Hawaii Trip Recap Part 2

Oahu is a great place to visit if you're a first-time visitor. It's got all the amenities and conveniences of a big city, but you can still easily get away from it all if you wish. Honolulu is also a great foodie's paradise with tons of different ethnic foods, markets and hidden gems! Nobody does fusion like Hawaiians, so definitely make it a point on your visit to check out some of the loco moco restaurants.

While in Honolulu, we visited some great places, but one standout to me that was right on the Waikiki strip was the famous Duke's restaurant. This place is casual, right on the beach and has a variety of fresh local seafood and steaks. I loved the coconut mojitos they served there (warning, they're very strong!) and the famous mile high pie, which is a mix of warm fudge sauce, ice cream, macadamia nuts and whipped topping.

SO DELICIOUS! We shared this between 4 people!

Another hidden gem of a food spot was the kimchi ramen at this little gyoza bar across the street from our hotel, the Sheraton Princess. It was hidden on the ground floor of this little shopping plaza and the ramen was a perfect mix of spice and savoury that had me drooling.


Once you're done checking out the sites of Hawaii's capital, I highly recommend you rent a car and explore the North Shore. The northern part of the island is a lush paradise of sleepy towns and hiking trails. Haleiwa is a great spot to spend a day. There's tons of activities to do like snorkeling, surfing and paddle boarding as well lots of good eats and souvenir shopping!



I told Mr. Artist's nephew he could use a seashell as a horn. I didn't have the heart to tell him this was the wrong end!

After Haleiwa, we took a detour to visit the famous Dole plantation. This place is perfect if you have little kids and it's worth a pit stop at least to eat their fresh pineapple ice cream! This ice cream is SO GOOD and tastes just like fresh pineapple without any tartness.


After the Dole plantation, we then drove over to the famous Waimea Falls. This is a nice 30 minute hike through the stunning gardens and forests leading up to the falls. Waimea is also a popular film spot and one of the Hunger Games movies was filmed here!



A reconstructed traditional village



Well, that's it for my latest Hawaii adventure! I can't wait to visit my second home again, though next time I'd like to take Mr. Artist to Maui or Kauai! Next week, I'll share some photos from my wedding as well as some tips and tricks I learned for planning a destination wedding! If you missed the first part of my Hawaii recap, check it out here for more highlights on where stayed, ate and played!

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