Odylique Ultra Rich Balm Review | A luxurious salve for all your dryness needs

Odylique organic ultra rich balm

I'm back today with another Odylique review! In case you didn't read my last Odylique review, Odylique is a an all-natural skincare and beauty brand based out of the UK. Founded by mother-daughter team, Margaret and Abi Weeds, Odylique specializes in natural remedies for all your skin, body and hair needs. Margaret has been making natural products for over 30 years, but it wasn't until 2003 that the two decided to take things to the next level and create Odylique.

Every product in Odylique's catalog is derived from natural, and often organic sources, and is free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and common allergens such as nuts, soy, wheat and dairy. Since its formation, Odylique has piled up a ton of accolades for their eco-friendly approach to beauty and even though they've become a celeb favourite in the UK, they still operate out of the same little factory in Suffolk that they began in.

One of the products that Odylique is most famous for is their Ultra Rich Balm. Designed for eczema sufferers, the Ultra Rich Balm is a super-hydration treatment that can be applied to face, hands, body and hair. It is made up of 100% naturally sourced and organic ingredients and is rich in omega 7 and vitamins from all its organic coconut, olive, and shea butter oils.

The Guts
On that note, let's dive right into the Ultra Rich Balm's main ingredients:
  • Olive fruit oil - an emollient that is rich in essential fatty acids that provide anti-aging benefits to skin
  • Shea butter - one of my favourite moisturizers! Helps to prevent moisture loss, eliminates flakiness, inflammation and even acts as a UV ray absorbent. It also contains antioxidants.
  • Coconut oil - similar to olive oil, this natural emollient contains beneficial fatty acids to help regenerate skin
  • Beeswax - gives this balm its thickness and texture
  • Sea buckthorn fruit extract - source of omega 7 and acts as an antioxidant
And that's it, just 5 ingredients!

Price & Packaging
The Odylique Ultra Rich Balm comes in 2 sizes: a 52 ml jar for $19 or a huge 182 ml jar for $37. Of course the bigger you go, the better the deal, but keep in mind that the Ultra Rich Balm is an organic product and has an expiry of 6 months, so buying that humungo jar may not be the better option unless you plan to slather yourself all over with this stuff everyday!

Keeping in line with Odylique's simple, homespun aesthtic, the Ultra Rich Balm comes in a simple white, screw-top jar. One thing I've heard against jars is it overly exposes products to the air and allows antioxidants to evaporate away. I'm not sure if that's the case here, but I also can't imagine a balm being dispensed any other way.

I was really excited to use this balm on my trouble spots, namely my feet and also on my dry scalp. My feet especially get dry and callused in the summer as I love to walk around the house barefoot and I basically don't wear socks for 4 months. 

After I get out of the shower, I apply a small dollop of balm to each foot, concentrating on the balls and heels of my feet. Although this balm at first looks like a solid ball of wax, it immediately warms up and melts beneath my fingers to spread easily onto skin. I love the luxurious feeling of massaging this oily balm into my skin. My feet immediately feel softer and hydrated. And even more amazing, I do think that this balm has had a lasting effect. My feet feel softer, with no dry patches and my calluses are noticeably thinner. While my feet aren't baby soft yet, I'm confident that by the time I finish this jar they could be!

Odylique ultra rich balm

As well, I've been using the Ultra Rich Balm as a salve for my dry scalp. As I mentioned before, the Odylique Gentle Herb shampoo left my scalp super-dry and itchy, so I've been using this balm as a way to restore moisture back to my roots. Taking a teeny amount of balm and warming it between my fingers, I then carefully apply it to my scalp where I feel itchy the most. I like to do this while my hair's still damp from the shower, since if I apply it to dry hair, my hair tends to get greasy. Immediately, my scalp seems to give a big sigh of relief, crying "hallelujah!" to the return of moisture. My scalp hasn't quite recovered just yet, but with the help of the Ultra Rich Balm, it's feeling much better.

Final Verdict
Buy - if you suffer from dry patches, itchy or irritated skin then you need to get this spot treatment! It is worth every penny.

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