Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer | Review + swatches

cargo hd picture perfect concealer pen

Although I like to think of myself as a makeup enthusiast, truth be told there are just some products that I've never really gotten into. As I've mentioned before, concealers are one of those things I've had trouble getting into. I never understood the use for a concealer. Why have a separate product to cover up blemishes and dark circles when you could just use some foundation? For the most part, that's still what I do even today, but thanks to all those strobing and contouring videos out there, I've now realized that yes, there are some scenarios where foundation alone just won't do.

A good concealer can give you that light and that flawlessness that a foundation cannot. Think of it this way: a foundation is like your shotgun approach while a concealer is your sniper. It's all about precision with a concealer, which is why pen and wand formats are so popular. Now, I also hate click pen applicators, which is another reason why I usually shun concealers, but when I received the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer and saw that it was a pen, without a click dispenser, I got all excited. Finally a precision product that I could use!

The Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer is specially formulated for HD camera shots. What makes this unique from any other HD concealer is that this one also acts as a wrinkle filler with Cargo's special secret ingredient, Visilox. This liposomal complex of carnosene, silymarin, and vitamin E acts similarly to Botox by helping to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Skin looks instantly smoother, more refined and even.

The Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer comes in 5 different shades:
  • 1C fair for those with cool undertones
  • 2N medium for those with neutral undertones
  • 3W medium for those with warm undertones
  • 4W dark for those with warm undertones
  • 5W deep for those with warm undertones
As you can see, this concealer definitely leans more towards warmer skintones, which is fine for me as I'm pretty neutral-warm myself. The shade I received was 3W, which looks fairly dark on the product's swatch guide, but in reality is a light to medium beige with just a hint of an orange undertone.

To dispense the product, you simply rotate the bottom of the pen (yes, just like a click-pen, but NOT) and concealer comes out in tiny beads on the sponge applicator. For me, this sponge tip makes all the difference. I hate brush tip pens as usually they dispense product in huge, goopy clumps and are more meant for covering a wide area of skin. You should use these types of concealers for highlighting the face, or if you have large dark patches that you want to cover up. In contrast, the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer has a slanted sponge tip applicator that allows for soft, precise application. 

cargo picture perfect concealer pen

This photo of what that tip looks like always gives me major heebie-jeebies! I know there's a name for when you look at honeycomb shapes or a landscape pocked with holes and get creeped out, but I can't recall what it is. Either way, this photo horrifies me! Doesn't it just look like a spider's eyes??

Anyways, what I really mean to say is that I like how this sponge tip allows me to precisely blend and apply this concealer just to where I want it. Although the shade 3W looks quite dark on my hand, on my face it matches quite well. The formula is thick enough to cover up scars and blemishes perfectly and it lasts all day. Because this shade is a bit darker and slightly orange, it doesn't work for me as an under-eye concealer, but I think it could work quite well there too. I didn't notice this concealer to oxidize, fade or crease throughout the day whatsoever, making it my new go-to for blemish cover-ups.

cargo hd picture perfect concealer swatches in 3w

Sadly, my only complaint is that this concealer is pretty pricey. One 2.5 ml tube will cost you around $28! In my opinion that's way too much for something I only use occasionally. 

Final Verdict
Buy - this concealer works masterfully at covering up blemishes and scars, but $28 for something that I wouldn't use everyday is just too rich for me and so, while I would recommend it if you're willing to pay for it, I personally would not repurchase this.

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