Capturing My Demeter Scent Memory with Cinnamon Toast | #CBBScentMemory

Out of all your senses, smell is supposed to be the most visceral and personal. What smells like roses to one, may smell like something else to another and often it is said that certain smells can trigger powerful memories. I've always been intrigued by this concept, so I was eager to jump on board when the Canadian Beauty Bloggers announced our second collaboration with Demeter Fragrances.

Demeter Fragrances is unique in the perfume industry for their personalized approach to fragrance. Every perfume in the Demeter catalog only encapsulates a single note. While most fragrances are a complex mix designed to evoke any number of feelings and aromas, Demeter's approach is decidedly minimalist and yet utterly expansive at the same time. Each fragrance is named for the singular scent they are trying to capture, such as Apple, or Leather, with the purpose being to elicit each person's unique response to that scent. Designed to be worn as a perfume or used as a room spray, Demeter fragrances can be used solo or layered with other fragrances to create complex mixes that are totally unique to the wearer.

Demeter scent memory

For the #CBBScentMemory campaign, each of us selected a fragrance that we thought would capture a cherished memory and then Demeter handpicked 2 complementing fragrances to pair it with. As a special bonus, they also threw in a special threesome of scents handpicked by Demeter's CEO for his own special memories.

#CBBscentmemory with Demeter

Demeter perfume

For my scent memory, I dug into my childhood and my memory of weekend mornings with my sister. Growing up, our parents worked everyday and so would leave early in the mornings on weekends, leaving us in the house alone. My sister learned early how to be a cook and I was her first guinea pig. While some of her cooking experiments I didn't learn to appreciate till I was older, such as "veggie soup - ewww!" others were an instant hit with my childhood self. One such morning favourite was cinnamon toast, consisting of white bread slathered with butter and sprinkled generously with cinnamon and sugar. Pop that into the toaster oven for a couple minutes and the kitchen would be filled with the homey, comforting scent of baked cinnamon. Just the thought of it gets my mouth drooling and even now I love to make it as a special treat.

For my scent memory box, Demeter paired their Cinnamon Toast fragrance with the scents Vanilla Ice Cream and Tangerine. Over the past few weeks, I've tried wearing each of these in every combination possible to test how they smelled and wore.

demeter perfume #cbbscentmemory

Solo wear
  • Tangerine: is the perfect blast of citrusy freshness. It smells just like a fresh squeezed orange, but without any acidity. While it's definitely an assertive smell, it's never overbearing. Sadly, this one faded super quick as well and lasted only a couple hours on me.
  • Cinnamon Toast: was a bit disappointing for me too. It did not smell like its namesake at all to me and instead reminded me of one of those cinnamon heart candies you get at Halloween and Christmas. This scent had a very spicy note to it, with just a hint of citrus. It wore really well though and didn't fade for hours.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: is probably my favourite of the 3 I received. This scent is SO creamy and delicious smelling; it's literally like walking into an ice cream parlour and getting that first whiff of a fresh batch of french vanilla. I could breathe this one in all day and Mr. Artist loves it!

Combo wear
  • Cinnamon Toast + Vanilla Ice Cream: I was hoping the vanilla would eliminate the spiciness of the cinnamon and give me the soft sugary smell I remembered. Vanilla Ice Cream does take some of the edge off, but it still smelled very candy-like to me. The combo of these two wore really well on me though, and coworkers commented that I smelled just like a PSL!
  • Tangerine + Cinnamon Toast: similar to Vanilla Ice Cream, the sweetness of Tangerine grounds the spiciness of Cinnamon Toast a bit. In this combo, the Tangerine stands out more and the two together smells very much like pumpkin pie.
  • Tangerine + Vanilla Ice Cream: this combo was really mouth-watering to wear. Sweet and creamy, I smelled just like a creamsicle!
  • Cinnamon Toast + Vanilla Ice Cream + Tangerine: surprisingly this was my least favourite combo to wear. All together, these 3 scents just felt too saccharine for my tastes. Bleh.

