Review Redo: Hylamide Subq Eye Serum

Hylamide Subq eye serum by Deciem

This post is a redo of sorts as I had posted about Deciem's Hylamide Subq Eye Serum previously. However after posting that review, Deciem contacted me to inform me that I may have received a faulty product and immediately sent me over a replacement. After receiving the new sample and verifying that I had indeed received a bad one before, I took my original post down. Now, after retesting this product for a month, I'm ready to share my thoughts again on this interesting serum.

For those unfamiliar with Deciem,  they are the parent company of a multitude of skincare lines, such as Inhibitif, Niod, Hif and more. Rather than concentrating their efforts by branding under a single umbrella, Deciem has taken the approach of more is more and has branched out into specialized lines that each have their own look and vision.

One of those lines, Hylamide, is focused on innovative skincare and is very popular already in the UK. The Hylamide line contains a range of serums and "booster" products designed to amp up the effectiveness of your other anti-aging products. Whereas other anti-aging brands focus on just the surface, Hylamide's products have a unique formulation designed to penetrate deeply into skin in order to get to the source of aging issues.

For the past month, I've been trying out the Subq Eye Serum. This daily eye serum contains a particularly interesting mix of chemical complexes designed to target multiple facets of aging in the eye area:
  • Flavanoid glucoside bio-actives fight dark circles
  • Darutoside complex to lift eyes and reduce sagginess
  • Waglerin-1 peptide complex to reduce fine lines
  • Nonapeptide-3 retino complex for general anti-aging but with less irritation compared to conventional retinol
  • Fluorinated perfluorocarbon complex to generally tighten the eye area
All of the above is just science-y gobbley-gook to me, but it sure sounds promising! So does the Hylamide Subq Eye Serum live up to all those claims?

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this wizard potion are:
  • Water
  • Propanediol - a solvent that helps increase the absorption of other ingredients into skin
  • Perfluorodecalin - dissolves and delivers oxygen to skin, which can help moisturize skin and therefore help repair skin damage; however these claims are still up for debate
  • Glycerin - a humectant (helps skin capture moisture)
  • Perfluorohexane - a solvent, likely similar in function as propanediol
Other ingredients of note are Albiziajulibrissin bark extract (moisturizer) and Fucusvesiculosus extract (a type of seasweed that acts as an emollient). The star chemical complexes touted above seem to all fall in the latter half of the ingredients list, with the exception of the perfluoro-type ingredients, which fall near the top and mainly act as solvents with skin conditioning properties.

Price & Packaging
I like how the packaging looks very clinical and scientific, which aligns with Hylamide's branding as a skincare science innovator. The bottle itself is quite small, but packed full of product and features a small eye-dropper dispenser, which is ideal for the Subq's watery texture. Unfortunately, even though you can get very fine control with the eye dropper, I found that I still used up about 2/3 of this bottle within 6 weeks of use. At $35 for just 15 ml, that's quite a steep price for something you use everyday and actually adds up to $210 a year if you replaced this every couple of months! At that price, you could buy some fancy Guerlain instead!

Hylamide Subq eye serum

To use the Subq serum, you simply apply a small drop or two to the under-eye area morning and night, letting it absorb a bit before applying your regular eye cream on top. Side note: I'm appalled at how few women actually use eye cream on a daily basis! How can you not take care of this major wrinkle area?!

The Subq eye serum is scentless and is a light ivory color. The texture of the serum is super light and watery. It has a silky texture that makes it easy to spread around and pat into skin. My eye area immediately feels moisturized and plumper, but sensitive skins beware - I do feel a slight, acidic tingling feeling the first couple minutes after applying. I'm guessing this is due to the Nonapeptide-3 retino complex.

Now let's back to all those big claims that Hylamide made about this eye serum. Here's the rundown:
  • provides surface hydration? Definite yes
  • targets dynamic lines? Yes - I have noticed a decrease in my fine under-eye lines
  • provides below surface hydration? Maybe - how would I even tell?
  • decreases puffiness? Maybe - I don't have puffy eyes, so that's hard to evaluate
  • eliminates dark circles? No - I still have to wear concealer to hide my dark circles. 
  • smooths away textural irregularities - Yes - my eye area feels generally smoother and softer
So overall, if you count the "maybes" as a half point each, that's 4/6 claims proven! Not too shabby at all considering most eye products I've tried are straight-up duds.


  • SubQ Eye Serum is a multi-tasking, lightweight eye serum that targets dark circles, fine lines, dehydration, and puffiness
  • has a super watery, light and silky texture that provides immediate hydration
  • tiny 15 ml bottle paired with a high price tag of $35 means that this serum isn't cheap, even if it's a drugstore product
  • results speak for themselves though as this eye serum has made my eye area feel smoother and softer

Final Verdict
Buy - although pricey, I can't complain too much as it's so hard to find eye products that actually work! I will for sure be repurchasing.

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