Lush Christmas Preview or the Time My Nose Found Its Happy Place

It's pretty safe to say that nobody does holidays quite like Lush. The UK bath and beauty brand is renowned for their exuberant approach to any holiday, whether it be Halloween, Valentine's or, in this case, Christmas, and it's always fun to pop into one of their stores to check out the latest creations. On a recent particularly chilly evening, I found myself doing just that as I scurried through the crisp evening air into the warm, fragrant confines of the Lush store on W. 4th in Vancouver. I was there alongside a slew of other local bloggers for an intimate media preview of the Lush holiday collection.

The store on W. 4th is cozy and recently renovated to align with Lush's new store aesthetic of exposed wood beams and a slightly apothecary-ish feel. Like all Lush events, there was a ton to see and do with live demos of staff making fresh face masks and stations where guests could press their own bath bombs or get some freshly chopped soaps to take home.

There's really something for everyone in this year's holiday collection, but my favourites have got to be the holiday soaps. I'm not one for baths, so it's all about the skincare and shower-ready products for me.

Some of the must-have items I spotted at the store are:
  • Santa Fun moldable bath bar ($6.95) - a great gift for kids, this all-in-one bar is like bath playdoh, and can be used as a soap, bubble bath and shampoo!
  • Old Father Time soap ($7.95) - this sage and thyme infused soap just smells so clean and earthy. A great unisex scent for the bath
  • Joy to the World gift set ($19.95) - for all the creamy vanilla lovers out there, this gift set contains a hand cream and soap that will leave you feeling luxuriously smooth all season
  • Rose Jam shower gel ($9.95+ depending on size) - a perennial favourite, this rose scented shower gel is amazing and I'm not even a huge rose lover!
  • Yog Nog soap ($6.95) - a soap inspired by the smell of egg nog and which contains clove bud and ylang ylang to keep skin super soft? HELLZ YEAH! 
  • Snowcake soap ($7.95) - another soap that's so good you just want to be buried in it! Snowcake smells of vanilla and marzipan, so keep this for nights in with your special someone!
  • Santa's lip scrub ($8.95) - Lush lip scrubs are the best at banishing away flakes, which I have constantly in the winter. This one tastes of cola and contains sugar grains for exfoliating and coconut oil to protect and soften.
  • Baked Alaska soap ($7.95) - this soap is the coolest looking of the collection as the outside is a creamy opaque color but the inside is reminiscent of the Northern Lights. Baked Alaska is super refreshing and is a must-have for citrus lovers with its mix of lemon myrtle, grapefruit and gardenia.
  • Snowman shower jelly ($6.95) - another example of Lush's creativity are their famous shower jellies. These are like using Jello as a bath soap and come in all sorts of seasonal shapes. Snowman has a lovely citrus scent and is just so fun to poke that I think I'd want this just for poking!

Overall I'm super impressed with the wide variety of products available this year for holiday and the fact that none of them are too expensive!

Being the mooch that I am, I hovered around the soap cutting station most of the evening, waiting for my turn to pick my gifted soaps and to periodically sniff everything. I ended up taking four soaps home (Yog Nog, Snowflake, Baked Alaska and Old Father Time) and trust me when I say that my room now smells divine. I'm kinda tempted not to use these at all and just keep them as home fragrances!

Anyhoo, I could blab on more about how awesome Lush is, but instead I'll just let the photos I took at the event speak for themselves. Thanks again to Lush for a lovely evening and if you haven't checked their store out yet, then get out there asap!

making of lush fresh face masks
Making fresh face masks

lush cosmetics store on west 4th vancouver

lush cosmetics scarves
Cute seasonal neck scarves. Kinda loving that polar bear one!

lush fresh cut soap
These soap wheels were huge! Really interesting to see the design as a whole as opposed to chopped up into soaps

lush bath bombs

lush bath bombs

lush fragrances

Lush old father time soap
Old Father Time soap

lush snowflake soap
Snowflake soap

lush yog nog soap
Yog Nog soap

lush baked alaska soap
Baked Alaska soap

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