Overall, my favourite ways to wear these scents were either just Tangerine or Vanilla Ice Cream solo, or to pair Cinnamon Toast + Vanilla Ice Cream. Although none of these scents screamed "fall" to me, together they really coalesced to capture the essence of fall, namely by making everything smell like pumpkin pie! I love the comforting feeling these scents evoke and have been spraying my room with them every night before I sleep. As my first experience with Demeter's fragrances, I found them pretty fun to use and they work great in the house. Next time, I definitely want to capture some fresh forest air!

What kind of scent evokes strong memories for you? 
Let me know in the comments!

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CLEAN Cashmere Perfume Review | Surround yourself in luxury

clean perfume in cashmere

Bam! Just like that, Fall has arrived. In the past week, the temperatures have dipped, the leaves have turned a burnt copper and the air is filled with a crisp smokiness. Time to bust out all things pumpkin, cozy and voluminous! This season I am all about woolly layers, leather leggings, Ovaltine and CLEAN's Cashmere perfume.

New for Fall 2015, CLEAN Cashmere is the newest addition to the CLEAN fragrance family. I'm always surprised by how little attention CLEAN gets as so many of their scents sit among my favourites. CLEAN is known for its simple, fresh and never over-powering scents. Rain and White Woods are always on my vanity and since I received a bottle of Cashmere, I've been wearing it nearly everyday when I haven't been testing other fragrances.

clean cashmere fragrance

Inspired by the luxuriousness and softness of cashmere, CLEAN Cashmere is an intoxicating blend of comfort, elegance and sexiness.
  • Top notes: cedar leaf, bergamot, lime and lavandin
  • Mid notes: mimosa, jasmine and guaiacwood
  • Base notes: heliotrope, tonka bean, musk and sandalwood
Looking at the notes, I can see some of the usual suspects of fragrances I like - jasmine, lime, tonka bean and cedar leaf. On first spritz, Cashmere evokes the freshness of morning air, then settles down into a warm floral. No matter how much I spray on, it never wears heavy and lasts for a few hours before fading. 

clean cashmere perfume

CLEAN Cashmere comes in 3 different formats and sizes: a 0.34 oz rollerball ($34), a 1 oz eau de parfum spray ($46) and a 2.14 oz eau de parfum spray ($79) from Sephora.

Have you tried any CLEAN perfumes? Tell me your favourites!

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Aloha! Hawaii Trip Recap Part 1

Hi everyone! It's been a crazy busy month and I'm only just now rested up enough to return back to my little blog. It's been a week now since our wedding reception back home here in Vancouver and I've only just cleaned up all the leftover decorations, finally get to my trip laundry and start sorting through all our trip and wedding photos. With all the wedding craziness, I actually took less photos than I would normally of our trip, but there's still plenty enough to span over 2 posts, so be forewarned: this is going to be photo heavy!

As Mr. Artist and I were there for our wedding, we got to book the special honeymoon suite at the lovely Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to stay in Honolulu. Located in the heart of Waikiki, this hotel has a beautiful pool lobby, is across the street from the beach and shopping and has excellent service. Our honeymoon suite was located up near the top of the hotel, which meant some pretty spectacular views!

The Sheraton Princess pool deck

City-side view from our hotel lanai (balcony)

View from our hotel window!
The first night in town was a girls and guys night where Mr. Artist and his boys went out, while us girls had our own night out. Below is a shot of us at a nearby rooftop restaurant serving latin style food and drinks, including my favourite drink of the trip: coconut mojitos!


The highlight of the trip food-wise for me was eating our amazing wedding rehearsal brunch at Heavenly Cafe. Located beside the Shoreline Hotel (another reco for Waikiki accommodations), Heavenly serves a variety of local favourites in the cutest little Japanese-Hawaiian fusion diner setting. Below is a photo of some of the best French Toast I've ever eaten - it was soft, moist, sweet and so so delicious!


My beautiful bridesmaids, mom and friends!

