My Burberry Eau de Toilette Review | Smelling like an English beauty?

my burberry eau de toilette perfume

The new Burberry fragrance, My Burberry Eau de Toilette, is a reinvention of the original eau de parfum. Just launched this summer, the My Burberry EDT is supposed to be a lighter, more youthful version of the EDP which came out in 2014.

Similar to the original, My Burberry was designed by Christopher Bailey and perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to capture the lush freshness of a garden after a rain shower. Like the iconic Burberry trench, the designers' muse was the classic English beauty; a woman who is both sophisticated yet down-to-earth and as comfortable in both the rustic countryside as she is in the swankiest of hotels. To accomplish this, My Burberry contains a complex mix of earthy, fruity and floral notes:

Top notes:
  • Sweet pea
  • Lemon flower
Middle notes:
  • Peony
  • Peach flower
  • Freesia
Base notes:
  • Rose
  • White notes
  • Musk

The My Burberry's bottle design further emphasizes its connections to the roots of the fashion house with its tortoise-shell print topper and ribbon, which is made from the same cloth as the Burberry trench. 

The My Burberry EDT is available in two sizes, 50 ml for $80 and 90 ml for $105, which is actually a pretty good deal as the 90 ml is HUGE. Like literally, it's so big you would never need another perfume in your life. You can purchase My Burberry at The Bay, Sephora and Burberry counters.

With its fresh, light floral notes and description as trying to evoke rain-soaked roses, I was thinking that I'd love this fragrance for sure. I'm totally a fruity-floral perfume lover and My Burberry seemed like just that, but somehow, someway, this perfume really fell flat for me.

For one thing, the bottle is so huge it's hard for me to pick up and use. This is totally a small person's problem, but I actually have to rest it on a counter then angle my wrist in the path of the spray. Not a big deal, but it's kind of annoying. Secondly, although EDTs are supposed to be lighter, I actually found this fragrance really overpowering. I had tried a sample of the original eau de parfum and had similar results, so I don't see any difference in this regard between the two formats. One spray is enough for me and 2 sprays had Mr. Artist complaining. I also didn't pick up any freshness, or fruitiness at all. The My Burberry smells like a very strong, run-of-the-mill floral, at least on me, and isn't the type of fragrance I'd wear on a normal day. This fragrance wears very mature and womanly and is something I'd reserve for special occasions. If you're a lover of straight-up florals and enjoy strong, bold scents, this perfume will feel just right for you, but for me, it will have to be a pass.

In other news, I got legally married on the weekend!! It was a very small backyard ceremony consisting of just our parents and my sister, nieces and nephew. We decided to get our Canadian marriage license early, before we head over to Hawaii next month for our official wedding with all our family and friends, which is less than a month away!!!

* Please note that unlike my other reviews, I will not put a Final Verdict on this product. Fragrances are highly personal, more so than other beauty products, and therefore definitely take these thoughts as reflecting my own experience only. Always try out samples of perfumes before purchasing as different scents will wear differently on each person.

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