Marcelle Cream Blush | Review + Swatches

marcelle cream blush in pink

When it comes to blushes, my formula of choice is definitely powder over cream. Although I've heard to supposedly use cream products in hotter weather for better longevity, I've actually found this to be the opposite for me and that as the temperature goes up, my cream blushes' wear time goes down. Also, cream products just seem harder to work with as they can disrupt makeup underneath it and be harder to blend out. This is why the majority of my makeup is all powders, with a few key exceptions, such as the Marcelle cream blushes.

First off, I love how Marcelle bucks the trend of giving their products ridiculously long and sexual names. A cream blush is a cream blush is a cream blush people! Just call it what it is! The Marcelle cream blushes are simply just what you think they are and nothing more - they're a straightforward compact with included sponge that gives you rich color and a creamy finish that is easy to blend.

The color offering of this line is pretty unambiguous as well: it's just all pinks, ranging from a purple-pink to a mauve-pink. The shade I received to try doesn't appear to be on the website, but is labelled as "Pink Mademoiselle" and is a rich true pink.

In terms of texture, this blush feels very soft. It contains a mix of waxes and castor oil so that it almost melts at the touch of a finger, but not so much that it becomes goopy or hard to work with. This blush easily gives way to a stiff brush, so beware of how much color you pick up! I've been using my Ecotools Skin Perfecting brush with this product and I love how easily it stipples color onto my cheeks. Although this brush was originally intended for blending liquid foundations, I actually prefer to use this for my cream blushes as its stiffer bristles pick up product really nicely, while still being soft enough to use for blending.

marcelle cream blush

Upon first touch, the Marcelle cream blush is extremely pigmented, but with cream products, that's to be expected as the color will fade away as you blend it out. The Marcelle cream blush is very easy to work with too; it spreads easily over my skin, without disrupting my foundation and blends out to a perfectly soft, pink flush that gives my skin a dewy glow.

Wear time is actually not too shabby either for a cream. I've used cream stick blushes in the past and they would just fade away within a few hours, but the Marcelle cream blush will actually last pretty well throughout my work day. Yes, it still fades away by night time, but if I pat some powder blush on top of it right after applying, then the longevity is a bit better.

marcelle cream blush in pink mademoiselle swatches
Swatches in direct sunlight. Left: unblended. Right: blended

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like this blush quite a bit. The color, Pink Mademoiselle, is right up my alley with its girly, pink tones that easily pair with my other blush colors. Besides not having a very long wear time, I think this blush actually checks off everything on my list - and it's only $15!

Final Verdict
Buy - this blush is a great drugstore find. It pairs rich color with a blendable texture to create a cream blush that anyone can use.

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