Of course what trip to Hawaii is complete without a luau! I've been to tons of luaus over the years, but it's always fun to go when you have a large group of first-timers. The night after our wedding, bunch of our friends and family trekked out to Germaine's Luau, which is one of Hawaii's longest running luaus. I was really anxious that Mr. Artist would like it as he hated the food at our last one (Paradise Cove - do not go!), but luckily Germaine's pulled through! Everyone raved about the food.

The luau at Germaine's is very old-school and family-friendly, which means expect some campy moments. I don't get why some people say luaus are so cheesy - of COURSE they're cheesy! It's like going to watch a horror movie and then complaining about the plot inaccuracies - if you feel you have to say these things you're totally missing the point.



Other must-see's in Oahu are snorkeling and getting in some good eats! Here I am bright and early in the morning getting my udon on at the famous Marukame Udon. With its fresh, hand-made noodles and variety of toppings, Marukame Udon always has super long lineups except if you go first thing in the morning! Breakfast of champions.


For snorkeling the famous Hanauma Bay cannot be beat. The day that we went it was pretty overcast, but we still got to see lots of fish!


Next, we headed up to the famous North Shore and the sleepy town of Haleiwa. I love visiting Haleiwa for its handcrafted stores, artisans and of course good eats! A must-see is always Giovanni's shrimp truck for the plate lunch of garlic shrimp. Giovanni's can be found at the edge of Haleiwa's main street alongside a host of other food trucks, including a cajun food truck that's a favourite of mine for their tasty shrimp and fish po'boy sandwiches!


As always, my time in Hawaii was too short and too wonderful. Coming to Hawaii always feels like coming home to me and for the first time, I got to share my special place with all my family and friends. Some had visited the islands before and some had not, but by the end, I think they all had seen the beauty and warmth that made me fall in love with this place.

In part 2, I'll share more recaps of food and spots to visit in Oahu!

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Guest Post | Amy of Vancouver Eyeshadow Addict on her favourite plum eye looks

Plums, purples, violets…I love them all. They’re gorgeous, they’re more wearable in a smoky eye than black, and they make my green eyes pop. They’re also amazing in the fall as everyone trades soft bronzes and corals for rich berries and reds. So today, to celebrate the fact that the leaves are turning and I can finally order the pumpkin spice latte, I thought I’d dig into my archives and give you the low-down on some of my all-time favourite eye looks featuring plum (one of the CBB’s recently featured shades). I hope they give you some ideas as you design and discover new makeup looks this season!

1. Basic, monochromatic plum eye look with Clarins Smoky Plum Mono Mineral Eyeshadow

The great thing about this look—besides the complexity of that plum colour!—is the fact that I used one eyeshadow. Clarins eyeshadows work either wet or dry, so I used this shade wet in the crease for more depth, and dry on the lid for a softer look. Give it a try.

2. Smoky purple look with MAC Brazenly Eyeshadow

A key trick for wearing purple or plum is remembering contrast. The difference between a look like this and looking like you’ve been punched in the face is using a warm brown shade as a sort of “divider” between the purple and the rest of your eye. Another thing that makes this look work is the intensity. I began with Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk and layered MAC Brazenly over top for some extra punch.

3. Shimmery, sparkly berry and plum look with Charlotte Tilbury’s Vintage Vamp Palette

Be still, my heart. I love everything from the Charlotte Tillbury line, but the Vintage Vamp Palette is, hands-down, my favourite item. The shades are buttery-soft and stunningly beautiful, but I think what really makes this look rock is how well-selected these shades are. The prime shade is basic and beautiful, and the smoke and enhance shades are similar enough to integrate seamlessly but different enough to be interesting. The surprise is the glittery gold shade—so different from the others in the palette. But the contrast is simply amazing.

Do you have some incredible eye looks that you go back to again and again? 
What do you think makes them so fabulous?

Ahhh I love all the looks Amy created here! They make me want to dig out all my plum and purple shadows and start playing. Thanks Amy!

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Guest Post | Samantha of Beautiful, Free and Wonderful on her 6 favourite fragrances for Fall

Hello All You Beautiful People,

My name is Samantha and my blog is called Beautiful, Free and Wonderful. I am here to guest post for MizzJ. Congrats on your wedding and thank you for having me.

