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Out of all your senses, smell is supposed to be the most visceral and personal. What smells like roses to one, may smell like something else to another and often it is said that certain smells can trigger powerful memories. I've always been intrigued by this concept, so I was eager to jump on board when the Canadian Beauty Bloggers announced our second collaboration with Demeter Fragrances.

Demeter Fragrances is unique in the perfume industry for their personalized approach to fragrance. Every perfume in the Demeter catalog only encapsulates a single note. While most fragrances are a complex mix designed to evoke any number of feelings and aromas, Demeter's approach is decidedly minimalist and yet utterly expansive at the same time. Each fragrance is named for the singular scent they are trying to capture, such as Apple, or Leather, with the purpose being to elicit each person's unique response to that scent. Designed to be worn as a perfume or used as a room spray, Demeter fragrances can be used solo or layered with other fragrances to create complex mixes that are totally unique to the wearer.

Demeter scent memory

For the #CBBScentMemory campaign, each of us selected a fragrance that we thought would capture a cherished memory and then Demeter handpicked 2 complementing fragrances to pair it with. As a special bonus, they also threw in a special threesome of scents handpicked by Demeter's CEO for his own special memories.

#CBBscentmemory with Demeter

Demeter perfume

For my scent memory, I dug into my childhood and my memory of weekend mornings with my sister. Growing up, our parents worked everyday and so would leave early in the mornings on weekends, leaving us in the house alone. My sister learned early how to be a cook and I was her first guinea pig. While some of her cooking experiments I didn't learn to appreciate till I was older, such as "veggie soup - ewww!" others were an instant hit with my childhood self. One such morning favourite was cinnamon toast, consisting of white bread slathered with butter and sprinkled generously with cinnamon and sugar. Pop that into the toaster oven for a couple minutes and the kitchen would be filled with the homey, comforting scent of baked cinnamon. Just the thought of it gets my mouth drooling and even now I love to make it as a special treat.

For my scent memory box, Demeter paired their Cinnamon Toast fragrance with the scents Vanilla Ice Cream and Tangerine. Over the past few weeks, I've tried wearing each of these in every combination possible to test how they smelled and wore.

demeter perfume #cbbscentmemory

Solo wear
  • Tangerine: is the perfect blast of citrusy freshness. It smells just like a fresh squeezed orange, but without any acidity. While it's definitely an assertive smell, it's never overbearing. Sadly, this one faded super quick as well and lasted only a couple hours on me.
  • Cinnamon Toast: was a bit disappointing for me too. It did not smell like its namesake at all to me and instead reminded me of one of those cinnamon heart candies you get at Halloween and Christmas. This scent had a very spicy note to it, with just a hint of citrus. It wore really well though and didn't fade for hours.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: is probably my favourite of the 3 I received. This scent is SO creamy and delicious smelling; it's literally like walking into an ice cream parlour and getting that first whiff of a fresh batch of french vanilla. I could breathe this one in all day and Mr. Artist loves it!

Combo wear
  • Cinnamon Toast + Vanilla Ice Cream: I was hoping the vanilla would eliminate the spiciness of the cinnamon and give me the soft sugary smell I remembered. Vanilla Ice Cream does take some of the edge off, but it still smelled very candy-like to me. The combo of these two wore really well on me though, and coworkers commented that I smelled just like a PSL!
  • Tangerine + Cinnamon Toast: similar to Vanilla Ice Cream, the sweetness of Tangerine grounds the spiciness of Cinnamon Toast a bit. In this combo, the Tangerine stands out more and the two together smells very much like pumpkin pie.
  • Tangerine + Vanilla Ice Cream: this combo was really mouth-watering to wear. Sweet and creamy, I smelled just like a creamsicle!
  • Cinnamon Toast + Vanilla Ice Cream + Tangerine: surprisingly this was my least favourite combo to wear. All together, these 3 scents just felt too saccharine for my tastes. Bleh.

Overall, my favourite ways to wear these scents were either just Tangerine or Vanilla Ice Cream solo, or to pair Cinnamon Toast + Vanilla Ice Cream. Although none of these scents screamed "fall" to me, together they really coalesced to capture the essence of fall, namely by making everything smell like pumpkin pie! I love the comforting feeling these scents evoke and have been spraying my room with them every night before I sleep. As my first experience with Demeter's fragrances, I found them pretty fun to use and they work great in the house. Next time, I definitely want to capture some fresh forest air!

What kind of scent evokes strong memories for you? 
Let me know in the comments!

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