Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque Reviews

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Grow Gorgeous Back into the roots hair mask

You've heard me rave about Canadian super-brand, Deciem before - well, I'm here again to tell you about another of their beauty brands, Grow Gorgeous!

Based out of Montreal, Deciem is like a beauty think tank and are the parents of a whole family of different beauty brands, each with their own focus and philosophy. You may have heard the near unanimous rave reviews of their Hylamide products from various bloggers (including this one!) and now the buzz is growing for the hair care branch of the Deciem family.

Grow Gorgeous' focus is on providing affordable, effective hair products that help restore hair to its natural balance and radiance. Grow Gorgeous goes beyond just your basic shampoo and conditioner and instead focuses on restorative products, such as their serums for encouraging hair growth and eliminating split ends, as well as a scalp masque for healthy strands.

Deciem was kind enough recently to send me over two products to try from Grow Gorgeous: the Cleansing Conditioner and the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque. I've been testing these out for the past few weeks and am excited to finally share my impressions of these neat products!

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner
Price: $23 for 190 ml

The Cleansing Conditioner comes in a variety of formulas designed for different hair colors and color treated hair; I've been trying to find a good shampoo that won't strip out my color, so I opted to try the latter. The Cleansing Conditioner contains no SLS and instead has a mix of nourishing plant oils to gently cleanse and condition. This all-in-one product is designed to be used in the shower as you apply it like a hair masque.

If you've never tried natural or SLS-free shampoos, the Cleansing Conditioner might take a little getting used to. It's kinda like washing your hair with conditioner! I usually take 2-3 quarter sized dollops to cover my head and shoulder-length strands. This is probably too much to use (especially as it only comes in a 190 ml tube), but I'm slowly weaning myself to use less as it really is quite hard to get over the lack of suds!

The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Water
  • Palmitamidopropyltrimonium chloride - a conditioner
  • Propylene glycol - used commonly as a foaming agent in shampoos and also acts as a solvent and for texture
  • Crambe abyssinica seed oil - a natural oil from a Mediterranean plant that nourishes hair
  • Lactobacillus/wasabia Japonica root ferment extract (wasabit extract) - an antioxidant
Other ingredients of note are jojoba oil (conditioning), macadamia seed oil (conditioning), olive oil (conditioning), tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract (a type of fungus high in antioxidants), lactobacillus/phoenix dactylifera fruit ferment extract (date palm, an emollient) and leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate (anti-dandruff fighter). 

Deciem LOVES to stuff their products with unique, strange-sounding ingredients. Unlike their Hylamide products, the Grow Gorgeous products seem to rely more on the power of nature and this shampoo/conditioner contains a surprising variety of flower, seed, fungus and root extracts for conditioning hair and for a healthy scalp.

The Cleansing Conditioner has a rich, creamy texture and a light floral scent. After 3 minutes, you can rinse this off and the result is super soft and shiny hair! I loved the ease of use of this product and it definitely kept my hair as clean and silky as with my regular shampoos. The only thing I didn't like about this product was that it did seem to irritate my scalp a tad. As well, I didn't really notice whether it kept my hair color lasting longer or not.

Final Verdict: Buy

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque

Grow Gorgeous Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque
Price: $28 for 240 ml

The second product I got to try was the Grow Gorgeous Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque. I've never tried any type of hair mask before, so I was pretty excited to try this one, especially as it's formulated to soothe itchy, inflamed scalps and nourish roots for bouncier, shinier locks. To use, you simply massage this mask into your roots and leave it on for 10 minutes. I'm not sure how often you can use this, but I've been using it a couple times a week before I shower.

The Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque has a similar, but slightly more watery texture than the Cleansing Conditioner and also smells a bit more chemical. I was a total dweeb when I first tried this mask as I didn't realize it was a twist-up pointed nozzle, similar to a tube of glue that you'd use in elementary school. Instead I twisted off the entire cap and then, puzzled, complained to myself how strange and un-intuitive Deciem had designed this mask's packaging. Total user failure!

Once I did figure out my epic fail, the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque was pretty easy to use with the pointed tip allowing you to strategically apply this mask directly to your roots. Immediately upon application I felt instant relief - like, my scalp sang Hallelulah! and the clouds parted to shine down on my relieved head. I suspected that this mask must have a ton of menthol in it (which it does) because it feels just like every other minty-finish product I've tried in the past. 

After 10 minutes is up, simply rinse out the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque and continue with your usual shampoo+conditioner routine. 

The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Water
  • Ethoxydiglycol - a solvent
  • PEG-8 - a solvent and cleanser
  • PEG-4 - a humectant and solvent
  • Polyacrylate crosspolymer-6 - a film former
Other ingredients of note are biotin (vitamin H, helps to boost shine, detangle and strengthen hair, although research is inconclusive on this), ahnfeltia concinna extract (an algae that is an antioxidant and emollient), rosemary leaf oil (conditioning), menthol (astringent), and urea (anti-inflammatory).

After trying this mask out for a few weeks, I have to say I'm pleased, but not blown away. The pros with this mask is that it did seem to make my hair bouncier and it actually felt thicker after just a few weeks!! For someone with lifelong fine, limp hair, this is really really exciting.

Sadly though, it didn't eliminate my itchy scalp. Although I looove the feeling of relief while I'm wearing the mask, I didn't notice any long term effect after. This could be due to the menthol; although menthol does an amazing job at soothing inflamed skin, the effect is temporary and can actually irritate skin further! I'm not sure if Deciem included other ingredients that counteract this, but I have a feeling that could be why this mask didn't result in any lasting relief for me.

Final Verdict: Ditch

Grow Gorgeous products can be found across North America and Europe both in store and online. In Canada, you can purchase Grow Gorgeous at The Bay and Urban Outfitters.

Have you ever tried Grow Gorgeous before? Tell me your thoughts!

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