This was a topic that really made me think. What is my must have fragrances for fall season. As a perfume lover it was really hard to narrow down the field. I did however bring it down to six amazing perfumes that make me thinks of the  fall season.  So lets get started.

1. Lady Gaga Fame: This one reminds me of summer being still here but each day it's getting colder and the smell of the leaves changing in the air.

It is a unisex fragrance and in the fruity floral scent class.

2. Essence Like A Day In A Candy Shop: If there was any fragrance that makes me think of Halloween this is the one. It smells like sweetarts candies that most houses would give out on Halloween night.

This is a  sweet, fresh and sensual scent.

3. Jlo Rio Glow: I call this one it's summer somewhere fragrance. I like to wear this one when I miss the warm spring and summer during the fall month. It reminds me of dancing in clubs and drinking iced drinks.

This is a  fruit and floral scent.

4. Demeter Moonbeam: For me this reminds me of sitting on the porch and watching the moon rise in a warm sweater.

This is a floral and woody scent.

5. Calvin Klein Euphoria:  This reminds me of snuggling with the person you love in front of a fireplace on a cold night.

This is a woody scent.

6. Beach Baby Bath & Body Elizabeth: This is one of my favorites for the fall season by far. It reminds me of Lush Cinders Bath Bomb. Which is one of my fave bath bombs from their winter collection. It has a real nice fire burning scent.

This is a woody and warm scent.

Tell MizzJ: what is your fave. fragrance for the fall season?

Thanks for having me,



(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)

Thanks Sam! Moonbeam sounds absolutely wonderful. It's so interesting to see what perfumes remind people of, especially when they evoke certain memories. I'm currently back home from Hawaii, but the wedding stuff doesn't stop! Tomorrow is our local wedding reception - Chinese banquet style!

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Guest Post | Miranda of Miranda Loves on her summer and winter beauty routine

Hi everybody, I wanted to thank Jordana for allowing me the opportunity to guest post on her wonderful blog as she prepares for her special day walking down the aisle to begin her new life as husband and wife, yep - Jordana is getting married!!

Now that we are transitioning into fall, I thought I'd share my Summer/Winter skin routine with all of you. The pains of having oily/combo skin is that in the Summer time, my skin gets really oily in the t-zone, and in the winter, my cheeks get extremely dry and my t-zone regulates itself. To combat my ever changing skin, I have to adjust by having customized skin care routines for the different seasons.

As I previously said, my skin is really oily in the t-zone during the summer months and my cheeks are normal. To combat the grease I use the following items:

1. Cleanser: Fab - Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay 
This is an amazing cleanser that helps balance my oil production and keep the greasiness at bay. I honestly see a difference when it comes to using this, I blot less throughout the day which is truly a god send. 

I use this mask mostly in the summer time, it sucks my oil trapped in my pores and even helps to extract some of the black heads. I like to extract my own black heads at home with the extraction tool, and it helps to use this product before hand as it loosens the trapped dirt. This also works as a really good spot treatment on potential pimples that are looking to pop up on your skin. I'd like to mention that although the product says to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, I usually leave it on for at least 30 minutes around my nose. 

3. Toner: Year Round, I like to use a hydrating toner - ones that I turn to continuously are: Algenist - Hydrating Essence Toner and Clarins - Toning Lotion with Iris. One that I am really interested in trying is the Laneige - Power Essential Skin Toner for Combination to Oily Skin

4. Serum: like the toner, I like to stick to using the same ones year round and tend to gravitate to the Clinique - Smart Custom Repair Serum and the B.Kamins - Renewal Serum

5. Moisturizer: 
Day - B.Kamins - Day Lotion SPF 15
This is light weight and contains spf 15, perfect for all seasons - need I say more?  
Night - B.Kamins - Night Cream 
Emollient, luxurious and is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamin E. I put a light layer of this on my face and head to bed and wake up with plumper skin (seriously - you can see it, it's quite amazing). I have yet to find a better night cream that works for me.

