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I love getting dressed up and dolled up so whenever there's an occasion to bring out my "fancy makeup" I will take it. A couple weeks ago, Mr. Artist and I attended one of his friend's wedding at the Four Season Hotel downtown. Figuring that it was a prime time to bring out my A game, I decided to bring out some new eye shadows I had received from THEFACESHOP as part of their "Glamour" makeup set.

This cute set consisting of 2 eye shadows, a lip gloss, an eye pencil and nail polish are part of THEFACESHOP's new series of "Get the Look" sets containing a range of makeup items designed to help you achieve a certain "look." There are 3 different sets in this series, inspired by the fresh faced natural beauty of Gigi Hadid ("Pure"), the sexy poutiness of Kylie Jenner ("Feline") and the high-style glamour of Fan Bing Bing ("Glamour"). Of course you know which of the 3 I had to go with!

In more detail, "Glamour" kit ($31) contains:
  • a shimmery bronze-gold shadow with orange undertones
  • a shimmery dark plum shadow with brown undertones
  • a merlot colored liquid lipstick
  • a smoky eye pencil
  • a merlot colored nail polish
Since this wedding was more formal, I wanted to look sophisticated, a bit flirtatious, but not too over the top. The color of the lipstick was so intense and beautiful, but I think it would have been a bit high maintenance for a wedding banquet and I also knew I wanted to go really strong with the eyes and skin, so I opted to only use the eye shadows this time around. 

thefaceshop glamour eye shadows

Both of the shadows are quite beautiful, but I definitely prefer the orange-bronze shade more for its gorgeous shimmer and medium pigmentation. Orange is a shade I'm really loving lately and I always relish a chance to wear it as it's not the most everyday color. The plum-brown is also pretty, but felt a lot harder and thus was more difficult to build up. I ended up pulling in my Rocia Naturals eye shadow in Tyrian to amplify the plum tones, which ended up working excellently against the bronze warmness of THEFACESHOP shadow. 

Unfortunately, I took so long to get ready that we ended up running late and I couldn't get proper photos of this look, so all I have now are car selfies:

smokey eye with the face shop eyeshadow

smokey eye with the face shop eyeshadow

Now, here's the details on how to create this look yourself!

  • Start with a clean base and apply your favourite long-wearing foundation. I'm using Clinique's Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in Creamwhip
  • Cover blemishes with concealer. I'm using the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer
  • Create light under the eyes by dabbing on a creamy yellow concealer in a triangle shape under the eyes. I'm using the yellow shade from the NYX Color Correcting palette
  • Finally, dust everything off by using a finishing powder. For extra luminosity, I'm using my favourite finishing powder, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. This powder gives a silky finish to my skin and imparts a super subtle glow.
  • Prime the eyes with a long-lasting primer, such as my go-to, the Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • With your fluffiest blending brush, lightly blend a shimmery gold shadow all over the lid, up to the brow bone and covering the inner corners. I'm using the highlight shade from my Charlotte Tillbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow as it's a gorgeous subtle gold. I often find that bronzers and highlights make excellent shadows, so feel free to mix it up with yours!
  • Next, take a bronze shadow (such as THEFACESHOP shadow in shimmer BR01) and pat all over eyelid with a wide shadow brush
  • With a medium width shadow brush, apply a plum shadow (such as Rocia Natural's Tyrian) on the outer half of the eyelid, blending it up and above the crease line. Don't be afraid to go dramatic! You want a smoky look.
  • Then take the other THEFACESHOP shadow from the Glamour set in BR02 and using a crease brush, apply to the outer corner to darken it and give your eye depth. If you have a heavier crease, feel free to take this color up into the crease line. Since I don't though, I kept it just to the other edge
  • Take the bronze shade again and pat with a fluffy dense brush onto center of lid, tapping and then sweeping it back and forth to softly blend out the edges of your color
  • For under the eyes, take BR01 and Tyrian and sweep both under the eyes, concentrating on the outer half. Blend out so it's kinda smudgy
  • Line the eyes with an elongated cat-eye with a black liquid eyeliner. Here, I'm using Make Up Forever's Graphic Liner.
  • Curl and apply lots of mascara!
copper smokey eye makeup look

copper smokey eye makeup look

  • Since it's summer, a glowing, chiseled face is the way to go! Contour your cheeks with the Charlotte Tillbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Don't forget to apply some bronzer as well along jawline and hairline for an even glow
  • Apply a pinky-nude blush to bring more color to your face and to soften the contour. Here I'm using my new fave blush, the Too Face Love Flush blush in Baby Love
  • Finally highlight the tops of cheekbones, the cupid's bow of your mouth, the brow bone and down the tip of your nose. I actually find the highlight of my Bronze & Glow a bit too strong for what I wanted in this look, so I opted for the finer shimmer of my Lise Watier Jardin de Givre Illuminating Powder and applied it to all the aforementioned areas with a fan brush. 
  • To give the lips a neutral, but warm finish, apply a pink-beige lipstick such as the Clinique Pop Lip Color+Primer lipstick in Beige Pop
  • Top lips with a peach liquid lipstick, such as the MAC Cremesheen gloss in Richer, Lusher

And that's it! I'd say this took me a bit of time to do, maybe like 45 minutes, so be sure to schedule yourself accordingly. I loved how this look turned out and got a few compliments as well on it, so definitely try this out next time you decide to dress up!

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