Guest Post | Samantha of Beautiful, Free and Wonderful on her 6 favourite fragrances for Fall

Hello All You Beautiful People,

My name is Samantha and my blog is called Beautiful, Free and Wonderful. I am here to guest post for MizzJ. Congrats on your wedding and thank you for having me.

This was a topic that really made me think. What is my must have fragrances for fall season. As a perfume lover it was really hard to narrow down the field. I did however bring it down to six amazing perfumes that make me thinks of the  fall season.  So lets get started.

1. Lady Gaga Fame: This one reminds me of summer being still here but each day it's getting colder and the smell of the leaves changing in the air.

It is a unisex fragrance and in the fruity floral scent class.

2. Essence Like A Day In A Candy Shop: If there was any fragrance that makes me think of Halloween this is the one. It smells like sweetarts candies that most houses would give out on Halloween night.

This is a  sweet, fresh and sensual scent.

3. Jlo Rio Glow: I call this one it's summer somewhere fragrance. I like to wear this one when I miss the warm spring and summer during the fall month. It reminds me of dancing in clubs and drinking iced drinks.

This is a  fruit and floral scent.

4. Demeter Moonbeam: For me this reminds me of sitting on the porch and watching the moon rise in a warm sweater.

This is a floral and woody scent.

5. Calvin Klein Euphoria:  This reminds me of snuggling with the person you love in front of a fireplace on a cold night.

This is a woody scent.

6. Beach Baby Bath & Body Elizabeth: This is one of my favorites for the fall season by far. It reminds me of Lush Cinders Bath Bomb. Which is one of my fave bath bombs from their winter collection. It has a real nice fire burning scent.

This is a woody and warm scent.

Tell MizzJ: what is your fave. fragrance for the fall season?

Thanks for having me,



(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)

Thanks Sam! Moonbeam sounds absolutely wonderful. It's so interesting to see what perfumes remind people of, especially when they evoke certain memories. I'm currently back home from Hawaii, but the wedding stuff doesn't stop! Tomorrow is our local wedding reception - Chinese banquet style!

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