Winters in Toronto can get quite cold, the crisp air sucks the moisture out of my skin normalizing my t-zone but leaving my cheeks dry and sometimes flaky. Here I'll be explaining my selections for the winter season that has been working for me quite well. 

For those who know me, will know that I've been using this for about... 3 years now? I love everything about this product, it's scent, its effects and the fact that it also acts as a light exfoliant, gentle enough for everyday use. It is hydrating and doesn't strip the skin. Love it for the winter! 

2. Mask: I usually like to use a Korean face mask, or a hydrating mask in the winter time. Actually, I like to apply different masks to different areas of my face sometimes as well - I'll put a hydrating one on my cheeks and if required, I put something like the Origins Charcoal one I use in the summer, on my t-zone. One mask that I love but is SO expensive, that I have yet to splurge on is the Fresh - Honey Mask. God, that stuff is amazing, but at $164 CAD, I really need to think about it first. I've been getting samples of this stuff and using it once a week and its fantastic. Other than that, I stick to different types of hydrating Korean face masks from THEFACESHOP.

3. Toner: same as summer routine

4. Serum: same as summer routine

5. Moisturizer:
Day - same as summer routine 

Night - I've been using the Clinique - Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief for years during the winter season, and it gives me what I need to combat my dry cheeks yet it doesn't make my t-zone overly greasy. 

In addition, I like to use a rich sleeping mask occasionally. One that I've been liking alot is the Laneige - Water Sleeping Mask. It is finally now available for sale at Sephora and it's amazing! I can't even describe the magic of this product, you have to get a sample and try it out.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the products right now as I am in the process of using up some old stuff while testing some new products for my blog, and don't have most of the products right now. I am waiting for the VIB sale in November to stock up on everything again :)

Again, many thanks to MizzJ for guest hosting me!! Please check out my blog - Miranda Loves whenever you have a moment! You will see some pictures of the products listed from my product empties posts and favorite posts :) I appreciate the support!!

XO, Miranda.

Thanks Miranda for this roundup! I love using sleeping masks anytime of year as they're the perfect antidote to a long day. Have you tried any of these products? What are your summer to winter beauty transition tips? Let me know in the comments!

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Guest Post | Danielle of Darling Magpie on her Fall favourites!

Well, hello Just J readers! I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled program to do a little guest post today as MizzJ takes some time off to get married and do all that fun stuff that goes along with it! I'm Danielle and you can find me over at, I'm a beauty blogger from Toronto who is obsessed with nail polish, skincare products and owning all of the lipsticks. All of them.

I'm popping over here today to share with you a few of my favourite things for fall. As an avid cyclist, I'm not the biggest fan of summer. I have to bike in workout gear and shower/change at the office, and I DEFINITELY can't put my face on before I bike. Summer cycling isn't pretty. But fall? Fall is my jam. Fall! Never end! You hear me?!

Four Fall Faves I can't live without...

Dark berry lips.
Oh ma gawd, what is fall without a dark lip? I practically live in corals and oranges all summer so it's nice to pull out some more striking hues come fall. Currently I'm all over my Bite Beauty Maple Matte lipstick in Braised Maple. I love Bite lipsticks particularly because they are all so moisturizing, give great colour and they are all food-grade, so inevitably when I accidentally eat a bunch of it during lunch, it's all just food anyway. ;) The Maple Matte line is exclusive to Sephora and totally worth the splurge.

A comfy, versatile boot. 
I'm unfortunately unable to wear heels like everybody else right now due to a foot injury, so instead I'm absolutely L-I-V-I-N-G in my John Fluevog BBC Radio boots. This soft brown leather boot has a wood heel with a rubber sole (so it can be replaced and maintained!) and features a slim, classic look that fits perfectly with a pair of jeans or a cute dress and tights. Also, it has a peekaboo blue interior. Absolutely divine, you can't go wrong!

