neutral, but warm finish, apply a pink-beige lipstick such as the Clinique Pop Lip Color+Primer lipstick in Beige Pop
  • Top lips with a peach liquid lipstick, such as the MAC Cremesheen gloss in Richer, Lusher

And that's it! I'd say this took me a bit of time to do, maybe like 45 minutes, so be sure to schedule yourself accordingly. I loved how this look turned out and got a few compliments as well on it, so definitely try this out next time you decide to dress up!

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