Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipsticks | A pick-me-up in a tube

marcelle rouge xpression lipsticks
Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipsticks in Pink Nude, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie

Happiness can be hard to come by. It's one of my life philosophies that this shouldn't be the case. Being happy shouldn't be excruciating or difficult to achieve; happiness should be simple and natural. To do that, I believe one should always try to take pleasure in the small things. It's those little moments that can get you through a tough day, or lift up a stormy mood.

One such small pleasure for me is to put on a pretty lipstick. More than most other makeup items, lipstick has the most transformative properties. It can change how you look instantly and therefore, how you feel. Red lipstick makes me feel rebellious, edgy, or classy. Pinks make me feel girlish and young. Orange lipsticks make me feel cheerful and spunky and so on and so forth.

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick swatches
Swatches in indoor light: Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipsticks in Pink Nude, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie

Marcelle understands this power of lipsticks and so they've created a new line of lip treats designed to allow you to just do you. Their new Rouge Xpression lipsticks offer creamy pigmented color with a splash of hydration thanks to its avocado and omega-6 oils. With 21 vibrant, non-stick shades, there's bound to be something to match your every mood.

Recently, Marcelle sent over 3 of the new Rouge Xpression lipsticks for me to try:
  • Nude Pink, a pale sakura pink
  • Vivid Coral, a vibrant fuschia pink
  • Rouge en Folie, a warm cherry red

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick swatches
Swatches in direct sunlight: Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipsticks in Pink Nude, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie

The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks was its sleek and sophisticated packaging. Although I normally associate Marcelle as being a "budget" brand, they did not skimp at all on the packaging for the Rouge Xpression line. Each tube in encased in a smooth matte rectangular tube that has a good weightiness to it and which has a subtle click closure. 

Each of the shades I received were marked as being either a cream (Nude Pink and Vivid Coral) or a pearl (Rouge en Folie) finish. I'm unsure if that means some of the shades are a true matte. I didn't notice any difference in texture or finish between the cream and pearl shades as both felt equally slick and shiny. Although all 3 shades looked creamy and matte on my initial swatch, when worn and when seen outdoors, you can see that they all have a very glossy finish. 

Looking at the tubes themselves, Vivid Coral and Rouge en Folie looked very similar, but when worn and swatched, the differences became quite clear. 

marcelle rouge expression lipstick in vivid coral
Wearing Vivid Coral

Vivid Coral is just that - a super bright, but still wearable fuschia shade. I wouldn't actually call this a coral at all, as the pink tones are dominant in this color whereas I tend to think of corals as more of an even mix between pink and orange. 

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick in rouge en folie
Wearing Rouge en Folie

Rouge en Folie is definitely my favourite of the 3 as it is a classic red lipstick. There's just a hint of pink in this color that stops it from being a true red and I could definitely see myself wearing this one regularly. Is it a totally unique shade in my red collection? Probably not, but that doesn't stop it from being a keeper!

marcelle rouge xpression lipstick in nude pink
Wearing Pink Nude

Oddly enough, the shade I was most looking forward to trying is the one I like the least. Pink Nude was way too pale for my skin tone and while sometimes I'm okay with that, this one just wasn't flattering in any way. Like a lot of nudes, Pink Nude also settles into lip lines a ton. Sadly, this one is going into the giveaway pile.

In terms of pigmentation, each shade provided one-swipe color, which was quite impressive considering how creamy they are. Wear time though isn't fantastic and these ones definitely do not last through a meal or past the 3 hour mark. I found that these lipsticks tend to fade pretty quickly and leave that dreaded lip line after. If you're able to reapply semi-regularly, then you're all good, but don't expect any crazy longevity from these. 

At $11.95 each, the Rouge Xpression lipsticks are pricey for a drugstore, but very affordable in the general spectrum of lipsticks. None of the shades I tried were what I'd deem must-haves, but I'd still give these a solid thumbs-up as they are very pigmented, are packaged nicely and feel good on my lips.

Final Verdict
Buy - kinda expensive for drugstore makeup, but solid color payoff and a wide shade range makes these a solid purchase.

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