A moisturizing serum.
With the advent of fall comes the inevitable weather change. While it's not as bone-suckingly-dry as winter, I do notice my skin gets muuuch more parched come fall. I have a few serums and oils that I alternate through, but my favourites are either Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum Collagen Booster, which uses Vitamin C to help refresh the skin, or Fresh's Seaberry Oil which owes its replenishing powers to sea buckthorn oil (hence, seaberry!). You only need a small dab of either to use pre-moisturizer and it definitely helps keep your skin healthy and radiant despite the drying weather.

Long lasting summer colour 
Now this is going to sound weird. But I don't REALLY wear bronzer or tanner that much in the summer, because I tan naturally quite well for my skin tone. But when fall comes a running, I have to layer it on a bit, because I can get pale FAST. To transition my skin from my quickly-fading summer glow to my paler winter complexion, I usually use a dab or two of Stila's Stay All Day HD Bronzing Beauty Balm in my BB cream or foundation, and brush a SUPER light contour on my face with my Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess.

And there you have it. My four fall faves that I really can't do without. Sure I could've added cute scarves and leather jackets to the list, but so could ANYONE! Get those too! They're also great fall essentials.

What can you not live without during the fall? Comment here and let MizzJ know, or follow me on Twitter @darlingmagpie or visit my blog at and let me know about your favourite things. Thanks to MizzJ for having me today!

Thanks Danielle for now giving me major shopping cravings! I love her tip about using bronzer in the fall - fair skin, not flat, pasty skin is in!

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Guest Post | Jodi of Up the Rollercoaster on her favourite Canadian bloggers

Hi everyone! I'm Jodi and I'm taking over Just J today while she's away. I blog at Up the Rollercoaster where I share my lipstick obsession and occasionally gush about my love for my cat, Korra. But today I'm going to be sharing a few of the Canadian bloggers who constantly inspire me and who I fangirl over a little bit every time they share a new post. 

First up, Chelle of Make Up Your Mind loves colour and she constantly inspires me to play with my makeup, instead of slapping on the same old boring eyeshadow shade day after day. Her eye tutorials are easy to follow and succinct thanks to the makeup maps she creates to show her readers how she's done the makeup. She also loves lipstick just as much as I do and her weekly swatch posts often remind me to pull out older palettes again.

Jayne of Cosmetic Proof was one of the first Canadian bloggers I remember finding and she is such a sweetheart! Jayne never disappoints with her in depth reviews on the latest and greatest makeup and skincare releases and her frequent makeup tutorials. I believe she started off as a nail blogger and she pulls out those skills every once in a while to dazzle us with her skills. Plus her Instagram is full of photos of her cats, Hugo and Hemingway, which is all I can ask for, really. ;) 

There are so many bloggers whose photography blows me away - I could honestly spend an entire post gushing about them. But so we aren't all here for days I am going to share a lady who has blown me away from the first moment I landed on her site. Brittany of life, set sail is a beauty and fashion blogger out of Calgary who loves to work with local and international brands alike. Whether she is shooting product photos, makeup or fashion shots her photography is always beautifully composed and lit. This girl has skill!

Okay, I can't talk about photography and leave out Natalie of Ivory Avenue. Natalie is constantly pushing herself and evolving in her art - because Natalie's photos are truly art. Every time she posts something new I am finding myself drooling a little bit. Her photos and articles could appear in any magazine and I wouldn't be shocked. Besides taking jaw-dropping photos, Natalie tests new products, shares her love for baths and occasionally shares beautiful makeup looks.

The last blogger I want to mention is another lover of lipstick and all things colour: Jenn of Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious Beauty Blog. I first met Jenn through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers secret Santa and it's been love ever since. ;) Jenn loves to play with colour and it wouldn't be a week on VVV without her sharing a makeup look or two. If you're looking for high end product review, Jenn is your girl!

These are only a few of the Canadian bloggers that I flock to for inspiration and a smile, but I hope this little list has given you a few new blogs to follow! Thanks again to MizzJ for having me today. <3

I couldn't agree more with Jodi's picks for her fave Canadian bloggers - each of these girls has such a fantastic blog and have such fun personalities! It's so cool how each girl blogs about similar topics (makeup, skincare) yet are so different in their approaches and style. Just goes to show that it's the blogger that makes the blog! And don't forget to check out Jodi too!

