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Hi everybody, I wanted to thank Jordana for allowing me the opportunity to guest post on her wonderful blog as she prepares for her special day walking down the aisle to begin her new life as husband and wife, yep - Jordana is getting married!!

Now that we are transitioning into fall, I thought I'd share my Summer/Winter skin routine with all of you. The pains of having oily/combo skin is that in the Summer time, my skin gets really oily in the t-zone, and in the winter, my cheeks get extremely dry and my t-zone regulates itself. To combat my ever changing skin, I have to adjust by having customized skin care routines for the different seasons.

As I previously said, my skin is really oily in the t-zone during the summer months and my cheeks are normal. To combat the grease I use the following items:

1. Cleanser: Fab - Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay 
This is an amazing cleanser that helps balance my oil production and keep the greasiness at bay. I honestly see a difference when it comes to using this, I blot less throughout the day which is truly a god send. 

I use this mask mostly in the summer time, it sucks my oil trapped in my pores and even helps to extract some of the black heads. I like to extract my own black heads at home with the extraction tool, and it helps to use this product before hand as it loosens the trapped dirt. This also works as a really good spot treatment on potential pimples that are looking to pop up on your skin. I'd like to mention that although the product says to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, I usually leave it on for at least 30 minutes around my nose. 

3. Toner: Year Round, I like to use a hydrating toner - ones that I turn to continuously are: Algenist - Hydrating Essence Toner and Clarins - Toning Lotion with Iris. One that I am really interested in trying is the Laneige - Power Essential Skin Toner for Combination to Oily Skin

4. Serum: like the toner, I like to stick to using the same ones year round and tend to gravitate to the Clinique - Smart Custom Repair Serum and the B.Kamins - Renewal Serum

5. Moisturizer: 
Day - B.Kamins - Day Lotion SPF 15
This is light weight and contains spf 15, perfect for all seasons - need I say more?  
Night - B.Kamins - Night Cream 
Emollient, luxurious and is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamin E. I put a light layer of this on my face and head to bed and wake up with plumper skin (seriously - you can see it, it's quite amazing). I have yet to find a better night cream that works for me.

Winters in Toronto can get quite cold, the crisp air sucks the moisture out of my skin normalizing my t-zone but leaving my cheeks dry and sometimes flaky. Here I'll be explaining my selections for the winter season that has been working for me quite well. 

For those who know me, will know that I've been using this for about... 3 years now? I love everything about this product, it's scent, its effects and the fact that it also acts as a light exfoliant, gentle enough for everyday use. It is hydrating and doesn't strip the skin. Love it for the winter! 

2. Mask: I usually like to use a Korean face mask, or a hydrating mask in the winter time. Actually, I like to apply different masks to different areas of my face sometimes as well - I'll put a hydrating one on my cheeks and if required, I put something like the Origins Charcoal one I use in the summer, on my t-zone. One mask that I love but is SO expensive, that I have yet to splurge on is the Fresh - Honey Mask. God, that stuff is amazing, but at $164 CAD, I really need to think about it first. I've been getting samples of this stuff and using it once a week and its fantastic. Other than that, I stick to different types of hydrating Korean face masks from THEFACESHOP.

3. Toner: same as summer routine

4. Serum: same as summer routine

5. Moisturizer:
Day - same as summer routine 

Night - I've been using the Clinique - Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief for years during the winter season, and it gives me what I need to combat my dry cheeks yet it doesn't make my t-zone overly greasy. 

In addition, I like to use a rich sleeping mask occasionally. One that I've been liking alot is the Laneige - Water Sleeping Mask. It is finally now available for sale at Sephora and it's amazing! I can't even describe the magic of this product, you have to get a sample and try it out.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the products right now as I am in the process of using up some old stuff while testing some new products for my blog, and don't have most of the products right now. I am waiting for the VIB sale in November to stock up on everything again :)

Again, many thanks to MizzJ for guest hosting me!! Please check out my blog - Miranda Loves whenever you have a moment! You will see some pictures of the products listed from my product empties posts and favorite posts :) I appreciate the support!!

XO, Miranda.

Thanks Miranda for this roundup! I love using sleeping masks anytime of year as they're the perfect antidote to a long day. Have you tried any of these products? What are your summer to winter beauty transition tips? Let me know in the comments!

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