L'Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Skin Program Review

l'occitane divine renewal program

Now if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'll know just how much I love L'Occitane. I've been a fan of this brand most of my life; first coveting it whenever I was lucky enough to get given a L'Occitane hand cream or soap as a Christmas gift, to now when I like to stroll through the stores just to breathe in its relaxing fragrance. The reason why I love L'Occitane so much is because all the products I've tried have always been so thoughtfully designed, elegantly packaged and contain only the best ingredients.

Of all the L'Occitane products that I've tried, the Immortelle line is definitely the most exclusive. This line contains the highest and purest concentration of oils from the Immortelle flower, the crown jewel of L'Occitane's skincare. This famous French flower is carefully cultivated for its seemingly immortal qualities as the flowers never seem to wilt or age when cut. If you've ever visited a L'Occitane store, then you've likely seen them yourself as these golden flowers often adorn the store shelves.

l'occitane immortelle divine renewal skin program

Earlier this year, L'Occitane released a new skincare regime based entirely on the Immortelle flower. The Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Skin Program is a series of four week-long stages that resurface, repair and renew your skin to its full potential. Consisting of 28 individual oil capsules and an instructional book, you are supposed to open one capsule per night, massaging it into skin before applying your usual creams. Each week also has a certain facial massage technique, depending on the outcomes it is supposed to have on your skin.

My skin's been pretty good lately, so I was a little scared to add in such an aggressive regime considering I've been burned before by other skincare lines, but trusting that L'Occitane wouldn't do me wrong, I decided to plunge headfirst into the program!

Week 1: Exfoliation
This week is designed to wipe the slate clean, so to speak. Pistacia lentiscus oils, which are more commonly used to flavour breads and cakes, act here as a natural exfoliator by triggering the skin's natural renewal process. The result is to produce more even-toned and luminous skin.

My take: The capsules are huge! You're supposed to use these on your face and neck, but I found I had so much oil leftover that I could even spread it on my hands and decolletage. I also found it a bit tricky to squeeze out all the oil as the capsules aren't very flexible. It was fun though to massage my face and the smell of the oil is super soothing. By the end of the week I didn't really notice much difference as my skin's already pretty even, but I did have a little bit of flakiness.

l'occitane 28 day renewal reviews

Week 2: Hydration and nutrition
Week 2 combines four essential plant oils to nourish and replenish skin's moisture barrier. Skin is transformed and feels intensely moisturized.

My take: Not sure my skin feels "nourished." I'm not even sure what that means! The facial massage technique for this week though is awesome as it involves gently cupping your face in your warm palms. Man I love facial massage! My skin is actually starting to feel a bit dry and I notice dry lines appearing on my forehead and eyes. What is up with that! I figured maybe since oil molecules are quite big, that my creams are not penetrating through, so I switch things up to use the oil as my last step.

Week 3: Balance
Skin is strengthened and rebalanced thanks to a combination of myrtle and rosemary.

My take: My skin is much better! No more flakies and dry lines since switching up the order of application. Despite all the oils having different ingredients, they all smell the same; not a bad thing though as the Immortelle fragrance is truly divine! Each morning I wake up and my skin feels smoother. I also find that the oils are absorbing better for some reason as the oil from week 1 just sat on top of my skin and made it feel super slick.

Week 4: Renewal
Carrot, cypress and immortelle combine to make skin plumper, luminous and younger looking.

My take: My face feels baby soft and glowing. It still gets shiny by the end of the day, but less so than before. I'm not sure whether to attribute that to the colder weather or an actual change in oil production. The dry lines on my forehead are reduced and my skin feels great!

l'occitane 28 day divine renewal program

Overall, I had a fun time trying out this program. My skin feels softer and more moist, but it's hard for me to spot a significant change in terms of texture and luminosity. This could be because my skin was doing pretty good to begin with, so maybe someone with more problem skin would notice a more dramatic change.

The thing I loved the most about this program was the ritual it instilled in me. The act of warming the oils in my hands and then massaging it into my skin was so relaxing. It was like having a mini spa moment by myself in my bathroom and is something I plan on doing nightly moving forward. As always, the Immortelle oils smelled amazing. At $135 I think this program is a bit overpriced, especially as you could get the Immortelle Divine Youth Oil for $106 and it's a 30 ml bottle, but if you're looking to get a special someone a very special gift, then this would be a perfect introduction to the wonders of the Immortelle line!

Final Verdict
Ditch - a lovely product, but overpriced. Try the regular Immortelle oil instead!

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