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Annabelle's Solution for Easy-peasy Makeup Mornings: The Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils and the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils

annabelle eyeshadow pencils

I'm always surprised when people say that they never wear eyeshadow because it's too difficult. Red lipstick is difficult. A perfectly straight cat-eye liner is difficult. Wearing false eyelashes is difficult! But eyeshadow? Literally it can be as easy as slapping something on with the ball of your finger - or as easy as swiping your lids with a fancy eyeshadow pencil.

Recently, I was sent over a few of the Annabelle eyeshadow pencils to try and I have to say - they are awesome. Eyeshadow pencils are kind of a new thing; they've been around for seasons, but in the last year or so, they seem to have exploded in popularity and it's easy to see why. While eyeshadows can be daunting with all the various tools and techniques involved, eyeshadow pencils are pretty straightforward.

Annabelle's Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils came out a few years ago and are designed to be long-lasting while having a creamy, easy to work with finish. The line comes with 7 colors, mostly made up of bright, peacock toned colors, but I received the ony 2 neutral shades of the line, Cocoaloco and Mokamirage, to try.

annabelle smoothie eye shadow pencils
Top to bottom: Cocoaloco, Mokamirage

Cocoaloco is a rich, chocolate brown that has a super soft texture and a beautiful satiny finish. I love these kinds of warm browns as they're very flattering on my NC25 skintone. While cooler, more ashy browns tend to make my eyes look very bare, warm browns like these light up my eyes and give them a subtle depth. I found Cocoaloco very easy to work with. Because of their softness, the point on the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils quickly wears away, so don't expect any thin, precise lines. Instead, you'll get a thick, smudgy line that can be easily blended out for a quick daytime smoky eye. You can even make this into a quick full lid color simply by coloring in your lower lid, then smudging everything out with a finger and blending it up above the crease. You only have few precious seconds to work with this pencil before the color sets and once it does, you get all day wear with no fading. Without a primer, I did notice some creasing, but with a primer this shade wore totally fine.

Mokamirage has the same texture, finish and wear-time as Cocoaloco, but is a medium taupe-brown tone. Although my swatch looks pretty pigmented, I found that Mokamirage kinda disappears on my eyelids as it's so close to my skin color and I tend to use it as a sticky base for other shadows.

annabelle twistup eyeshadow pencils
Top to bottom: Taupe and Gold

Similarly, the 2 shades I received to try from the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are also great base colors, but I actually prefer these over Mokamirage. While the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils are thicker and require a sharpener, the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are slimmer, retractable, and do not require a sharpener. Just like the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils though, the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are very creamy and have a strong shimmer finish.

The TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils shade Taupe is quite similar to Mokamirage, but is warmer and more vibrant so that it actually appears on my skin. I love to use this shade everywhere - on my brow bone, along my waterline and in my inner corners as it just brings a beautiful light to my eyes. If I'm feeling like a little more drama, then I'll opt for the Gold shade, which has a strong, golden sheen to it that gives you that instant golden goddess feeling. Both shades wear very well all day with primer, but I do notice that they're a teensy bit harder to blend out than the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils. While I don't mind with the TwistUp lipstick pencils that you can't sharpen them, I find that I do mind that I can't sharpen the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils. Again, with the creamy texture, these pencils get rounded fast and it would be nice to be able to get a more precise line if you wanted to.

annabelle smoothie eyeshadow pencil and annabelle twistup eyeshadow pencil swatches
Left to right: Cocoaloco, Mokamirage, Taupe, Gold

Both the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils and the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are available at Canadian drugstores like London Drugs, or online. The Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils are slightly bigger at 1.6 g versus 1.4 g and are a dollar cheaper too at $8.95 versus $9.95 for the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils.

Final Verdict
Buy - affordable, easy to use and so pretty!

What is your favourite eyeshadow pencil?

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